Top 10 WordPress Image Gallery Plugin in 2024

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These top 10 WordPress Image Gallery Plugins will create an amazing user experience for your site visitors.

To meet the quality and to create a good experience for the visitors, it is important to check how the images of your website, posts, and pages are displayed. For that reason, building a well-organized photo gallery and images are been critically focused on content that requires a greater number of media.

When the subject is zoomed to images – whether they are in galleries or not, we have a feature that gives prominence and dynamism to our site. After all, it allows people of all ages to be able to read better and check every detail of the displayed image.

So, thinking about the importance of zooming and gallery of WordPress images in websites and stores, here is a list of 10 plugins capable of making your site more stylish and easy to navigate. It is always recommended to consult a WordPress development company before using any of these WordPress plugins.

Top 10 Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin 2024

1. Gallery by Huge-IT

Easy to set up and highly adaptable, the Gallery by Huge-IT plugin creates functional and modern galleries for your WordPress. You can choose from 8 advanced and customizable gallery templates that the plugin brings.

Gallery by Huge-IT is free and offers galleries for your site where you can work with a pop-up, lightbox, slider, thumbnails, and mosaic-style options. You can have galleries with YouTube content, Vimeo, and display paging buttons.

Huge IT Gallery Plugin

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2. Image Zoom Pan WordPress

For those who need a quality solution to work with images and zoom for illustrative materials and/or maps, Image Zoom Pan WordPress is one of the best PRO plugins you can find.

Using shortcodes, allowing you to use the plugin for pages and posts. Image Zoom Pan WordPress Plugin used for single images or for galleries with numerous images.

Image Zoom Pan WordPress

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3. FooGallery ZOOM Template

By linking gallery and zoom to images, the FooGallery ZOOM Template plugin can solve 2 problems at once. It is free and has a very simple and intuitive configuration, where you can choose how the gallery behavior will be, defining border style and behavior for thumbnails on the mouse and zooming on.

As for the images in the gallery, the FooGallery ZOOM Template lets you choose for the “zoom” function the size of the lenses, borders, and other useful features.

FooGallery ZOOM Template

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4. Image Magnify

Image Magnify is a free and very useful plugin for WordPress developers and users. It brings the possibility of working with shortcodes and makes it great to use inside page template files and website posts – making the theme more professional and customizable.

This tool is essentially focused on “zooming” images, being able to define through the shortcode dimensions of the images and address of the images in normal and large size. Image Magnify is useful for all types of WordPress users, from developers to content managers.

Image Magnify

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5. WP Image Zoom

WP Image Zoom is one of the most popular WordPress plugins used to implement the “zoom” function in websites, shops, and blogs. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and offers specific settings for you to choose when zooming should be applied to product images.

In the WP Image Zoom settings, you can add compatibility with JS libraries. You can also set the zoom for images to work when the site is applied to mobile devices such as smartphones. The plugin even lets you choose the style of the lens and edge. What’s more, it is also compatible with Visual Composer – a plugin used to build pages more easily.

WP Image Zoom

6. Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer

If you need to use images that require zooming and are also interactive, the use of Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer can be a great idea. This PRO (paid) plugin is optimized for mobile devices, displaying a responsive layout for any screen size.

Very easy and simple to install and use, the Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer offers 4 models ready for you to zoom, interact, and display the content you need for your images. The plugin creates a real control panel for the display of images, where the visitors of the site can interact and even open the images in full screen.

Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer

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7. Gallery by WP Ape

Gallery by WP Ape is a free plugin that supports different types of images and is even compatible with the native WordPress image gallery. Focused on creating galleries, this plugin is full of features and possibilities.

With many customization options, Gallery by WP Ape is responsive, allows you to add descriptions and titles to images, works with shortcodes and you can define a number of columns for the gallery organization. It’s important to say that the plugin also supports YouTube and Vimeo videos, and offers a lightbox preview option.

Gallery by WP Ap

8. Zoome – jQuery Image Zoom Effect

Zoome – jQuery Image Zoom Effect is one of the best plugins on our list today. It gives a much more sophisticated and stylish image to the site. It offers various effects, such as blur, transparency, grayscale, and options for setting zoom in the hover.

Zoome – jQuery Image Zoom Effect is also a responsive plugin, with flexibility in configuration options. With it, you can configure the scale and even decrease or zoom in from the mouse controls.

Image Viewer jQuery Plugin

9. WooCommerce Image Zoom

Yes! WooCommerce Image Zoom is a zooming plugin for images, specifically for WooCommerce stores. WooCommerce Image Zoom has two versions, one free and a PRO version – with an extended configuration for customization and control.

WooCommerce Zoom Image Plugin

10. Easy 360 ° Product Viewer

For those who want to offer more than the gallery and zoom functionality for images. The Easy 360 ° Product Viewer plugin brings the possibility of displaying 360 ° images. It allows you to work with 2D and 3D images, giving more realism to the products or images you want to display on your site.

Easy 360 ° Product Viewer has a responsive zoom and 360 ° image plugin with included PSD files. It is also optimized for smartphones and fully customizable.

WordPress 360 ° Product Viewer Plugin

In Conclusion

This list of 10 zoom and image gallery WordPress plugins brought solutions of different styles and ways to work. The focus of all plugins is to offer quality for the display of images.

It’s important that before you opt for a plugin, you identify the need for your website, blog, or store. After then identify the tools that fit your need. Remember one thing that your success depends on how images are displayed on the web.

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  2. Great post! All are very useful plugins.
    I also came across a gallery related WordPress plugin called Portfolio Designer Lite. It’s an easy to use and responsive WordPress plugin that comes with Grid Layout and Masonary Layout to showcase your projects in an image gallery. With this plugin you can create new custom post type or use your existing blog posts with the click of a button.


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