Top 8 Commanding SEO Trends To Follow In 2018


The new year has come and it brought so many good things with it. If we talk about business owners, they have decided to keep their business up to date by implementing all the latest trends that they consider can build a true value for their business.

SEO trends are one of them that are creating the strong base for all the businesses with increased traffic and conversion results.

Entrepreneurs think they can earn good ratio of click-through and conversion rates with the older search engine trends. Of course, they can. But, it may take a lot of time and effort and still, it is not certain that the website gets adequate clicks or conversions.

The fact is that people eagerly look for something new every time in a website which generates the need of innovative techniques and trends.

Hence, it is mandatory to implement latest SEO trends that can grab the visitor’s attention towards the important message or area.

It’s not that the introduction of newer trends will fade away the older SEO trends. Rather, the new trends are the updated versions of the older ones.

Sometimes, SEO experts figure out the distinct trends that are completely new and hit the SEO industry with their existence.

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To make all your doubts clear, we have captured some of the best and the latest SEO trends 2018 that will conquer the business world.

Latest SEO Trends in 2018

1. Voice Search Will Empower The World

You must have seen that in recent time, people are utilizing voice search capabilities through their mobile devices. This trend keeps on hitting the market as more and more people are using this as their ideal and quick source of making searches.

Being a website owner, you should make sure that all the website pages have the top keywords that can be tracked when users command for a phrase during voice search. It automatically results in covering all the important aspects of your webpage.

Google Voice Search

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2. HTTPS Will Win Over HTTP

HTTPS is an advanced version of HTTP which is widely used to encrypt and filter all the communications between the website and the browser.

According to the Google updates, websites with HTTPS will rank higher on the SERPS. Usage of this SEO trend will result in safe, secure and reduced virus risks.

This kind of transformation from HTTP to HTTPS makes the websites more optimized to get high ranks on search engine result pages.

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3. AMP Will Be The Hottest Trend

In this year or the other upcoming year, AMP technique will be on the top as it enables websites to get the functionality to load faster on browsers.

In the future, AMP will be considered as the ranking factor because this makes all the pages quickly accessed on browsers with clear visibility.

Faster loading pages ensure a great user retention ratio. Now, with the Google’s AMP technology, one can make paths for their websites by boosting the conversions and click-through rates.

Check your web page’e AMP test by google’s AMP Testing Tool.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

4. Quality Content Will Remain In The List

Everybody knows that content rules the SEO world and will remain the king of the market. Creating and placing unique content with relevant information wins the visitors’ hearts which further turns into sales leads and conversions.

Therefore, keep this fact in mind and launch the web pages with the quality content so that readers can make your website their first preference for purchase.

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5. Social Media Channels Would Create Pathways

In this high-tech world where everyone depends on social media, businesses are also getting rich revenues from these networks.

Today, brand building has become easier with social media as everyone browses these channels first to find something for their use.

Thus, if businesses integrate social media functions with strong CTAs in their webpages, they can gain better ROI for their products and services.

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6. More Rich Answers And Snippets

Today, there is a high competition between the companies and for that, they are trying to be on “0 position”.

You must be wondering that how a website can appear on 0 position? Yes, one can make it happen by creating rich snippets for the individual page.

Gaining a featured snippet for the search results pages caters various needs of the users. These factors opened new ways that lead SEO beyond the traditional race to the Google’s top position.

7. Building Valuable Backlinks

Link building which is the backbone of SEO is not expected to disappear in this year. Rather, it will be more crucial to maintain a website’s quality.

Adding the links that create value for your page is beneficial but, never include those links that are only there to increase the numbers.

Keep this in mind and always link the pages with the valuable links that provide relevant information to the users.

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8. Google Business Page/ Local SEO

Creating My Business page on Google greatly helps a business perform good for local searches.

Google’s page is the one-stop solution which allows marketers to manage their website to make them visible on search engines.

If you want traffic from the local search results, try creating Google Business Page.

Google My Business

In Conclusion

The aim of the SEO is to ensure that the website is getting properly targeted by the audience.

All the above-discussed trends are the ways that can make a brand website popular over the search engines and grant it a strong presence among industry competitors.

So, use these top seo trends and consider them the proven ways to lighten your business paths for the future.

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Tom Hardy has hands on experience as a SEO Expert. He currently works at Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Services Company and offers exceptional SEO services to the global clientele.


  1. These techniques like voice search, AMP page, and rich snippet really make very impactful on Search engine Optimization……. nice article …. keep updating the audience 🙂

  2. These techniques like voice search, AMP page, and rich snippet really make very impactful on Search engine Optimization……. nice article …. keep updating the audience 🙂

  3. Many people are talking about the voice search and it has become a trend for 2018. Looking forward to the post for the “Voice Search Optimization”! How about that?

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