Top 5 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for 2024

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It’s time to fold your sleeves as our digital world is set to transform this year. Online marketers remain active to avoid the subsequent hustle in the competitive social media sphere.

So, are you prepared to perform social media marketing in 2024? If yes, make sure that you are familiar with new marketing techniques to stay in the race.

Many social media marketers consider the most popular trends to set their strategies.

Here are 5 most anticipated SMM tips you must consider to achieve better SEO results in 2024:

Visuals Will Rule Over Social Media

By 2024, video-based content will speed up the global consumer internet traffic with a rate of 79% by the SmallBiz Trends report.

More than 90% of customers love video-based stories & updates on social media. Streamlining videos & GIFs remained viral in the previous year.

Hence, it’s quite clear that visual marketing will remain at the center stage of SMM. Every enthusiastic social media marketer must know that more brands are retaining their customers via video-based ads.

Videos are considerable for impactful social interactions and this SMM tactic will generate leads for you.

Increased video consumption indicates that video marketing will become a powerful social media marketing strategy in a few days.

Video content stands as the future of social media marketing and you need to work on it. Do not wait, just go for it as high-quality videos can grab attention in just 3 seconds.

Instagram As a Game Changer In Marketing

2024 will be a get-together for Facebook & Instagram. Social media marketers approve the role of video ads and they are ready to implement this strategy in 2024.

You need to tune up with the new social trends based on life stories, polls, forecasts, sessions, updates, & more. It was found that social media activities are speeding up on Instagram.

Social media marketers are redefining their strategies as the increased usage pattern of Instagram dominates over Facebook & Snapchat.

However, Facebook supports consumers’ shift towards Instagram due to better engagement and increased user base.

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Ephemeral Content Will Make Sense

Why ephemeral content is popular

Why ephemeral content is popular? Users are already sharing their stories as per their current activities or moods. So, what’s new in this short-lived status that disappears in the next 24 hours?

Believe it or not, ephemeral content is the latest upgrade in the digital era. Almost all social media platforms are featuring ephemeral content to engage the global users wishing to get all updates.

Social media marketing experts can take the benefit of adding ephemeral content to their posts. The audience never wishes to miss out on short-term opportunities.

So, you can spread temporary content for social media marketing and receive immediate responses from the other ends. Ephemeral content will definitely work to bring your brand in limelight and steer customers via social platforms in 2024.

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Strategize For Augment Reality

“AR will reshape your social media marketing strategies.”

The rise of AR technology will bring a new craze among social media users. Apple’s recent launch iPhone X highlights its AR-based functionality.

Social media platforms are more likely to integrate this technology by taking Snapchat’s AR feature into consideration. That’s why social media marketers must plan to attract viewers’ towards a virtual world of lifelike experiences.

It is necessary to move in the right direction as social media users think twice to decide whether to stay or not.

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Content Will Remain Priority

No one can neglect the role of content ineffective social media marketing. User-generated content will be your next strategy to establish a brand through social media channels.

SMM strategists perform activities to understand customers’ preferences & define them via interactive videos or impactful quotes.

Your content strategy for 2024 must include:

  • Quiz & contests to create a buzz about your brand
  • Motivate fans & social media followers to share their thoughts
  • Valuable content for customer address on social media
  • Integrate visuals with social media content
  • Be prepared with your content bank

Content is key to successful social media marketing and you must have a plan for it in 2024.

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In Conclusion

Social media marketing requires a lot of research work. However, you can make it effortless with an active mind & strategic workflow.

You can build up a foolproof plan if you have gone through all the above social media marketing tips for 2024. Get, set, & go to shine on all the stages of social media.


This write-up is a small specimen of Jacob Colleen, a social media marketer at Webby Central. He has been working for this renowned social media marketing agency for the past few years.

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