Top 7 Couchtuner Alternatives in 2024

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Wouldn’t you like to watch TV shows and movies on the couch after a long day of work or school? Person! As a consequence, most people throughout the world pay to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, moreover different paid media services. Although there are also some little-known techniques to experience your preferred TV programs, either film or CouchTuner is one of them.

CouchTuner is the online television series plus film streaming website wherever you can view content from Comics, Media, and new major television series. Have you imagined that you can watch all these for free?

Yes, you heard me right. There is no charge to watch TV series or movies on CouchTuner. This site does not host content on your server. It provides a convenient interface for distributing content hosted on servers of various third-party content providers.

Is Couchtuner safe?

Therefore, CouchTuner is not responsible for the copyrighted content to which the website is linked. At least that’s what the CouchTuner administrator says on the site. Of course, production companies also film studios are not favorable with this, and there are not several search engines.

If you didn’t get permission to get into the CouchTuner, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could restrict access to your website. In this case, there are two options. You can use a VPN or proxy set to detour the filtering mechanism of the configuration through your ISP, or if you don’t use the VPN, then there are some best choices for CouchTuner 7.

Couchtuner Alternatives in 2024

1. Solarmovie

SolarMovie is one of the most popular alternatives to CouchTuner. The website lists all kinds of movies and TV shows, and with a well-designed user interface, you can find new and popular content very quickly. Only the Registered ones can get access to rate films and TV programs, save interesting content to your devices for their later uses, or send a request.

Registration is completely free and no need to provide personal information. In addition to all the different CouchTuner selections listed in this report, SolarMovie did not store the Website content and files on the server. Unrelated third parties offer all content.

2. Daily TV Fix

If you can’t live without tv every day, this online streaming site will certainly offer you a day-to-day solution. Daily TV Fix provides you with most of the content from the newest films to some of the little TV shows. You can explore the content by searching the name of that film or with the help of the site’s entire search filter option. Recently added TV episodes and recently updated movies are get listed on the home page. The Daily TV Fix generally contains 12 different mirrors per program and film. The Daily TV Fix forum section is also very active and allows users to discuss their favorite TV shows and movies, make requests or interact with each other.

3. New episodes

As the name of this website tells that, “New Episode” is wherever you need to see the latest events of your favorite TV programs after fewer moments of that program’s broadcast. You can browse alphabetically or search directly using the search bar because with the daily correction of TV shows, the forum section “New episode” is also active. We recommend that new users introduce themselves to other users and welcome them if necessary.

4. PutLocker

PutLocker is the best online streaming device. Also, most of the people around the world who have used streaming sites in the past will get notified instantly. Because PutLocker has movies and TV shows and can always choose many mirrors, ease of use is not an issue. In addition to the big Hollywood hits, PutLocker also has movies and TV shows in many countries, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China, and France.

5. Primewire

You can watch recently released movies without paying ridiculous theatre prices on the popular Primewire online streaming site. Every cinema on the Primewire had multiple resolutions of the same cinema so that you can prefer the best one for your Internet connection plus playback devices. Primewire users can always quickly determine which mirror is working correctly and which mirrors should get avoided when evaluating individual mirrors in function.

6. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher Free online movies and TV shows to watch utterly free without subscription. You will find several types of a film according to their categories. Short stories, sports, talk shows, thriller, war, western. As you can see, Moviewatcher offers something for everyone, but it costs nothing.

7. AZ Movie

It seems to look like the prepaid online streaming cooperation AZ Movies. Still, this website has a vast collection of a bunch of movies including TV fans for free. Interestingly, AZ Movies’ oldest film is a 1915 film directed by Charlie Chaplin.

How to access CouchTuner using a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to build a reliable connection to the different networks on the Internet. These shield users from privacy policies and hacking by blocking external observers, including ISP, from fascinating and examining Internet traffic. When picking the best VPN service, please pay consideration to their price value, the amount of IP addresses it stores, global coverage, protection, and privacy.

Whichever VPN service you prefer, the connection process is always straightforward and easy.

  1. Create a user account.
  2. Pick a plan according to your requirements
  3. Enter your billing data.
  4. Download and install the VPN client on your device.
  5. Connect securely to the Internet.

Most VPN services offer a free trial period so that you can use it for free access to CouchTuner.


CouchTuner is an entirety of almost all popular online streaming websites, but various other sites also provide the same features. In this article, I have listed the seven best choices for CouchTuner. Help your online streaming site enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies.

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