Best Gadgets for 2018


We are living in the era of super fast internet and technology where we hear about different innovations and developments every day.

We are now technology geeks and technology has not only facilitated us but brought a number of revolutionary innovations that helped us as well.

Here in this article, we will cover the best gadgets of 2018. Let’s see what’s there for the readers and technology lovers.

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Livestream Movi

It was really great fun to capture movies and live events with cameras using cell phones and professional cameras, but Livestream has introduced an amazing live event capturer that we called Movi, and it’s a fantastic technology gadget that the users would really love to use.

The gadget works on your iPhone and you will have to connect it to your phone. It offers a number of features like zoom, edit, capture, change angles and do whatever you want.

It might become a great addition to live streaming and Facebook has also started offering live streaming option to its users. Livestream Movi costs almost $399.

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Ehang Passenger Drone

We see a lot of drone gadgets every year, and the best are presented CES every year but the drone that impressed the technology geeks this year was Ehang Passenger Drone.

The drone is very attractive and technology advanced. It offers a number of amazing features that the people of every age can enjoy to the fullest, but it’s very popular among the teens.

The helicopter needs to be given commands, and it will reach its destination automatically. It’s available in the markets, but there are no updates about its price.

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Universal Pillow Remote Control

Have you even thought of having a pillow that lets you monitor the TV, DVD, VCR, satellite and other accessories at home? This universal pillow lets you enjoy your pillow as your remote, and you can deploy it while sleeping.

It runs on batteries and is very soft, so you don’t need to feel something like hard or rough.

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Chevy Bolt

When it comes to the electric cars, the price matters the most as electric cars are very expensive, and an ordinary person can hardly afford any such gadget.

Tesla had introduced a number of electric cars that were below $7500 but now they brought the most amazing and killer electric car named as Chevy Bolt, and its price is expected to be $30, 000.

The car is very luxurious and has a touch screen as well. According to the technicians and engineers, it’s not flashy and fast but user-friendly.

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Segway Advanced Personal Robot

We all know that a lot of technology gadgets are presented and displayed in CES, but Segway robots are really awesome.

It should be remembered, and you will be familiar with the fact that no CES seems attractive and pleasant if there is no old robot.

This is the craziest gadget when it comes to robots, and this lets you enjoy your transportation craze enjoy and take it to the next step.

In Conclusion

There are so many gadgets introduced every year and every day but the ones we have presented here are really awesome and got attention of the users in 2018.

Many of them were introduced at CES and got attention of the viewers and forced them to try. All of them aim at facilitating humans and provide great entertainment source for any kind of people.

The year 2018 will see many more new and innovative gadgets as well because the year is not over yet.

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