9 Best Pokehuntr Alternatives in 2024

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Pokehuntr is another excellent tool or web application that can be used to scan the map and find and track Pokemon in real-time near the player’s location. Pokehuntr is a free, value-added free tool. The advanced version guarantees precise and quality results.

How does Pokehuntr support players?

The Pokemon GO player must visit their location to follow Pokemon. IT is why this game is so famous. However, Pokehuntr can be used as a Pokemon Go tool. It retrieves your current location and displays Pokemon in real-time. Then you can become an expert in this game.

This type of tool/application degrades the user experience. As a result, Niantic game publishers forcibly shut down various tools such as Pokehuntr. But Pokehuntr still works, and you can use this tool to save time and energy when playing Pokemon Go.


  • Search for Pokemon Go cards and view results in real-time
  • More precise results
  • Fast and stable
  • Secure and reliable server

Pokehuntr Alternatives for 2024

1. Pokevision

Pokevision is a mapping program called Pokemon GO, one of the most famous games in the world. You can interpret Pokevision as a website or refer to the app to find out where the Pokemon game was created on the map. However, as Niantic closes Pokevision, it is currently not available.

You can see Pokemon on the map as Pokévison Pokemon Go Hack. As a result, the publisher closes Pokevision.


  • Pokémon card analysis
  • View results in real-time
  • Better and more precise results
  • Free to use

2. Pokemonradargo

Pokemonradargo is a real-time map scanner for Pokemon to fetch and find Pokemon in real-time. But instantly, if you need to access their website, you will get the message “The pepper radar network map is no longer accessible”. Most Pokémon Go card scanners are disabled or disabled by actions that were taken by the game creator as they degrade the user experience of the game. Niantic, the publisher of Pokemon Go, does not want to recommend apps and websites like Pokemonradargo.

Pokemonradargo cards are not lasting accessible on the website. It suggests that you can’t utilize a web map for your match, but you can download an application for ios.


  • Real-time map scanner
  • Follow Pokemon in real-time
  • For IOS users
  • Fast and secure

3. Pokemononmap

Pokemononmap is Pokemon’s real-time map scanner and is one of the powerful map scanners that help players find and track Pokemon at their location in real-time. Pokemononmap uses the Pokemon Go server to allow players to trust and trust their results. The Pokémon map is high-speed, you can see the location of Pokémon on the map. Pokemononmap has many features added immediately. To help players find and track specific Pokémon, they will discover Pokejimu in their area.

Adding these features to your site is one of the best pokemon scanners.
Pokemononmap is free, and the app has another premium version which is a premium version. Here is the price of the premium version:


  • A server dedicated to users
  • Faster and more accurate results
  • All new updates will be added to the premium version first
  • Better customer support

4. Pokemesh

Pokemesh Pokemon Go is an Android app that helps you find all the Pokemon on the map. So, with Pokemesh, you can not only play the game from your location but also search for any area like a professional player and find all Pokemon in the site you are looking for a website. The best app is open source, so you can use it for free to scare your friends in the game.

5. Pokefinder.herokuapp

Pokefinder.herokuapp tracks your current Pokemon location in real-time in the Pokemon Go web tool, saving you time and effort. There are many web tools and apps like Pokefinder.herokuapp, but many are closed by legal interference from Niantic, the publisher of Pokemon Go. But Pokefinder.herokuapp still works and scans Pokémon in real-time on the map. Pokefinder.herokuapp is a safe and reliable way to use. Viruses and malware are not included.


  • Get real-time results
  • Safe and reliable
  • Rapid analysis and results

6. Pokeeye

Pokeeye is a website/app like Pokevison. It is also a mapping program for the Pokemon GO game that helps you track the Pokémon on the map in real-time. In Pokemon GO, you have to move around the city and find and follow Pokemon, but it takes a lot of time and energy. However, with the help of the Pokeai website, you cannot miss the nearby Pokémon as you can display the Pokémon’s location on the map in real-time.


  • Easy to use
  • Save time and energy
  • Freedom
  • View results in real-time

7. PokeVS

PokeVS is another excellent tool that allows players to search and find hidden Pokémon on the map. Because this kind of tool and scanner attacks the game policy, the Pokemon game administrator “Niantic” required Pokevision to stop its website. Pokevision is similar Pokevs. At players perform the Pokemon Go game, they have to move the city to find Pokemon, but it is a research tool that supports Pokevs members to search and see all Pokémon at their location on the map.


  • Protect account
  • Pokemon Go Hack
  • Produce in real-time

8. Poke crew

One of the best programs similar to PokeHuntr and a viral app for Pokemon fans. It can help you find a Pokemon and show the distance in real-time. With new features and a simplified user interface, Pokecrew can be used for free and have access to applications around the world. Pokemon and distance on the map will be next to the characters.

9. PokeFinder

PokeFinder is a Pokemon Go command line that makes it easy to find Pokemon with the help of the app. It is one of PokeHuntr’s most suitable alternatives and contributes many innovations and tools that will increase the user experience. We can satisfy the need for the smallest number of local users to hunt in real-time from the right place or region thank you.

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