Top Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses That Don’t Demand a Huge Spending

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63% of small business owners confirm that generating online traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge. 40% of marketers have trouble earning ROI for their marketing activities.

Let’s face it, marketing is a nightmare for small businesses. They need it desperately like air, but don’t have a lasting budget to afford it either. It’s alright. You don’t have to lose your sleep over this because, there are some traffic-driving and lead-generating marketing strategy that can help your business.

Here Are Some Such Marketing strategy.

Top Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

  • Blogging

If you thought blogging was for editorial kind of people with thick glasses and lot of knowledge, you got it wrong. Blogging is for everyone. In fact, it is most beneficial for small businesses.

Blogging brings to table a host of benefits for small businesses including:

  • Boosting search engine optimization through blog posts that contain optimized keywords
  • Establishing subject matter expertise through well-written blogs on topics related to the industry or domain
  • Building an identity as a Thought Leader in the industry
  • Creating opportunities for social sharing (Think articles published in Entrepreneur, Inc., Huffington Post, etc.)

The biggest benefit that blogging brings to your small business is that, it is FREE! Except from the cost of setting up your blogging portal (plenty are free), you have to put in only the time and effort to write full-length blogs. Just ensure that your site is secured with a Thawte SSL123 certificate or similar encryption certificate to save it from being hacked those who don’t like your blog.

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  • Infographics

If you want to create awareness about a product or the industry that you are working in, infographics are focussed tools to do that. They are basically lengthy images with a combination of short texts and graphical images and help convey any complicated topic easily.

In fact, the interest for infographic marketing has been rising steadily since 2013. This Google Trend for infographic marketing term proves that right.

Infographics Marketing Strategy
Image Souce:

Secondly, infographics are excellent ways to repurpose your existing blogs or long-form content. You can convert even a podcast or a video interview into an infographic for submission and sharing across several online platforms.

If you are wondering how to create infographics, there are plenty of free online resources like Canva, Snappa, etc. that provide great infographic templates.

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  • Videos

Videos have a magnetic power to attract, engage and convert customers. They can convey messages in quick time, well under 2 to 4 minutes that a blog post or even a whole eBook cannot convey. This easy to digest nature of videos makes it an above par content format for effective marketing compared to textual and graphical formats. This has made video marketing a must-have for every small business.

According to this HubSpot infographic, 85% of businesses have internal staff and resources to produce videos in-house.

For a small business, video assets in the form of explainer videos, product demo videos, client video interviews, documentaries, etc. can give a terrific boost that can put them in the league of big players quickly.

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  • Online Contests

Online contests and giveaways are perfect ways to amass user-generated content. They also muser maximum user attention within a short span of time that other forms of content cannot do.

If you want to maximize your online presence through online contests, devise an online contest that will require users to submit content online.

When users submit their content on their social media walls like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., it acts as a personal endorsement of your brand. This wins more credibility and fan following easily without having to force it upon users.

  • Use Security on Website

Whether Small or Large, it is essential for every business to maintain security in every business. Therefor it is better to install Single Domain SSL Certificate on their server to provide security againts hacking and data theft.

Their many Certificate Authority avaialble in the market, but GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate is one of the most popular among them. Their are many reseller avaible in the market offering Cheap Comodo SSL Certificate with many benefits.

If you buy Comodo SSL Certificate, you will get benefits of latest SSL algorithm, you get benefits of latest algorithm, Unlimited server license, display your website name on certificate, 99% desktop browser support and you get 24/7 customer support from authirsed reseller like ClickSSL.

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  • Google My Business

What if we told you that you can promote your business online with Google even if you don’t have a website? Well, Google My Business helps you do just that!

Google My Business works like an online classifieds. Instead of users having to go through lists of service providers, Google provides suggestions to users based on their location and search queries.

If you have a Google My Business set up and a location attached to it, users will come looking for you instead of you shouting to the world about your business.

The best part is that, it is free. Here are some simple steps to get yourself the Google My Business advantage:

  • Sign up for Google My Business
  • Set up Google Plus account
  • Locate and verify your account
  • Choose the right category for your business
  • Add all possible locations where your business exists
  • Add description, working hours, images and other user helpful content
  • Collect reviews from customers and build your Google profile

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  • Guerilla marketing strategy

Guerilla marketing strategy are a huge way to make an impression on your target market. If done right, it can also rattle your competitors. But, it doesn’t come so easily.

Guerilla marketing uses low-cost unconventional marketing strategy that makes uses of public spaces, ads used by competitors, social beliefs, etc. It relies on creativity and out-of-box thinking.

Some examples of Guerilla marketing used by brands include:

1. Frontline Flea & Tick spray spread out a massive floor spread on a shopping mall. When people walked all over it, this is how it looked.

2. Axe making it spoint loud and clear with a restroom sign

Image Source:

3. Siws Skydive giving a real feel of its offering

Siws Skydive giving
Image Source:

4. King Kong 3D movie gets people active with social media sharing. Here is what they did on a beach to advertise the movie’s launch

King Kong 3D
Image Source:
  • Social Media

Last, but not the least. Social media is not just liking, commenting and sharing. There are paid plans in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that you can leverage to reach your customers directly. The target market can also be segmented based on age, gender, location, preferences and much more. It is like getting a total granular view of your target market without having to look into their social media profiles.

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In Conclusion

Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient and the persistent. It’s for the overcomer. Marketing a small business is the strongest of all brave hearts. Some cannot do it without some amount of will to experiment, make mistakes and to learn from them.

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