6 Major Industries That Will Evolve Using Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology is going to bring a radical change in the functioning of various industry sectors. Until 2016, most of us were unaware of what the technology is all about but suddenly in 2017, the boom of Bitcoin emerged this technology.

People started updating themselves learning about Blockchain in-depth, its benefit to a business, pros and cons, etcetera, etcetera. Still, people are unable to understand Blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

It’s a complex term. Basically, Blockchain technology is a growing list of records that are linked and secured through cryptography.

Each block has a hash pointer (connecter) that links to the previous block. As it is an open distributed ledger, it makes the transaction between two parties easy and smooth.

What’s your opinion in bringing this technology to use for your industry sector?

By the way, top Blockchain technology companies have already started working on it and soon we will step into a new world of technology wherein transactions and record-keeping will be much more secure and facile than what it is today.

Let’s check out which 6 major industries will witness a drastic change using Blockchain technology.

1. Financial Sector

How can we miss the Financial sector? After all, this is the major sector that will be disrupted by Blockchain in the near future.

Blockchain Technology

In the Financial sector, the middleman plays a crucial role in the stock exchange and share trading. Without the broker’s involvement, it becomes a tedious job for users to purchase and sell shares.

So, Blockchain – a decentralized distributed ledger will help in speeding up the trading process, provide users with information about the share market, and will also restrict brokers’ involvement if required.

In short, Blockchain will allow users to learn about the quality shares and assist in making their own decisions in share trading and stock exchange.

2. Education

How Blockchain can bring an evolution in the Education sector? Think and Reply. Using Blockchain technology, various schools, institutes, and corporate bodies can get rid of the paperwork and reduce it to minimal.

Not every school, college, or institute has a student board but using Blockchain technology will be implemented. Students will be explored in a space where they can get amazing information about their interests.

Also, fake degree cases will be reduced to minimal and students will no more be demotivated to fulfill their passion.

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3. ECommerce

With the introduction of Blockchain, eCommerce will evolve to a greater extent. The sense of trust and transparency will improve and other processes like order shipment, tracking, payment will also be streamlined.

Being an open-source technology, all the records or say transactions will be accessed publicly. So, there is no chance of fraudulent cases and quality issues we usually face while doing online shopping.

Returns and damages of products will also be reduced in good numbers as eStores will come up with 3D product images helping potential users giving a 360 outlook so to make a firm buying decision.

4. Music

Music? Seriously! How will Blockchain evolve this industry? Many music lovers will have this question.

Blockchain will bring a drastic change and ensure the copyright security of the song in this digital space which is currently a big issue.

Also, it will help keep the royalties of the singers, performers, writers, musicians intact and will ensure that no entity can claim ownership.

Added to it, with the introduction of Blockchain in this industry, fans can directly reach their favorite artists through smart contracts and purchase the popular single, key, and song’s tempo using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

5. Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare centers are always in a worry about data security because there are many cases that occurred in the past which questions data security and management.

It is a core responsibility of the hospitals, healthcare centers, and even doctors to keep patients’ information confidential and don’t let them leak.

It seems the databases which are currently in use fail to secure the records, albeit the database is created with powerful security algorithms for encryption and decryption.

However, Blockchain will efface such problems and ensure a sense of data confidentiality and management helps in reducing administrative and maintenance costs.

6. Real Estate

The real Estate Sector is no behind when we think of the problems various domains are facing for record-keeping and maintenance.

It is related to the buy and sells of property and the database they are currently using for record-keeping involves a plethora of issues like bureaucracy, fraud, lack of transparency, and ample mistakes in public records.

Plus, there is a lot of paperwork involved which makes the deal cumbersome between the broker, seller, and buyer.

Using the Blockchain, these problems and paperwork will be reduced. All the property-related documents will be stored prior so there is no need to maintain a hard copy of the required documents, which is the current trend.

Apart from it, the above-stated problems will not be encouraged making the property deal between the buyer and seller as easy and transparent as it can be.

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These were the 6 major industries that will witness a huge but useful change in the functioning of their domain in near future.

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