Increase Conversion Rate through Social Media Tactics In 2024

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If you go to the shopping market and see how people are making purchases, you would realize that some shops are more popular than the others. This is mainly because they have a better reputation and share a trustworthy bond with their customers. The same is the case with online brands and websites.

If you have an online brand and customers rely on you, you would not face any tough challenges for getting traffic and better conversion rates. It all depends on what people think about your brand and the perception that they have in their minds. If they have a negative feeling about your products and services, it would obviously be hard to convince them.

Being active on social media is something that pays off definitely, and it’s always beneficial to assess your social media growth with some awesome online tools. This will help you to improve your social media strategy.

Brands that have a good social media existence get increased conversions in a quick time. However, it is not only about having a social media presence. People these days prefer communicating with the brands they choose. This is where social media comes into play.

Through social media platforms, brands can communicate properly with the brands that they prefer. With social media as a key platform, customers can inform brands about the preferences that they have. In an overall manner, this obviously helps the brand in terms of growth.

  • To get a good social media rank, it is important to follow the right tips and techniques. Simply creating a page and posting product pictures is not all that needs to be done. Being active on social media platforms is key.

Using the right social media methods can take your brand to the skies within no time.

1. Regularly interact with the targeted audience

Through social media, companies can interact with their customers on a global scale. This has a positive as well as a negative aspect. For instance, customers getting in touch with a brand through a social media page may have different time zones.

One way to respond to the customers at all times is to hire a 24/7 customer support team. This is obviously not a cost-effective option for a lot of brands. Another option is to get programmed bots that can entertain customer queries whenever the need is there.

Today, people send messages through Facebook messages and they expect instant replies. Delaying customer responses can prove to be a big negative aspect of brand growth. Thus, to grow in terms of brand reputation, you need to make sure that customer queries are answered in the shortest possible time span.

When customers see that their questions are being answered in a quick time, loyalty to the brand is developed in their minds. On the other hand, if you do not respond to customer queries, it would be quite hard to develop a brand identity.

Most customers get very irritated when they do not get responses to their queries and messages. They obviously construct the opinion that the brand does not care much about customer queries. Brand owners need to prevent this perception from being built.

2. Regularly updated content is a fuelling component

We drive our cars on a daily basis and the fuel tank needs to be filled whenever the need is there. We obviously cannot fill the tank once and keep driving. The same is the strategy for publishing web content. To engage the customers at all times, regularly updated content has to be published.

Most brands that fail to grow online have content development issues. Instead of quality written content, their social media pages are filled with sharp-colored banners and images. Thus, due to a lack of quality content, they fail to construct a relationship with the customers.

If you think that having a Facebook page is only about posting images, you need to correct your perception. To interact with serious buyers, adding regular posts is important.

It is not necessary to stuff each post with product-related information only. Apart from adding information related to what you offer, you can add some casual conversation to the post as well. Social media is a wonderful method to interact with customers.

However, brands need to make sure that the content on social media accounts is up to the mark. Whether it is adding infographics, text content, promotional content or product images, the customer should find it interesting. The moment it clicks for him, you would see the conversion count increasing.

There are no shortcuts to preparing quality social media content. The key priority is that the content should be according to the needs of the targeted audience. Thus, you should always have targeted customers in mind even before the brand is initiated.

For instance, if your target audience is young females, the content would have a certain layout and a specific tone would be used. Similarly, if you are writing content for middle-aged men, the tone and content research would not be the same.

This is because the preferences of the two customer types would be a different. Once you have understood the requirements of the targeted audience, advance to the next step.

What kind of information should be provided through social media? Do not clutter your social media accounts with corporate profiles and company history because that is not what customers look forward to.

Through social media accounts, customers seek new promotions, product snapshots, and other related content. Thus, it is important to update social media accounts with fresh content at all times. Reputed brands have a dedicated content development team to beef their social media accounts with fresh content at all times.

When people find fresh material on social media pages, they post positive comments and likes. In addition to that, regular customers would also share your content on their accounts. This would obviously help the brand is getting more popularity.

3. Handle each social media profile with the correct strategy

Every social media profile has a different methodology in terms of posting content. Brand owners should know how each social media account has to be handled. For instance, when you talk about Facebook, the ideal content should be a combination of text and images.

Use your creativity while drafting a Facebook post. You need to remember that the first impression is the last impression. If the reader reads the first few lines and figures out that the content is not interesting, he would make an exit right that minute.

On the other hand, if the post comprises unique related content, the output would be very different. What you are providing as the content is also a key parameter. For instance, a good post should not include redundant information because this can cause boredom for the user. Make sure that only the key points are being mentioned.

Visual information has a much bigger impact than written text as it creates a better impression in the mind of the viewer. People are more inclined towards images because they look more colorful and creative. However, images posted should be related to the products and company profiles.

In the case of Instagram, it is not about adding written text. Your targeted audience would only view the Instagram account of your brand to check images. To get the best response and improved conversion rates, the image quality should be top-notch. Other than that, make sure that you are posting actual product images and not ones with major editing.

When you are posting content on Twitter, you need to keep a check on the word count. Twitter has a word count limitation. People visiting your brand’s Twitter account would mostly give a glimpse. Make sure your tweets are not overly promotional. Keep the tone conversational and catchy.

Marketing method and implementation

Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can start working on the content. This means that you will be working with the channels now. You can create a concrete list of things you can do in order to meet your goals. Start with what is known as paid marketing. You can create content and choose to share it organically or through paid promotion.

Whatever you pick, it is completely on you. Likewise, you can do more content in terms of engaging posts. This completely depends on your client’s goals. It may be that you want to leverage video content or blog posts. It may be that you feel like Facebook is not the right platform for you.

You may also want to switch social media platforms. If you are a B2B business, chances are LinkedIn will work better for you than anything else. Likewise, you will be doing content on Pinterest if that is what works for your business. It varies from customer to customer.

Once you have your strategy in place, you need to start implementing it. See the results. See if there is any way you would want to make any changes. Grow with the strategy.


In the earlier days, social media was merely a method of entertainment in the free time but things are drastically different now. Today, it is a highly dependable platform for digital marketing. Companies spend a good sum of their marketing budget on social media marketing. However, simply spending money is not enough. It is important to consider the interests of the customers at all times.

Social media accounts should never have outdated content. Customers develop an interest in a brand only when there is something new to read at all times. This does not mean that substandard information should be uploaded only to fulfill the requirement of refreshing content.

For instance, when a new Facebook post is being uploaded, social media managers working for the brand should be sure that no information is being repeated or comprised outdated facts.

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