5 Task Management Features Every Digital Marketer Need

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Digital marketing has evolved drastically over the past two decades. Today, digital marketers are expected to bring more traffic to the website, convert them into leads and close those leads by converting them into customers but the story does not end there.

Creating a marketing plan and strategy, justifying and securing a healthy budget for digital marketing, and generating higher ROI are only some of their responsibilities these days.

With the rise in competition and increase in the number of channels coupled with changes in user behaviors, digital marketers have to stay one step ahead. In order to do so, they will have to harness the power of digital technology and automate the process of digital marketing.

This is where a task management tool can come into play. There are many task management tools available in the market. Thus finding the best task management software for your marketing team is not easy. To make things easier for you, here is a list of task management features that your marketing team needs.

List of Top 5 Task Management Features

1. Planning and Scheduling Features

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.”—Brian Tracy

That does not mean that you should spend months in the planning phase. Would not it be better if you could achieve the same results without spending much time? Yes, you can do that with the planning and scheduling features of task management software.

Create a marketing plan, prioritize and schedule your marketing activities and other tasks is no longer an issue. Increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns by planning and executing online marketing activities at the right time. More importantly, it will give your team a clear picture of which tasks they need to perform next.

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2. Collaboration Features

You cannot achieve digital marketing success on your own. You need cohesive teamwork for that. That is where communication and collaboration features can help you stay in touch with all your team members and keep them on the same page.

Discuss and share ideas with your team members and collaborate on marketing projects without any hassle. Irrespective of the device or location of your team members, you can easily stay connected with your team members all the time.

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3. Customer Relationship Management

Probably, the most important objective for a digital marketer is to build long-term relationships with customers.

How can you create a long-term relationship with clients?

Whether you are using social media or responding to emails, make sure that you provide them with a satisfactory solution to their problem. This would only happen if you know the customer well. That is where a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you.

Better customer service, enhanced customer communication, improved customer data management, and automation are only some of the benefits of using customer relationship management. It allows you to get in the head of your customers can deliver them a perfect customer experience every time.

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4. File Management Features

With so many different clients to deal with on a daily basis, digital marketers are buried under tons of files. Thanks to filing management features and support for cloud storage services, task management software makes file management a breeze for digital marketers.

Share files with your team are a matter of few clicks. Users can also synchronize files so they can access them from any other device, anytime. With a centralized file management system in place, you can manage all your files from a single dashboard.

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5. Analytics and Tracking Features

As a digital marketer, you are answerable to the higher management.

Securing a higher digital marketing budget and convincing top managers that their investments will deliver a higher return are some of the common challenges digital marketers face. To overcome these challenges, you need to have proper analytics and tracking mechanism.

Track the impact of your marketing efforts and highlight areas that need improvements, which can be used as a reference for future improvements. You can also dig deeper to find which marketing channel yielding the best ROI. Test different marketing channels and identify the best and worst ones easily.

Tell us which task management software features you use frequently and which features you use rarely in the comments section below.

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