Pressure Cooker Buying Guide – All You Should Know Before Buying Yours


It must be said that a pressure cooker is a time saver especially when you are running short of time. It takes a few minutes to have your food ready for consumption; however, high pressure is required for this to happen.

A pressure cooker can withstand up to 15 pounds or high temperatures of 121 degrees centigrade. This is the reason why I recommend people to use a pressure cooker made of high-quality and heavy-gauge steel since the high temperatures can be hazardous if the pressure cooker is not made of strong material or if it is not designed to handle such temperatures.

A pressure cooker that has all the great features or components but built on poor quality materials is of no use in this case.

Read below to know how to buy a pressure cooker that will serve your purpose.

1. Identify the reason of buying a pressure cooker

Upgrading your kitchen with a pressure cooker is one of the best things you can do. In the past, pressure cookers were not a thing to be mentioned as everyone used to think that these kitchen appliances are prone to explosions.

However, the pressure cookers on the market today are designed with a consideration of safety and convenience. You will agree with me that pressure cookers are time savers since they can cook faster and can cook delicious meals in a few minutes.

a) Save time and money

As seen above, a pressure cooker takes a few minutes to have your delicious meals ready for consumption. This saves one’s time. Also a pressure cooker requires less energy thus saving money.

b) Healthier cooking

If you compare coking with other types of cooking and a pressure cooker, you will notice that a pressure cooker requires less water than the other means of cooking. The less the water the more the vitamins and minerals are retained which is good for our health. Moreover, since a pressure cooker does not allow exposure to air while cooking there is no oxidation of nutrients experienced in the food.

c) The excess heat is good as it kills micro-organisms

Since a pressure cooker generates more heat while cooking, the most harmful bacteria and viruses are killed which make your meals safe from bacteria and germs.

d) To spare some space

You are thinking of how to add other appliances in the countertop but with a pressure cooker, all is settled. A pressure cooker can serve as a pot and a pan. You can use it to cook a variety of meals so you don’t have to add other appliance which saves you some space.

2. Safety features

Safety in your kitchen is paramount and therefore it is crucial to buy a pressure cooker that is designed with numerous safety features. Thankfully, today’s pressure cookers are designed with a consideration of safety and convenience unlike the cookers of the past.

In case the pressure goes above the required limit, the latest pressure cookers are designed with a mechanism to push out the steam via a valve which produces a “hiss” sound in the process.

3. Size of the pressure cooker matters

The size of the pressure cooker is also another important aspect in the long run. Pressure cookers come in different sizes, the sizes range from a 4 quarter cooker, 6 quarter to 8 quarter. A 4 quarter cooker will accommodate less cooking than a 6 quarter or 8 although it its price is lower than the other two.

However, it will depend on the amount of food you will be cooking using your pressure cooker and this takes you back to the number of people who will be taking the food. Therefore, if you are many in your family and you all eat the same meal; you will need a bigger pressure cooker which is either the 6 quarter or 8.

4. Easy to use features

It is worth noting that a pressure cooker can be unsafe when used incorrectly, therefore ensure to buy a pressure cooker with simple to use features and well- placed pressure indicators for ease of locking and safety.

5. Maintenance friendly

Like any other kitchen appliances, a pressure cooker requires maintenance every now and then in terms of cleaning. A pressure cooker that is made of high-quality steel and aluminum that cannot catch moisture or trap smells is a good kitchen appliance to buy.

However, you should always use the manufacturer’s manual when using, cleaning and maintaining your pressure cooker so as to get better results.

6. An electric or a stove top pressure cooker?

They are all pressure cookers and they serve one purpose to help you prepare your meals, and it all depends on what meals you will be preparing on your pressure cooker, however, an electric pressure cooker is more convenient than a stovetop pressure cooker in that it is designed with few buttons so it is an easy to use kitchen appliance.

Also, when your food is ready, it will automatically switch off but your food will remain warm until serving.

On the other hand, a stovetop pressure cooker is more of manual in that you will be required to be around to control heat although it comes in large range sizes which can suit your family size.

7. Your spending power

This is in terms of the amount you want to spend on your pressure cooker. It is good to note that a buying a pressure cooker is also an important investment but don’t go beyond your budget.

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