Your Blog Needs a Custom Mobile App: Here Are 9 Reasons Why

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Think you’ve taken your blog as far as it can go? Think again. Here’s why your next step should be an awesome custom mobile app.

Did you know you can turn your blog into an app?

Most bloggers assume that mobile apps are marketing assets for businesses alone. But, it’s possible to turn even a DIY WordPress blog into an app — and to do so in seconds.

So, what is the value of generating a custom mobile app for your blog? In this post, we look closely at the reasons why your blog needs an app this year.

Your Blog Needs a Custom Mobile App

Read on for insight!

1. Stay Competitive

There are approximately 31.2 million bloggers in the U.S. alone. This number is expected to increase to 31.7 million by 2020.

Most bloggers are keen to generate a large readership.

It is, after all, possible to make a living off of blogging alone. What’s more, readership plays a vital role when it comes to generating substantial blogging income.

So how can you stay competitive as a blogger and acquire the readership you crave? Generate a custom mobile app!

In this digital age, staying competitive in any industry requires harnessing the power of all available technologies. It also means making yourself — and your content — as accessible as possible.

When you turn your blog into a mobile app, you are making the most of competitive technology. You are also making your content accessible.

After all, there were over 178 billion mobile app downloads in 2017. Craft an app to stand out within your blogging community.

2. Mobile Users

Over 77% of Americans have a smartphone of some kind. For this reason, mobile access to content is especially important.

You may already be catering to mobile users. Responsive design and other mobile-friendly elements can make it easier for smartphone and tablet users to access your content.

But this may not be sufficient. When users can visit your blog via an app, they have yet another opportunity to engage with your content on-the-go — and in a failproof way.

Don’t neglect your mobile audience! Turn your blog into an app to grant them the access they require.

3. It’s Cost-Effective

Anyone can create an app without spending a dime. Even if you front some dollars to transform your blog into an app, the investment will be minimal (and with a high ROI).

As a blogger, you may be wary of expenditures, especially when it comes to marketing. Yet the bulk of basic app development is ultimately kind to your wallet.

You can even use a WordPress plugin to create a blogging app!

4. Reach Your Readers Instantly

In app form, your blog is always at your readers’ fingertips — literally! The value of instantaneous engagement in this regard cannot be emphasized enough.

When you turn your blog into an app, you give your content a chance to be where your readers are, all day and every day. This means that your readers can engage with your content sooner and more efficiently.

Such instant engagement can expand your overall readership, retain existing readers, and ensure that your freshest posts never go unnoticed.

5. Apps Outperform Responsive Sites

Responsive design makes web content flexible, according to the type of device used to access a certain site.

Responsively designed websites will adapt to fit specific screen sizes. This ensures that readers from all devices can experience all aspects of your amazing content, without sacrificing quality.

Most bloggers assume that responsive sites are enough to accommodate a diverse audience. But mobile apps actually outperform responsive sites, especially when it comes to mobile access. Your readers will likely prefer to use an app (rather than your site) to access your content.

It’s still imperative to have a responsive site. But adding an app to the mix is most likely to please all readers, tapping in from all devices.

6. Broaden Your Reach

There are many things that you can do as a blogger to expand your readership. Identifying your ideal reader certainly helps.

Optimizing your content for terms your ideal reader is likely to search for can also help. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Yet the internet is not your only marketplace for potential readers. Mobile app users constitute an equally vast audience.

Expand your reach further than the internet itself by crafting a custom mobile app for your blog. Broadening your reach in this regard can be exactly what you need to get thousands of new eyes on your content.

7. Boost Actual Site Traffic

Mobile apps can also act like marketing funnels. They can captivate new readers, driving more traffic to your actual blog.

You may already have similar “funnels” in place. You may send out a newsletter, for example, or make heavy use of social media.

A custom app can leverage these other efforts, driving web traffic and even income (if you use your blog for that purpose).

8. Cultivate a Brand

Remember that belief that only businesses looking to market themselves generate apps?

Businesses use custom mobile apps to support their brand image. You can do exactly the same thing as a blogger.

When you have a custom app, you demonstrate the power of your brand. Apps can put some punch behind your logo and show your audience that you are serious.

Cultivating an authentic brand can retain existing readers and help in your efforts to acquire more.

9. Get Reader Insights

Mobile apps give developers a chance to gain valuable insights about readers. Through app analytics, you can learn more about your readership.

Such insights can be valuable when tailoring future blog content. It can also help you make needed changes to your content and your site itself.

Such data can be hard to acquire by analyzing web traffic alone. Leverage your readership insights by translating your blog into an app.

Your Blog Needs a Custom Mobile App

Why does your blog need a custom mobile app? Easy.

Turn your blog into an app in order to leverage existing marketing efforts, retain current readers, and acquire new followers.

You can also use your blogging app to get fresh reader insights and cultivate a solid brand image. By elevating your own accessibility, you stay competitive in an industry that keeps on growing.

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