PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rail: Which Is Better Programming Language?

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There are many programming languages designed to perform various tasks. And, the three most popular programming language among them are PHP, Python, and Ruby those are used in developing websites, applications and web services, as well as various system utilities.

Each of them is characterized by a unique set of operators and a special syntax. But at the same time, they have a different approach to solving problems.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rail Which Is Better Programming Language

These languages have a lot in common and provide a high-level programming interface with an objective-oriented approach, an interactive shell, standard libraries, and state support. In fact, PHP, Python and Ruby have a different history of development, different syntax and philosophy.

Detailed and comprehensive comparative analysis of these three most popular languages based on statistical data and data on various parameters. So, let’s start to find out which is the most popular programming languages.

  • PHP: It is the best language for creating dynamic web pages.
  • Python: It is a universal programming language with which you can make any applications ranging from Internet sites and desktop applications to robots and system services.
  • Ruby: It is the most high-level language that allows you to pay less attention to the details of the interface and the organization of data storage to focus on the application.


Details are shown below:


  • Used For: Web development or a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • Companies: Wikipedia, Facebook, PixelCrayons, Zend, Yahoo, Google, NASA, W3C, etc.


  • Used For: Web applications, mobile and desktop applications, games, big data, artificial intelligence, network administration.
  • Companies: Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla Firefox and National Geographic, etc.


  • Used For: Advanced web applications, web servers, system utilities, database work, backups, parsing, even biology and medicine.
  • Companies: Twitter, Apple, Airbnb, Github, Groupon, Hulu, Groupon, Google, YouTube, etc.

So, for an ordinary programmer, the question of choosing PHP, Python or Ruby for the web is relevant. If you need the width of the application – then Python.


  • PHP: It is easy to learn for former C programmer. In other words, you can say that it is easy to learn at all stages, which is supported by a large community of users and developers. It also has advanced database support.
  • Python: Python is a straightforward, extremely simplified language with a bunch of special effects. It is great for beginners, which is often recommended by programmers due to the simplicity of syntax structures.
  • Ruby: Ruby is more subtle, elegant, but also understandable after a short acquaintance. It is better for a programmer who already knows a language or two.

So, of the three languages in question, Python provides the best learning ability, PHP ranks second, and Ruby-on-rails ranks third.


  • PHP: The Web applications are written in PHP often have security problems and not suitable for creating desktop applications or system components.
  • Python: This is characterized by a greater number of applications and tools. Many libraries have already been implemented for the scientific use of language, both in mathematics. This gives the language stability and a huge set of tools.
  • Ruby: The ruby has a huge number of libraries, but the language has not yet caught up on this parameter. It can cause various problems and break compatibility with previous versions.

If a language is popular or actively discussed, it gathers a large community of users who can help you in the shortest possible time. However, the most discussed language is Python.


The performance of any programming language is crucial. High-performance language allows you to create scalable and fast software with a high degree of protection.

  • PHP: Writing PHP code is very simple and fast. There is no need for different compilers or converters. If you need to do a project very quickly, PHP will be a great tool.
  • Python: This language also has the ability to write code in speed, but it takes time while running the code as compared to ruby and PHP.
  • Ruby: It is more convenient because of having high speed to write lines of code and high speed to execute a code as compared to Python.

The above details are showing that Ruby and PHP has good and high performance in average execution times and lines of codes.


  • PHP: Being one of the oldest languages, PHP has gained many fans among coders and a large client base.
  • Python: It is firmly established in the 8 most popular programming languages according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index. It is the third most popular language.
  • Ruby: The growing popularity of the language itself is due to the popularity of software products written in Ruby, especially RoR.

Without a doubt, today the most popular programming language in the world is PHP. Two other languages, i.e. Ruby and Python are relatively young and are therefore less popular with the masses.


A language with a high level of usability makes it possible to develop more powerful, scalable and high-performance software.

  • PHP: It follows a classic approach and is extensively documented.
  • Python: It uses strict indentations enforcements. It is the most readable programming.
  • Ruby: It is elegant, powerful, and expressive. It is highly usable because of its principle of least astonishment, enforce to minimize the confusion of users.

So, here the winner is ruby on rails.


Free PHP license softwareEasy and fast to learnCross-platform and open source
Easy to learn (high learning speed)Supported by multiple platforms and operating systems.Can be embedded in hypertext markup language.
Large community of users and developersReadable and organized syntaxUltra-High-Level Programming Language (VHLL)
Extended database supportProviding rapid prototyping and dynamic semantic propertiesSimple and clear syntax that allows a novice developer to learn a language very quickly
Provides a large number of available extensions and source codes.Huge support communityEasy connection to DB2, MySQL, Oracle and Sybase databases
Enables code execution in restricted execution environments.Simple application building by testing and importing necessary functions.Large scalable programs created in Ruby are easy to maintain.
Provides the ability to manage native sessions and extend APIReusability (reusability) through careful development of packages and modulesExistence of the built-in debugger and flexible syntax
Good alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Pages)Object Oriented Programming ApproachAbility to write external libraries in Ruby or C
Works on virtually any operating system or platform.The ability to write multi-threaded applications with a simple API


Not suitable for developing desktop applications.Insufficiently effective work with multi-core and multiprocessor computing systemsThere may be difficulties in learning
Traditionally meagre error handlingLimited database accessLack of information resources
Global configuration parameters can change the semantics of the language, complicating implementation processes and compatibilityLack of commercial support even for open source projects (however, this situation is beginning to change)The high cost of CPU time (CPU time) compared with other languages
Calling objects by default is performed by the “call by value” method (CallByValue), which contradicts similar operations for most languages and makes many programmers unawaresA small number of Python developers compared to other languages, such as JavaRelatively slow update development.
Generally considered less secure compared to other programming languages.Feedback is slower compared to


The choice of the best language is directly dependent on the scope of your future activities. Exclusively for the web today Ruby looks more promising. But if your ambitions are much wider, then only Python will become for you a universal tool. On the other hand, PHP is much popular than both of these two remaining languages.

The above facts and statistics will help you make the right choice of programming language in accordance with the specific needs of your activity. So, pick the best one as per your needs because each one has its own facts and figures.

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