Best Free Backlink Generator Tools to Get Quality Backlinks

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The top-quality content and backlinks play the most significant role in improving a site’s ranking on search engine result pages. But many website operators and SEOs forget this thing, and their primary focus is on quantity rather than quality. Well, by uploading low-quality content, you are destroying your site’s reputation not only in the eyes of search engines but also the visitors.

Quality content is essential for your site as it will help you earn natural incoming links. But, if you only rely on natural backlinks, then the desired result of achieving a top rank in search engine result pages might not be achieved. Mentioning this thing doesn’t mean to provoke you for using black hat SEO tactics, such as purchasing low-quality backlinks from the sites irrelevant to your niche. This strategy will not pay off; instead, it will drop your rankings, or you can even face deindexing.

Then what can you do? Instead of losing hope, you can focus on smart link-building tactics. Using a backlink maker is one of them, but you can’t trust any such tool available on the web as backlinks are sensitive to your SEO. Hence, in this post, we will let you know about the best backlink maker tools that are free as well.

Conduct Backlink Check First!

Before moving on to a backlink maker, you should analyze your link profile first with a trusted tool like Google backlink checker. This tool will help you get an exact idea of how many backlinks are pointing toward your website and its pages, do-follow links, no-follow links, referring IPs, and much more. You can compare these details with your competitors by using the same tool. In this way, you will know how much improvement is required. And then, you can move on to a link-building tactic, like using a backlink maker.

3 Best Free Backlink Generator Tools

1. SearchEngineReports – Backlink Generator

On this website, you will find many SEO tools, including the backlink generator, that is of the best quality. To make backlinks with this tool, all you have to do is enter the domain of your website and press the “make backlinks” button. This backlink maker will not take more than a couple of seconds and display the high-quality backlinks generated for your site. The tool will also display the status of each of the links it has generated.

This backlink maker is compatible with all devices, and we can generate backlinks with our iOS and Android smartphones. There are many tools that work only on desktops, but you will not face such a limitation if you use this tool.

You will find this tool in the top results of search engines that reflect the high authority and quality of the service it is providing. On this website, you will find text optimization tools, keyword planning tools, website management tools, and many others. All of the services, including the backlink maker, are provided for free to everyone around the globe. Another brilliant thing about this platform is that it doesn’t demand any of the users to go through registration processes, enter their personal details, or link their social media profiles to get access.

2. SmallSEOTools

It is another website primarily known for providing amazing SEO tools. Just like the previous tool, the backlink maker on this site is also free and one of the best. A top feature of this quality link maker is its availability in different languages. There are no hard and fast rules to using this service, and results will display around 90 generated backlinks. This tool can be used to generate backlinks for as many websites as we want without facing any restrictions.

3. Prepostseo

The backlink maker on this website is another best free tool for generating backlinks. You can access this tool from your web browser and place the website URL to generate backlinks. Similar to other tools, no registration or sign-up is required for executing this task. However, when you use this tool, it only displays and generates around 50 backlinks for every website you enter into it. You will not encounter this thing in other tools mentioned in the list.


You can use the free backlink maker tool to turn things in your favor and achieve a top rank in search engine result pages. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only rely on this tool as following other backlinks building methods is also essential. Guest posting is another way of building quality backlinks for a website, but you have to make sure the site that is linking with your content is from within your niche. Earning and building backlinks is quite easy if your site contains content that is worth sharing. You should upload fresh content on your site that forces other sites to create linkage with it.

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