10 Ways To Save Time On Your Social Media

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The saying goes “Social Media Never Sleeps”. When you come to think of it then the amount of time the average person spends on social media, checking messages, posting updates, commenting, liking, scheduling updates, replying to messages can astound you.

According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Report “A Significant 64% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours and 41% for 11 or more hours weekly. It is also interesting to note that almost 19% of marketers spend more than 20 hours each week on social media”.

Social media management is definitely a challenging task and keeping up with the incessant activity on social media can be a painstakingly and time-consuming process. If you have other major responsibilities besides managing the social media movement of your business, then you could end up becoming frustrated and pressed for time.

Given below are some simple yet highly effective ways to help you save time while you are managing social media for your business.

1. Plan a Social Calendar

You should plan out your posts for a period of a month well beforehand. This could be the actual content of the posts or ideas for them. When you have a schedule n front of you then it becomes easier to follow it and stay organized.

2. Have your content team sourced

You do not have to come up with all the original content for your posts and updates on your own. Ask your team to come up with interesting content ideas. Your team members could tweet using a hashtag relevant content using their own social media accounts. Finally, as a social media manager, you will be in a position to re-tweet your team’s content and thus generate more interactions.

3. Create templates for posts

You should create templates for kinds of posts you will be using and format for them. For instance, a news post, a suggestions post or a repost. When you have a ready list of the kinds of posts then it is much easier to come up with the create unique and interesting ideas when you need them.

4. One place for all images

When all your posts related images are in one place then you can save a lot of time. You could use Dropbox to upload images and there are other such apps to store images such as Postmore, an iPhone app. This is great for when you are working with a team and they are looped into source photos in one place.

5. A well-maintained content library

It will serve you good to maintain a spreadsheet or file of all articles related to your brand, product or industry. This may include any press your company or product may have received, articles from your company blog, articles from your team or helpful articles related to your industry. This will save time when you want to post relevant content and must do it in a hurry.

6. Make a habit of bookmarking content

Always bookmark articles, notes that you like and go back to them when you want to post. Pocket App is a convenient app which lets you tag and sort based on topics. This way you always have a truckload of content and articles when you are ready to post or update and you do not have to scramble in the last minute.

7. Understand that scheduling is very important

You should understand that unless a business makes sales every few hours, there is nothing to share. Marketers today share content too many times a day and this may come across as “watering their own brand”. The adage- Don’s speak unless you have something to say” holds very true in the social media scene.

Understand that scheduling is very important-

8. A handwritten to-do list will go a far way

People who write down all that they must do daily are more prone to sticking to goals and managing their time better. You should make your list of to-do things and jot down things for basically three categories. The first one being- things you must get done each and every day, this could include responding to comments from your followers.

The second being- things that need your attention, but they are not very urgent, like exploring new social webpages and websites. The third being- things you can do if you have extra time on your hands and these will change depending on the specifics of your position. try and stick to completing tasks that you have written for each day and whatever you cannot complete will get transferred to the next day.

9. Build a schedule

Devote 15 to 20 minutes each day to respond to all of your posts, updates queries about your brand or product. If you do a daily check-in this way, then you can definitely stay on top of your social media accounts without being overwhelmed by them.

10. Write down ideas then and there

You will not believe how many times social media marketers have forgotten ideas that came to them in the course of the day and they did not write them down. It is a very good habit to write down ideas then and there and then go back to explore or develop them when you are free.

Do not hesitate to pull out your phone and jot down whatever idea you just had. This way when it is time for you to curate content then you have a treasure box of interesting and new ideas in your phone.

Managing social media is a skill and you can acquire it with a little bit of practice and patience. You should follow the above-mentioned simple tips to make sure you save time and become a pro at managing the social media accounts for your business.

A change comes with effort and if you make that effort to make social media management simpler, then you definitely can be at the top of things. In case you need to need a social media aggregator application you might want to check Sprouter.