Guide to select the best of the 3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

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Are you confused and in a dilemma about which Facebook Ad Campaign Objective should you choose for your Ad Campaigns on Facebook?

Be it a marketer or social media optimization company or entrepreneurs, people often stagger on the first obstacle of the objective of the ad campaign while creating a Facebook ad campaign. Hence they settle for the simpler and easy option of boosting their Facebook posts.

Nevertheless, if you understand the campaign objectives, it becomes easy to decide on which one to choose for your brand or product, or service offering.

Facebook utilizes the data about people’s actions on Facebook to help you in deciding who all from the target audience should be selected and shown (on priority) your ad (campaign).

Facebook has 3 categories of objectives – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion with different options.

Facebook Ad campaign objective

Let us take a look at how these categories match up with your Facebook Ad campaign objective so that you can create an excellent Ad campaign.

3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

Awareness Campaign Objective

These help in making the target audience and customers aware of your product or service offering. If the customers are not interested in what you are offering, how will you generate sales? Hence creating interest is quite crucial.

There are two types of objectives to pick from – Brand Awareness and Reach.

Brand Awareness objective

Brand Awareness objective is designed to show ads to that audience or customers who are most likely to be interested.

This objective is well suited for large-scale businesses who want to picture their brand to the customers rather than generating web traffic, sales, etc.

Reach objective

The reach objective is designed to reach the maximum target audience and command the frequency of showing your ads to them. If you have a location-based business then you can use the Reach objective to drive more engagement in a particular geographical area.

By selecting the option ‘Everyone in this location’ in your audience targeting, you can target only those people who are in that location radius.

Even though these objectives are designed for supreme exposure, they both have the ‘call-to-action’ option available.

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Consideration Campaign Objective

These campaign objectives are for those target audiences and customers who are already considering products or services similar to yours. There are five types of campaign objectives under consideration campaign objective:

Traffic campaign objective

This objective is simply designed to attract people to your website. This can be to read a blog, visit your landing page or uncover your app. When you are looking at only traffic and not leads or sales, then this objective is the right choice for your campaign.

App install campaign objective

This is similar to the traffic campaign objective just that rather than a landing page or website, you send people to the app store to download the app. You should use this objective only if you have a mobile app.

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Engagement campaign objective

This objective is well suited for creating more engagement with customers and the target audience. Engagements on an Ad include Like, Comment, Share, etc.

Improving your Ad campaign for Engagement objective means that Facebook will show your ads to those people who beyond doubt will engage in your Ad.

Engagement campaign objective

Video views campaign objective

People who watch videos tend to buy more compared to others. With the video view campaign objective, you can convey your message to those who watch videos.

The basic objective is to make people watch your video rather than click on your link or convert. With this objective, you can launch a campaign for your product, offers, etc.

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Lead generation

If lead generation is the focus and priority for your Ad campaign then you can use the lead generation campaign objective. The motive of lead generation objective is that without driving traffic to your website or app you can generate leads within the Ad on Facebook.

Facebook lead generation Ad allows you to capture the name, email id, and phone number, etc from that person’s provided data on Facebook. This makes it easy as pie for people to complete your lead form and can often fetch you the perfect data.

The Ad looks like a normal Ad except when a person clicks on the CTA; it opens up a (filled in) form with auto-populated contact details. You can also use some software to capture the email address and put them in email marketing tools like CRM.

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Conversion Campaign Objective

The conversion campaign objective is the grail of Facebook marketing. The focus of this objective is to get people to convert to a specific action of purchase, register, etc.

If you are opting for this, then you need to have a minimum of 15-25 conversions per week to provide Facebook with sufficient data to learn about the target audience who opt to convert.

If the data available with Facebook is insufficient, it won’t be able to find characteristics of the target audience who are converting and won’t be able to improve on showing your Ads for this objective.

This objective is beneficial for e-commerce related businesses or if you are selling a good number of products. There are three types of conversion campaign objectives:


This objective can be used when you want to track and measure conversion on your mobile app or website or Facebook.

Store visits

This combines your physical location and geo-targeting. You can decide the location to which you want to show your Ad to and the CTA buttons.

Product Catalog sales

This objective is designed to prosper e-commerce businesses and make people purchase more of your products.

In Conclusion

Keep testing your objectives for your Ad campaigns to figure out which one works the best for you. If you are still in a dilemma about which objects to use, you can hire professional SEO services India or anywhere else to help you design the right Facebook Ad campaign using the best objective for your brand or product, or service offering.

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