Cricket Apps To Help You Stay Updated About Your Favorite Sport

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I am a big fan of bat-and-ball games like baseball and softball, and cricket is no exception! As much as I love the sport, it is not one of the main sports played in the US. This means it is rarely covered by US sports news channels, making it difficult to stay on top of cricket news around the world. So, as a good cricket fan, I decided to find the best apps I could use on my phone to stay on top of the latest cricket news.

After checking and testing out some apps, I grouped my favorites depending on the benefit they provide and reviewed them.

Apps for Reading Cricket News

My first group of apps is great for catching up on the latest cricket news from all over the world. Forget about searching on the web to find out who won a cricket game! With just a few taps you can catch up with all your most anticipated cricket games, complete with cricket highlights and statistics.

Apps: Cricket Line Guru, Cricket Australia Live

My first pick is Cricket Line Guru. I found it to be a great choice for keeping up with cricket leagues from all over the world, including the ICC Cricket World Cup, Indian T20 League, Tri-Series, and more! The interface is very intuitive, and I really liked how to match statistics are neatly summarized in one screen. Another big plus I found is that you can enjoy live cricket streaming right from your phone too! In the 2 weeks that I’ve spent with the app, I did encounter one issue where the news content had problems loading. However, after closing and reopening the app, the issue was solved instantly. Hopefully, a new update will iron out any bugs.

My second pick is Cricket Australia Live. Although the name caught me off guard at first, I quickly noticed that it offers much more than just Australian cricket news. In fact, you can enjoy exclusive coverage of both foreign and domestic cricket matches! Like Cricket Line Guru, you can watch cricket live, and listen to radio broadcasts for cricket matches worldwide. The only drawback I found is that sometimes the app would crash when switching to a full-screen mode while watching the video. A quick remedy I found was to go to full-screen mode before playing the video. However, I noticed that the app is updated regularly, so hopefully, developers will fix the issue soon.

Apps with Live Cricket Score Updates

My second group is a great choice if you can’t catch cricket match live-streams and want an easy way to instantly find out how the games are playing out! With live updates right on your phone, you don’t have to worry about missing a match ever again.

Apps: ESPNCricinfo, Cricket Live Line

ESPNCricinfo is my third pick. What I really like about it is that you can follow your favorite teams with a single tap and receive instant alerts for specific games and scores. Another feature I liked is the customized newsfeed where you can quickly read the latest news on all your favorite cricket teams. Although I don’t have any complaints, I noticed that some users were not a fan of the most recent user interface. However, I found it to be really elegant, simple, and easy to use. After spending a little bit of time with it, you can quickly find your way around and get any information you want.

Last but not least, my fourth pick is Cricket Live Line. What caught my eye is that not only can you follow your favorite teams, but you can also find in-depth information on their players to see what their positions are and how many points they’ve made. I found the live updates to be very detailed, with ball-by-ball score updates that make you feel like you are in the game. I found the live streaming feature to be one of the strong points. The video quality is excellent, and I did not get disconnected while watching a game. Although I did see a few ads while streaming, they were few, and ultimately, it is a small price to pay for watching live cricket streaming for free.


Thanks for reading. While researching the apps I stumbled upon a useful list of the supposed most-used cricket apps currently out there. I really thought the list was helpful, so I’ll it with you.

Best 10 Cricket Apps by AppGrooves

So, these are my top picks for catching up with the latest cricket news but if you find any in the list that you think is better, let me know. It’s great how you can do anything with them. From a personalized newsfeed of your favorite teams to live-streaming cricket matches from all over the world, you will find everything you need. With these cricket apps on my phone, I now have much more cricket news than I could have ever wanted. So far, my favorite is Cricket Line Guru! Again, what about you? I would love to hear if you have any favorites of your own that I did not include on my list!

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