Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up Website Using These Ten Methods

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Your website is an essential business advertising tool for your business. It should be functional and appealing at the same time. Your website speed plays the biggest role while advertising your business online.

However, some websites are so slow to load that they put off visitors and they do not want to visit the site again. The business loses customers and fails to optimize the use of its website. So here’s are the ultimate guide on how to improve website speed.

10 Tips to Increase Website Speed

If you are a business owner, you must ensure that you have a fast loading website. The pages should load very fast so that your web visitors are happy. Given below are ten tips via which you can accelerate the speed of your website –

1. Server

You should ensure that you have the right hosting server for your business website. Make sure that the configuration you choose is professional. Check whether the server has sufficient space for your needs.

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2. Optimize cache

When you are looking for ways to increase website speed, optimize cache requests in your local browser. This will avert useless server requests.

3. Incorporate Ajax

When you use Ajax for your website browser, you can extract data without the need to refresh the web page. Ajax will make the speed of your website faster, and while the user is still going through mobile content, it fills in the page once a request for an update is made.

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4. JavaScript

The parsing of JavaScript slows down your website speed. You can ask your web developers to check this feature and request them to defer parsing of the unnecessary tags or script so that the speed of your website pages increases and your website is optimized.

5. Get rid of redirects

You might not know, but redirects take a lot of processing time for your website. It is crucial for you to serve the site directly to web users.

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6. Use less style and Java Sheets

Here you should remove all the characters that are not needed from the source code without affecting the functionality of the site. It is crucial all the JavaScript and style sheets that you use for your website should be reduced to improve website caching and the consumption of bandwidth.

7. Incorporate HTML5 and CSS3 to Speeding Up Website

Both the HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks are very light, and they help you to load the site faster. CSS3 has several features that include animations, rounded corners, text and box shadows, animations, etc., that makes it one of the most preferred choices for a faster website.

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8. Reduce the size of Images

Web experts say that when it comes to speeding up your website, reduce the size of the images you use for your business site. It makes sense if you optimize and resize your images to generate faster loading of website pages.

If you use high-resolution images for your website, you will find that they will load slower as they take up a lot of time to process. High-resolution images absorb greater bandwidth. It is prudent for you to keep images under 100KB so that the website speed increases.

9. Content Delivery Network

You can improve the load time of your website when you use the content delivery network. The CDN helps you to increase the speed of your website content as it delivers the content to a user based on geographical location.

A good example of a CDN is Amazon CloudFront that reduces the loading time of website pages.

10. Reduce the plugins you use for your website

Remember when you use too many plugins on your site you will find technical and security issues that even make your website crash. It is vital for you to deactivate and take out any unnecessary plugins that you have on your site. This will increase the speed of your website with success.

If you wish to speed up the website, keep the above tips in mind. Ask experts to help you as once you improve the speed of your website, lead, and business conversions increase multifold. Users also love fast-loading websites, and they keep on coming back to them.

Google says that the speed of your web page plays a key role when it comes to the user experience of your business site. It also has a large impact on the AdWords Quality Score. It is prudent for you to check the speed of the website as a slow website speed will affect potential sales and business profits.

Check your website page speed at google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Ensure that your site loads fast to make shoppers happy and reduce your bounce rate- this will help you to increase business conversions to a large extent.

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