10 Tips for Designing a Website for Startups

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A website is the best way to tell the story of your startup. A great website design can help establish a strong brand presence.

A strong brand presence will then help you attract more customers. Good Entrepreneurs understand the importance of expanding your business, and website design can help you achieve exactly that.

Before you pick pen and paper you need to be very clear about what you want in your design.

Here are 10 website designing tips that can help you design websites that generate leads.

10 Tips for Designing a Website for Startups

1. Start with a Design Strategy

Take some time and devise a design strategy for your brand. How will you design your website? What will be the aesthetics of your website? How will it convey your brand message?

Pick one element and design your strategy around that element. Make that element prominent for your users to see and do something about it. Save yourself some time and do something right from the start.

What is the purpose of your design? Is your design speaking about your brand? Make the features represent your brand integrity.

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2. Make a Responsive Website

One of the necessities of this age is responsive website design. Most of the websites are going mobile, you also need to think of mobile-friendly sites. As in 86% of the people nowadays do online shopping from their smartphones. This is the single element that you need to plan right from the start.

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3. Keep Everything Organized

An organized website will help users browse through your website with ease. If there is a proper hierarchy of things in the design, it will help you to convert users into customers. Keep the design clean. Make sure your search bar is at the front. And most importantly make sure that your categories are well organized.

4. Content is the King

What is the first thing you notice when you visit a website? The design? The usability? Of course, these are necessary factors, but if you do not put some valuable content out there you won’t engage your user, and if the user is not engaged you won’t be able to give your user any reason to use your service.

Content is one thing that can influence your user to trust you. If you are able to understand the problem of your user and make it clear on the website that you are the best at solving their problem, they will surely use and refer to your service.

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5. Keep it Simple

This is not a cliche. Simplicity rocks big time.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ~Albert Einstein

It is so easy to create a website that is top-notch, but what takes effort is to simplify that website so that the end-user can find what they are looking for.

Your goal should be to make everything simple.

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6. Think Long Term

While some of the users are still using Internet Explorer to check websites, it is wise to think about those users too. You need to make your website a destination for everyone. No matter the culture, the color, or the education of the user, if you really want to get most of the people, make the site for everyone.

From desktop to smartphones, from Mac to iPhone. Make your website work on every device.

7. Yes, Web listings still Count

Yes, it is true. The directories still get the things done. You need to make sure you are out there in all the major directories. Do search for local and global directories and list your website there.

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8. Launch the beta version

As an Entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to fail a lot. But that doesn’t mean I should stop trying. To be an Entrepreneur means trying everything you can and see what is working for you.

Even if you don’t know your product will work or not, launch the beta version first.

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9. Keep SEO in mind

Make sure that your website is listed in Google. Make effort to create backlinks. Add alt tags to all your images. Analyze your website with Google Webmaster and see where it needs improvement.

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10. Avoid stock photography

Of course, you can buy images and put them on your website. But what really intrigues the user, is the real-life images.

It is best to avoid the stock photos and go for real-life photos that relate to your business.

In Conclusion

Solid website design offers three things: Focus, talent, and planning. If you really want to leave a solid impression on your user, you need a solid website. You need to design a website that leaves a good impression on the end-user.

The design is no longer just a luxury but a necessity, and it has become a global standard that companies should always keep up with. To sum it up, an attractive, fast, and user-friendly web design will do wonders for your business. Make a few changes and watch your business expand!

Let us know your feedback about tips for designing a website for startups, how it should be? Give your answer in below comment section.

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