5 Ways To Boost Click Through Rates for your Instagram Marketing Campaigns

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Instagram has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the past two or three years, with tons of marketers, bloggers, and business owners taking advantage of the huge potential that this platform offers.

If you are trying to grow your business online using social media — particularly if you’re targeting Gen-X and younger demographics — then you absolutely must put in serious effort to market your business on Instagram.

But how can you improve your click-through rates to get people on IG to check out your landing pages?

Below are five actions you must take if you want to boost your click-through rates for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Tips to increase Click-Through Rates for your Instagram Marketing Campaigns

1. Grow Your Subscriber Base

Grow Your Subscriber Base

One of the biggest keys to upping your conversion rate and driving traffic to your site is adding more subscribers every day to your IG account. And we’re not just talking about bots or fake followers that you bought for five bucks on Fiverr or Black Hat World.

You need real people who are interested in your brand and in the products, services, and content that you offer.

Sure, you can always buy low-quality traffic with a minimal investment. But what good does that traffic do you if nobody clicks through to your site and fills out a lead capture form, joins your email list, or purchases a product?

You need real people to do those things, so that means you need to offer real content with real value and interact with your subscribers in a genuine way. That’s what social media is really about.

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2. Use Relevant Keyword-Focused Hashtags

Use Relevant Keyword Focused Hashtags

The key to attracting click-through traffic that converts is to not just draw a crowd — but to draw the right kind of crowd. And that all starts with hashtags.

Hashtags are basically like keywords that are added to your Instagram posts, both in the caption below your image and down in the comment section. Many marketers spam their followers by using tons of irrelevant hashtags.

Sure, they might get some eyeballs on their posts, but clickbait is notorious for producing high bounce rates and even getting your account flagged as spam. That’s the opposite of your true goal, which is to increase click-through rates and conversions.

So leave the old-school SEO spam tactics back in 2008 and instead use hashtags that are tightly-focused on your actual content, services, and products.

You can still use trending hashtags that relate to your content and your brand, but don’t resort to clickbait.

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3. Keep Your Instagram Profile Updated and Link Accurate

Keep Your Instagram Profile Updated and Link Accurate

When people land on your profile, what do they see? If they see an account that looks like it was abandoned months ago, with only a few boring old posts and a link that leads to an old blog post or an error page, you’ve probably lost them forever.

Keep putting up fresh content on your IG account. Use your profile description to create a connection with the reader and make them want to click through your link.

You only get one link there, so make it count. Don’t just send people to your homepage, and don’t ever have a broken link that points to a deleted landing page or has a typo in it.

4. Use High-Quality Visual Content with Viral Potential

Use High Quality Visual Content with Viral Potential

Besides your hashtag, the second most important element for optimizing your Instagram conversion rates is to use a high quality photo, meme, graphics, or video that catches people’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed.

You only have a split second to grab their attention, so put a lot of effort into that image or video. Don’t use low-quality, pixelated, underexposed, or blurry photos.

Make sure your memes don’t have any typos and that the text is laid out in a pleasing manner. Use humor to your advantage, if it fits your brand style.

And definitely use video, including live videos if possible. People love video, and it’s proving to be the hottest type of content on the web.

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5. Work with Influencers in Your Niche

Work with Influencers in Your Niche

Lastly, you can increase your click-through rates on Instagram by working with influencers in your niche or in a closely-related niche. If you can spend big bucks for a shout-out or link from a big-name celebrity, then by all means go that route.

Even if your click-through rate is terrible, the surge in traffic might still work out in your favor. But if you’re a small business or solopreneur, then you’ll most likely get a better ROI by collaborating with a smaller account that has a real influence on your target customer base.

Some smaller niche influencers are happy to work with other influencers for free if there is a huge mutual benefit for you and for them.

But in many cases, you’ll have to invest in that relationship by giving away free products and by paying for a shoutout and tag in the post description. If you choose your influencers well and provide them and their audience with real value, then that could be a very smart move for you.

Influencers spend a lot of time building trust with their followers, so when they recommend a product or tag your account, the potential leads who click over to your profile will already be warmed up.

That means that they’ll be much more likely than a random passerby to click through your profile link to your landing page.

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In Conclusion

Instagram is one of the hottest social platforms right now. You can take advantage of its growing reach and improve your conversions by following the five Instagram marketing tips above with consistent outreach campaigns.

Just be sure to track all your stats closely and avoid making too many changes at once so that you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

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