How To Foster Your Local SEO Via Online Customer Reviews


The search engine ranking process of Google is quite tough to understand as it comprises numerous aspects to analyze before indexing a website at a particular place in the search results.

SEO is a pretty good way in this context to rank higher by improving multiple verticals of a website design. Some of these factors are:

  • Content
  • Review Signals
  • Social Signals
  • Mobile-Friendliness

Customer reviews are the important asset to contribute in the content while implementing an effective SEO strategy. From Google’s perspective, fresh yet unique content seems valuable in terms of business growth.

The online reviews made by customers play an exact role by feeding the desired content to the search engines. Its beauty can be further maximized by posting it on social media.

There are multiple ways with which one can use customer reviews to boost your SEO. If your business strategy works perfectly well, it is a piece of cake to position your brand ahead of the competitors.

Benefits of Online Customer Reviews

  • Reviews help increase CTR and in turn improve the ranking .
  • With reviews, it is easy to help your ads stand out. This in parallel improves the quality score with less CPC.
  • You can top the chart by coming on the top in the map results.
  • Get more reviews by calling customers.
  • Utilizing reviews to boost traffic and sales collateral.
  • Asking customers for the reviews through email after interaction with them.

Tips to Improve Local SEO by Online Customer Review

1. Make a call to the customers

The easiest way to create your review portfolio is to call your customers. Although it is a time-consuming process but grabbing the local reviews has a great value in the future run.

For instance, calling the customers to follow up after they purchase something is a critical component in any marketing campaign.

2. Think again for your past customers

The customers who have once trusted you can be a good option to look again. The major reason is, you do not need to do much homework as these people are partly in your side.

You just need to remind them once again about your services and they will surely recognize you based on their past experience, which was satisfactory for sure.

It seems quite important to follow and you can start by creating a list of people in Google analytics who visit your confirmation page. Then, you can create a display ad asking for reviews.

Here comes the time to time to retarget this group of persons by asking them leave a review. For added benefits, you can also insert a coupon that can impact the conversion.

3. Demand for reviews through E-mail

When people have made a purchase and become potential customers, the next phase is to encourage them to write reviews for your brand. As these people will be in your list of customers, you surely will have their email address in your database.

You can use it to add a note to your post purchase emails, invoices and receipts to give them a reminder stating that you want them to leave an authentic review for your business.

It is an added advantage if your email request is mobile friendly as it allows all the customer base to put their thoughts without investing much time.

4. Reviews at multiple places

You can also ask your reviews in the multiple places on your website. It is the finest way to expand your traffic with the increased number of customers.

If you will show different customer reviews at the gallery of your website, your entire customer range will feel privileged to be seen as an active member after its genuine comment at your web page.

Putting the past customer reviews in a website has multiple advantages. The first one is, one can write a review for you as a user and be at the home page of your website. Secondly, it builds trust among the potential customers or visitors.

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In Conclusion

Search engines proactively work to give the best results to the real-time users and customer reviews are its important asset. The customers seek out the reviews from the genuine or actual consumers to make the final buying decisions.

When customer reviews are made as a part of your SEO strategy, the visitors will get the user-generated content. In brief, reviews considered to be the core element of your marketing campaign and the outcomes will be boosted web traffic and better sales.

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