Things to consider before buying a headphone online


Shopping for a new set of headphones can be a challenging task, given the wide range of designs, functions, and prices.

You can’t solely depend on your nearby store for making a final choice; you have to visit many more, browse through available options, find headphones that are right for you and then pick up the final one. But if you can do all this online, then things become a little bit easier.

It is cool, convenient and totally reliable. Once people used to believe that they could be cheated if they shop online, they wouldn’t get the right thing at the right price and at the right time. But things are not so. Online shopping is the new phenomenon and competition among online shopping platforms is getting tougher.

A negative review can create a deep impact on their hard-earned goodwill. So don’t worry, go online. You may not take the product physically in your hand, but every product carries meticulously drafted brochures that enable you to make the right choice.

Headphones are as important for defining sound quality as the device they’re plugged into.

Source of music

If you are using the headphones with a phone or tablet, then pay attention to the headphone’s sensitivity and the controls built into the inline remote control. Sensitivity specifies how loud your headphone can get.

If you have to take calls through headphones, you need a built-in microphone in the headphone’s in-line remote control and a button to disconnect unwanted calls without using the phone.

A wireless model that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth rather than a wire may prove very useful in that scenario.

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Noise cancellation

If you are using it in a noisy environment, then you’ll probably need a model with active noise control. It can either block out some external noise or one with active noise cancellation.

The noise cancellation features not necessarily put a microphone in an elite category, but many music lovers favored this kind of microphone to get noise-free sound.

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Way of using

If you have a plan to use them while working out or engaging in active sports, then you’ll need earphones or ear-buds that will stay in place during vigorous motion.

Some models have special ear tips or bands that provide a secure, snug fit. More models now have water and sweat resistant materials or coatings that prevent moisture and allow them to be washed after exhausting workouts.

Pocket pinch

Tech gadgets follow a simple rule – to get the best you have to pay the best. If you want a product that focuses more on audio reliability and quality, expect to feel the punch accordingly.

If you’re a gadget freak, the headphone search can easily make a big dip in your pocket. Do some research, read some reviews and get a sense for the price ranges on models that most appeal to you.

We often over-invest on the source but show reluctance when it comes to a headphone. If you are on a tight budget, then try to find an economy option.

An economy option doesn’t mean you are compromising with the sound quality, but you are leaving some additional and fancy features from your headgear.

Fashion statement

For many, headphones have become as much a fashion statement as a piece of audio gear. That’s perfect if you have the capabilities to spend some extra bucks for flashing look.

If you have to carry your headphones every day, there is every reason you would like to have a smart one. Find a color or a design that appeals to you, once you’ve met all your other criteria.


There’s no reason a headphone should be treated as throwaway technology. Unlike almost everything else in the territory of consumer electronics, this year’s headphones won’t be outdated in the next six months.

With proper use, you can carry it for years. But you have to make some adjustment to the ever-going process of technological advancement. It’s always better to change the headgears in every alternate year to avail the latest features.

Be sure to assess the build quality of your prospective headphones. Some ear-buds and portable devices are quite delicate, for instance.

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