Time for Growth – 10 Actionable Tips to Scale up Your New Digital Agency

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Growing your new digital agency is tough, but it isn’t an impossible mission. If you want to take your business to the next level, you first need to lay a solid groundwork for growth.

Since there are so many things to think and worry about such as selling, marketing, and accounting, keeping the system nice and well-organized is a must. One of the ways to do this is to have a good strategy.

As the works keep piling up, you can’t expect your business to run as smoothly as it did at the beginning. Finding the right strategy and the right team of people who have a clear idea of how to seamlessly fit into the plan and add value to any project planning can seriously boost your company’s productivity.

Here are some crucial points on how to achieve that goal.

Tips to Scale up Your New Digital Agency

1) Find the right team

Before starting any business, it is important to create the right team of people. While start-up companies usually don’t have enough resources to get the big players into the game, it is always a good idea to hire new employees slowly and carefully.

Besides the necessary qualifications, your team members should be culturally fit and willing to get along with the rest of the team. Also, always search for the best talent and don’t hire someone just to fill the job position. A team of highly efficient workers will have a major impact and will deliver better results in the long run.

2) Use a project management tool

If you want your business to flourish, you need to keep things as simple as possible. With so many people performing various tasks, it can be overwhelming to keep a track of all the processes and their development stages. Luckily, some of the best project management tools are designed specially to make your and your team’s life much easier.

A project management software will help you manage your tasks more easily and schedule tons of content your company churns out on monthly basis. Make sure you choose an easily adaptable, user-friendly tool that won’t give an unnecessary headache to your team. Wrike is a popular option. Learn more about Wrike pricing and its functions before you commit.

Use a project management tool
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3) Create Case Studies

Everybody who runs a business knows that self-promotion is a necessity if they want to distinguish themselves from a plethora of different full-service agencies. Choose a willing client and create a case study of their story.

According to statistics, a case study is a very popular means of promotion used mainly by marketing agency executives. Naturally, you need to ensure that the case study you created is supported with appropriate data.

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4) Be Careful with Money and Time

A common phrase that time is money plays a huge role in the marketing business. One of the most strategic lessons that any successful business owner would give is to spend your money and time thoughtfully.

Finding the right balance between trying to increase monthly revenue and other activities that contribute to the general company’s growth isn’t a walk in the park. Hiring a system administrator would allow developers to focus on revenue-generating work which would not only save time but also a huge amount of money.

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5) Search for Your Superpower

Instead of wasting your much-needed energy on a variety of services your company has to offer, stop exhausting yourself and go for one service where you can use your skills to the maximum and deliver the best possible results.

Take both your audience’s needs and your team’s level of competence into consideration and find your core offering. This way you will master the main service you provide and increase the percentage of your growth.

6) Invest in Your Company’s Web-Design

Most new businesses have one goal in their mind – to sell the product or service. They don’t pay so much attention to the design of their website, especially if their core aim is to make the buyer access the service quickly and easily without being distracted by other things.

However, sometimes a smart and original website design can give your business a sense of individuality and truly stimulate and engage potential customers.

Invest in Your Company's Web-Design
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7) Automate Reports

According to some research, it takes employees approximately a week to collect all the data, create and distribute reports to all the clients, and exchange any relevant information with a client.

On the other hand, keeping your clients regularly updated will definitely strengthen the collaboration between the two sides. Opting for the most suitable system which will help you build and automate reports on a daily or weekly basis would eliminate the work and keep everybody happy.

8) Keep Your Team Satisfied

It’s common knowledge that employees who enjoy their jobs are much more productive and can significantly contribute to the team’s and the company’s well-being.

By investing in your team, you are investing in the quality of your product and by using different tools to automate boring tasks and processes, you are giving your team a chance to show their creativity. In this way, they add value to the entire workflow.

9) Keep Your Clients Happy

Creating and maintaining a successful client collaboration should definitely be one of the company’s top priorities. Having good and regular communication with your customer is simply not enough.

There is a lot of competition out there and you need to find a way to stand out and make the client believe that you perfect for the given project. Keep your clients in the loop by regularly updating them about any processes or necessary changes and constantly be in touch.

This way you will demonstrate your loyalty and will make clients value you more. However, make sure to say no if your client’s ideas do not match your working policy.

Keep Your Clients Happy
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10) Outsource

Finally, outsource as much as possible. Don’t be hesitant about outsourcing and hiring people through Upwork or Freelancer. While some cooperation might fail, others can be surprisingly rewarding.

If you manage to find the right people it will not only have a positive impact on your company’s business but it will also save money.

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