Things to do before you can Sell a Mac

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Are you considering selling your MacBook because of some reasons? Well, whatever the reason you have to sell it, there is one thing you really need to do before selling the MacBook you own. Well, without further ado, let’s check out all of them!

1. Back up the files and data you have

Before you start selling your MacBook, it is important that your back up the files and data you have. It is an important thing to do since you will have to wipe clean the drive attached in the MacBook you are going to sell. It would be terrible if you forgot to backup the movies you dearly love and now you would no longer be able to watch it since the drive is already cleaned.

If you are thinking about an app to backup your data, you will not have to worry too much since there are so many backup applications available to backup the data inside a MacBook. For the apps to consider, you can use either the apps from Apple, like iCloud or Time Machine or any third-party apps available, like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper. By the way, you can sell a Mac by visiting:

Also, it is not a terrible idea to make two backups that are separated. By doing this, the risk of total loss of data caused by a software bug or hardware failures can be minimized to be as small as possible. Make sure the data are stored in two separate locations, like on iCloud servers and in an external hard drive you own.

2. Log off every Apple Services and shut down third-party apps

It is very likely that any computer, including your MacBook, would have been configured to do several things. For example, your MacBook would have been signed in to iTunes in order to make you able to listen to your favorite music, signed in to iCloud to access the files you keep in there, and even, running third-party software. You will definitely need to sign out of Apple services before you sell your MacBook to prevent any bad things attacking your Apple ID from happening.

Alright, this may not be an important issue since signing out of Apple services can be done from separate devices and from the web, it is actually easier to do it using the hardware you are about to sell. Sign out before you sell! And by the way, to make your effort in selling easier, you can sell a Mac by visiting:

3. Reformat the hard drive

The next thing you have to do is to reformat the hard drive attached to the MacBook you are going to sell. By the way, when you delete a file, you are dragging the file into Trash, empty it, and the file will be lost forever, right? Well, actually, it is not like that. Data recovery utilities can bring your old data and files back with a little bit of effort. So, reformat your hard drive to ensure that the data and files you have erased can no longer be brought back. Well, those are the things to do before you can sell a Mac!

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