5 Simple Tactics to use Twitter for Business

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Social networking sites not only help to promote your business in the right way but these sites also help to expand your reach.

If you want to promote your business on Twitter, then it’s important to use the right promotional tactics.

From knowing the right audience to using the right hashtags, Twitter can help you grow your base in business.

Here are 5 simple tactics to use Twitter for business, read on.

5 Simple Tactics to use Twitter for Business

1. Create a Visual Branding

To start with, it is important that you create visual branding. Create customized graphics and your Twitter business page.

If your Twitter page background will have details about your business in a graphic way, then you can attract many people to your page. Create a separate image file for your Twitter profile as well.

Create a Visual Branding

Few ways to create a consistent visual identity are :

  • Maintain a consistent palette.
  • Evoke a feeling with filters.
  • Claim your business’s images with text overlays.

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2. Use Related Hashtags

Hashtags are important and using them in the right way will get desired results for Twitter’s business marketing. Hashtags not only help you to expand your business reach but also help you to tap your product-related conversations.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your product or your business. Identify your niche because that is important in Twitter marketing.

Use Related Hashtags

Some of the following ways to identify related hashtags are :

  • Find out what hashtags influencers are using.
  • Find relevant cross-platform hashtags.
  • Use Twitter’s tailored trends.
  • Find trending hashtags in your niche.

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3. Choose a Perfect Time to Tweet

You need to follow the Twitter timing rules to market your product in a proper way. There are different time zones and people usually stick to those on Twitter.

If you tweet at 12 pm, then you would get the highest CTR. 5 pm is the time when you will get the highest retweets if you are looking for promotion or marketing of your product. Primetime spots are good for marketing and they can help to grow your business.

Choose a Perfect Time to Tweet

Takeaways & Thoughts:

  • The most common time to post could be because of various components: This is when many people approach Twitter, this is when online crowds are well on the way to be associated, and so forth.
  • Should you post during the most popular times? you may find success posting at non-peak times.
  • If you have a large international audience on Twitter, you may wish to locate the particular part of the world where they’re from, and adjust your schedule accordingly.

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4. Use Images to Drive Engagement

It was proved in a recent survey that images triple the rate of retweets on Twitter. Combining good images with your content branding will increase your chances of getting the desired reach. If the tweet is engaging, then many people will view your profile.

Attract many followers or customers to your business with the tactics like:

  • Brand it up
  • Use the right sizes
  • Use GIFs

5. Keep a Personal Approach

For business marketing on Twitter, you need to keep a personal approach. You cannot give robotic replies every time a potential customer makes a query.

You need to keep that empathy and add a personal touch while replying to the customer. Personal replies or personal tweets fair better as compared to business-related tweets even in marketing.

Some key points to remember while personal approach:

  • Sometimes a simple Retweet is powerful in itself.
  • Don’t be afraid to add a little humor to your replies and show the human side of your brand.
  • Answering back with a basic thank you is a decent method to tell your clients that you’re tuning in.

Apart from this, the best way to advertise your business account on Twitter is to follow all-important accounts. Follow your customers and accounts that are relevant to your business. It is a great way to stay connected on Twitter.

You can also run business-related polls and ask questions through tweets. Also, follow retweet trends to market your product in the right way. You can also grow your business through Magento Australia Post Shipping Extension that allows you to manage consignments and track all your business activities through automated features.

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