6 Best Instagram Business Apps for Marketing in 2024

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Since the boom of social media marketing in businesses, Instagram has become one of the essential social platforms to advertise their business socially.

As it makes you reach your target audience at every corner of the globe easily.

But only coming across their news feed while they are exploring won’t really help you.

The content you posted must be framed in such an amazing way that they can’t resist visiting your profile and clicking the “follow” button on!

Plus retaining your audience to your business profile is equally important as making them follow you, right? Yet, many of them fail to do so.

Therefore, I’ve come up with some Mobile Applications which will create an outstanding feed for you as simple as ABCs!

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Check’ out the classification for the same!

Best Instagram Business Apps in 2024

1. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an OmniChat marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed for Instagram, agencies, in-house marketers & SMB owners. Build customer relationships, and get more leads and sales in Instagram, SMS, webchat, and Facebook messenger with chatbot marketing, customer support, and automation tools for digital agencies, direct-to-consumer businesses, and creators.

2. Snapseed

The editor’s choice tagged photo editing app is developed by Google, which is basically up for finishing up your photographs smoothly.

This can be crowned as the app with the best editing features as it is known for.

It has more than 29 editing tools to offer you, the best among them is “Selective adjust” and “brush tool” which supports you to lighten or darken some specific areas of your photograph as you wish to!

While brush lets you set the contrast, exposure with your finger touch.

What’s more to offer?

  • Face enhancing features
  • A stock of different frames to decorate your pictures
  • Texting adding options with variations of formats
  • Vintage, Grainy film, Drama and many other filter effects options

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3. Auto Stamper for photo

Don’t you think adding a cluster of words to photos will not only make your photo look amazing but also help you to communicate with your audience easily?

This will definitely help you to reach up to your crowd with just their glance at your poster image.

Therefore, I have listed auto-stamper here! This lets you add text to photos, watermark your photos with your company logo as well as lets you add your own company’s trademark stamp and copyright stamp which will even protect your images from being copied.

What’s more to offer?

  • 50+ Font options make your photo charming
  • Adjustable transparency of the watermark
  • Assorted text color options accompanying your photo
  • Changeable 8 different positions

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4. Legend video maker

Visuals are the fastest mode of delivering a particular message. This will even help in your next Instagram strategy, “Legend “will grab you all the kudos within a fraction of seconds.

It turns simple text into stunning animations and makes wonders happen for you.

All you need is to enter the text you wish to get viral, choose your custom color and animation style and here your work goes stunningly.

What’s more to offer?

  • Over 20 amazing text styles
  • Variations of animations
  • Add a customized background image
  • Save as video or GIF

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5. Canva Graphic tool

Instagram is mainly listed in photography application, so you might be familiar that it’s mainly about posting stunning photos that you can flaunt in front of the world, right?

So here’s a poster-making tool for you to increase your creative engagement among your target audience.

It is a popular web tool for designing social media posters but now it has been established for Android and IOS as well!

This is a multi-useful tool if you are marketing your business online, as it is useful for making flyers, logos, and much more.

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What’s more to offer?

  • Over 60k templates
  • 100+ Font styles and color options
  • 1 Million Stock Photos
  • Thousands of additional elements

6. Tracker for Instagram

So now you are done with decorating your feed beautifully and now you are looking to get a proper track of your results, then tracker for Instagram will provide you accurate results within the blink of your eye.

This gives you the overall detailed Instagram report and overall details of analytics from your followers to the number of people visiting your profile.

What’s more to offer?

  • Statistics of popular photographs.
  • Followings and un-following.
  • Time for post-boost.
  • Hour of the best activity.

Summing up the article for today, this will doubtlessly help you to increase your brand engagement and help you to effectively promote your business socially.

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