9 Instagram marketing trends changing the industry in 2024

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As we have entered the last leg of 2024, it’s time to pay attention to what lies ahead of us. This is specifically applicable in the case of Instagram marketing. Over the years, Instagram has undergone radical changes. And these developments are going to work well with businesses looking for brand prominence.

According to the stats presented in Sprout Social, almost 80% of the users already follow businesses on Instagram.

Based on the rapid growth of Instagram with more than a billion active users, there are certain observations that are going to gain precedence in the coming year.

Instagram marketing trends

Let’s check out some of the rising trends.

1. IGTV will reign supreme

Announced and launched in June 2018, IGTV is a video platform exclusively designed for mobile users. Unlike Vimeo, YouTube, and other video streaming websites, IGTV has a different approach. It supports vertical video playback, so it’s suitable for marketers and content creators that cater to a mobile-only audience.

Why vertical videos, you ask? This is because people are more inclined to use their mobile devices in a vertical position. Hence, such videos are going to be a lot more convenient, and people will be more eager to indulge in it.

2. Shoppable posts are on the rise

In recent times, Instagram has been the most promising platform for businesses, sellers, and eCommerce brands alike. Advertising on this channel has escalated to an entirely new level as more and more users flock to this social platform to buy products. In fact, Instagram ads have witnessed a sharp increase (28%) since the second half of 2017.

2018 witnessed businesses putting up a massive number of shoppable posts, with support in different parts of the world through more formats, including Stories. Instagram is a remarkable platform for showcasing your best-selling products in the most attractive way possible. In fact, it also allows the consumers to easily purchase through a familiar platform without being redirected to a shopping site.

It’s possibly the best way to simplify your audiences’ path to purchase.

3. Micro-brands will be the new game-changers

If you take note of how Instagram has transformed over time and still continues to evolve, you will come across something quite unique to this platform. Being a social channel, Instagram favors micro-brand marketing. As a matter of fact, we have witnessed quite an explosion of small enterprises and brands on the channel.

Instagram encourages storytelling and interaction, and it is quite distinctive from other news-centric social media platforms. This is the prime reason it has turned out to be one of the best user-generated content distribution channels for micro-brands, and it will only continue to grow. According to the stats published by Sprout Social, user-generated content has a 4.5% higher chance of conversion.

4. Long-form content will be the new norm

Instagram is often associated with brief images and captions. However, many social media users appreciate the long-form content posted by other users.

In fact, experts on social media marketers believe that this is intentional on the part of Facebook (as it brought in IGTV) to let people indulge in long-form content. Studies indicate that long-form content not only elevates social media engagement but also doubles website traffic.

Social platforms function with the understanding that teens and youngsters love watching vloggers and content creators on YouTube. It also understands that these same people love watching videos on their phones. So, long-form content was always on the offing, and it’s only going to rise in popularity.

5. Chatbots will take the mainstream route

Chatbots are a remarkable concept for businesses and consumers alike. But this is going to turn mainstream in 2019 with the emergence of multiple applications, including Instagram.

Chatbots make things convenient in terms of staying updated with what’s happening in your business, responding directly to consumers’ messages, and auto-posting when you need a helping hand. You shouldn’t bank heavily on this service, but it’s an important feature to add to your Instagram marketing strategy. For instance, if your organization provides assignment help, you can consider implementing this feature to clarify the queries of the students.

6. Live streaming videos can be leveraged to boost organic reach

Earlier, many marketers had apprehensions about live streaming videos. This is because if you make one small mistake, there’s no fixing it. In recent times, it has emerged as a remarkable way to get in touch with your audience. This way, businesses can focus on offering efficient customer service and relevant content.

So, it’s recommended that you play around a little with this live streaming feature on Instagram. Soon enough, most businesses will be exploring this option. Take some time to practice, until you feel confident in your productions.

7. An integrated system with Third-Party Applications

Aligning with third-party services is turning out to be an option that’s non-negotiable for businesses. It offers valuable information about your consumers and propels your business towards success. In fact, consumers are finding it to be convenient, even though it means sharing some of their personal details.

Many organizations are yet to embrace this service. Businesses that haven’t included Instagram in the multitude of products they put in place, will start with the practice in 2024.

8. Instagram will facilitate the “pay to play” approach

At a glance, Instagram comes across as the stuff dreams are made of (for the marketers). As the platform flourishes rapidly, the 1 billion user count is sure to capture your interest.

Of course, the more people flock on this social platform, the more competition you’ll have to deal with and the more you’ll have to stave off to effectively reach your target consumers. Add to it the fact that the Instagram algorithm is altered to focus on more “timely” posts in March 2018, today’s marketers have to slog out even harder to stay ahead in the game.

If you want to establish connections with people on Instagram in 2019, then you need to adopt the concept of paid posting.

9. Advertisements on Instagram Stories

Nearly half of the consumers active on Instagram prefer engaging with the Instagram stories that feature on a regular basis. It’s an appropriate alternative since Facebook advertising has hiked its prices.

Now, these ads don’t have to be complicated. It could be as convenient as setting a banner to a photo or capturing a 20-second video to talk about your newly-launched products. In fact, experts also recommend that your content should fit in as naturally as possible with non-business Instagram Stories.

Remember, when people are engaging with your Instagram stories, they are used to looking at casual content from their friends or acquaintances instead of high-quality videos. If you don’t want people to swipe past your ‘ad,’ try exploring less filtered and organic visuals.

Wrapping it up

Going by these observations, your Instagram marketing strategy should consistently evolve. Usher in a new year that records more effective implementation of the practices mentioned above. Watch out for the marketing trends that will redefine the industry in 2019 and make the most of Instagram right away!

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