5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2018


2018 is around the corner and as marketing spearheads, you might be looking out for upcoming top digital marketing trends and new strategies to leverage on.

Wait! That’s what every digital strategist would go for but before that you have something which you are more likely to overlook to pay attention to! ‘The strategies that has worked well so far’.

Nothing is future-proof in digital marketing as ever-evolving user behavior, emergence of new mediums and platforms are repeatedly influencing innovation in top digital marketing techniques.

So, if you are in a hurry conceptualizing new top digital marketing trends for 2018, take a time out to redefine your approach in the following strategies to make sure they continue yielding cool results.

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5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

1. Create a Multimedia-First Approach for SERPs

Fashion is visual and this applies to ‘online content consumption’ as well.

“74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%)” – Socialmediaexaminer.

That’s a cool number to realize the potential of visual content. We have picked this particular stat just to underline how marketers, when it comes to SEO strategies, are leaving behind visual contents focusing only on textual contents in terms of garnering search engine rankings.

  • How to Re-Strategize:

With almost 3/4th of users looking for visual contents, Google is providing equal priorities for images and video suggestions as that of texts that match with a user’s search query. So, stop not just with preferring your textual contents to get search engine rankings.

You can take advantage of free tools to create visual contents like blog images (Canva), infographics (Canva templates), editing tools (PicMonkey) and more.

Videos are top of the content chain as they are more likely to increase engagement and improve average time on site. Videos can be more explicit and earn trust as well.

Create videos for your products such as demos or walkthroughs that can educate users on how to use a product or know its applications, set up or anything related to what they can do with it.

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  • Optimizing Visual Contents:

Creating is just phase 1 of your approach towards search engine optimization for visual contents. You’ll have to optimize it in order to experience better results.

For videos, you can use sitemap. In case of images, make sure they are of high quality, but not at the cost a light file size, to improve the chances of being fetched.

The textual part including image name, alt tags, title tags must be appropriately provided to improve relevance with search tags. Schema markups will boost the chances of featuring images in rich snippets.

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2. Go ‘Paid’! Organic-only won’t work anymore

For Fan Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%. – Social Ogilvy

We are talking about Facebook campaigns. Facebook, in terms of analytics, is getting as good as Google providing insights for users about campaigns or fan page based on user actions and other user-engagement-quality measuring metrics of Facebook.

Facebook is encouraging users to go for paid promotions to boost posts. This strategy is due to three reasons:

  1. Simply Facebook is eyeing paid marketing for more revenue.
  2. Refining the relevancy in contents shown to a user.
  3. Too much data being fed into Facebook is posing heavy complexities in visibility of contents posted on Facebook.

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  • How to Re-Strategize:

So now, apart from your competitors, you have new challenges from Facebook engine itself that’s become more selective in picking news feeds and the social platform’s monetary strategy of improving revenue through paid ads.

For bettering organic reach you can:

  1. Tell your fans that they can access the ‘Pages’ on the left side of the fan pages they have liked to know the latest news.
  2. Inform fans that they can prioritize the news feed from your pages by updating the notification setting of your Facebook page to ‘See First’.
  3. Find the right time to post by knowing the active time of your audience. Zero in on contents that users would love or better creatives.
  4. Leverage Facebook live to promote events.

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  • Get into paid Facebook Ad Campaigns:

Paid Facebook campaigns are becoming almost mandatory already. Facebook has allowed brands to create pages and earn fans and is now looking forward to monetize.

“It is all about the reach your posts will be able to get.”

As per the above mentioned statistics, Facebook will be looking forward to charge brands to connect or market to their audience.

So, going into a paid ad model could enable you to reap the benefits of early adopters, or to be prepared to the future scenario where paid campaigns become the only norm.

Focus on amplifying the reach of your content materials like Infographics, E-Books, blog posts or any long form contents and videos.

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3. Lengthy e-Books alone won’t work

EBooks are great assets that can help you build loyal audience base and subscribers to your website. Brands rely heavily on E-Books to pose themselves as experts in the area where they provide solutions which builds trust. However, lengthy E-Books alone will not work anymore.

  • How to Re-Strategize:

Consumers are looking for variety in content forms. As a brand you need to transition to other contents like interactive quizzes, technical know-how, videos and animations for product or service walkthrough.

You can continue coming up with E-Books, but try complementing the time taking efforts of creating an EBook with supportive contents in other forms like we discussed earlier. Woo users to download E-Book for more information in a survey or quiz or video which would actually increase the number of downloads and engagement as well.

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4. Email campaigns without personalization is worth 0

Though you are sending emails or newsletter for a group who have already subscribed, there is no guarantee that you are going to be overwhelmed with responses. In other words, your email campaign without personalization is worth nothing.

Remember how personalized are your cart abandonment emails? You’ll have every DNA of the particular user’s recent shopping behavior decoded. Your promotional emails should have that kind of personalization that’s specific to a user.

  • How to Re-Strategize:

Take into consideration a user’s engagement level with your brand and start planning your personalization from there. Looking into their online behavior, previous purchases and demographics could help you personalize better.

Look for responses from your emails and based on the engagement factor, you can proceed with further stages of personalization that would eventually land you in successfully converting.

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5. Google Featured Snippets – Do users actually believe them?

Google Featured Snippets is a catalyst for pages as it tends to attract more users. However there is another side that’s been in debate for long — “Do users really trust Google Featured Snippets?” The answer seems to be not likely according to HubSpot’s user survey conducted among users in Australia, UK and the US in the third quarter of 2017.

The report has that over 21% never trust Google Featured Snippets while only 7% percent have said that they always trust it. Now, that’s something which needs some attention.

  • How to Re-Strategize:

Google Featured Snippets has a great potential to exponentially increase traffic and goodwill of a brand but at times tarnish image if gone wrong. Optimizing pages for snippets is a good idea but make sure you provide accurate information.

For eCommerce business owners it is going to be ratings, reviews and comments. Make sure you don’t fake it to earn better SERPs.

For text-dominated websites or informative websites, being accurate with the information being provided is the key towards building a trustworthy online presence.

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In Conclusion

Marketing is ever evolving keeping marketing team on its toes to innovate and re-strategize constantly. If you need the marketing heavy lifting to be done by an expert, go for dedicated eCommerce digital marketing agencies or conversion rate optimization experts who can strategize campaigns that work best for your brand.

Now that you know the digital marketing tweaks that need to be done ASAP, plan your calendar for re-strategizing and fetch better results.


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