What is Parallax Design?

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As user attention spans continue to shrink, web designers have no choice but to become creative. Parallax design elements tend to keep users on a page for a longer amount of time, but know if the design’s features aren’t a silver bullet.

Before choosing to incorporate parallax scrolling into your personal or business website, review some of this background information. Now check what is parallax design.

What is Parallax Design

It is very likely that you have encountered parallax web design throughout your online travels. Parallax sites incorporate imagery more than text and employ animation, flat design, and single-page long-scrolling.

They frequently captivate audiences with an engaging visual narrative that leads to the user scrolling continuously down the page.

The effect is created by using two elements. The first element is a background that remains consistent, but that scrolls more slowly than the foreground.

As the foreground visuals change and move, and as the background remains slow and constant, users experience a greater sense of depth. The effect is as close to three-dimensional viewing as a user can get on a two-dimensional screen.

What are the Benefits of Parallax Design?

As users view the site’s imagery, they are able to control scrolling elements which then leads to greater interaction and engagement.

The site’s minimal use of words and text tends toward a highly professional and polished atmosphere.

Organizations that employ parallax design elements are frequently creative in nature or promote visuals over services.

Arts organizations, advertising and marketing firms, real estate sites, restaurants, hair salons, tattoo parlors, and tech/gaming companies are examples of the types of organizations that benefit from parallax web design.

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When is Parallax Design Problematic?

Mobile users might experience difficulty viewing and interacting with long-scrolling parallax sites. Though this problem is easing as gains are made in responsive technology, this can still be problematic on older browsers.

Other site visitors might experience motion sickness as background and foreground move at different speeds.

Other problems involving the incorporation of parallax design elements into a site are similar to problems that typically plague user experience designers.

Regardless of scrolling techniques, designers must have a deep understanding of the organization’s intended audience.

For users who have limited time or who wish to find information in a direct and intuitive manner, parallax design can be frustrating.

Users with older and slower browsers will experience difficulties with the site. And organizations that rely on textual messaging might have difficulty adjusting their messages for visually intense parallax design.

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Fortunately an organization or individual does not have to invest heavily in order to experiment with parallax design. WordPress is a parallax-ready platform that offers templates and guides for users regardless of design experience.

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Parallax Design WordPress Themes

There are many free or premium parallax WordPress themes that can brighten up your website with a parallax effect.

All are easy to manage and customize. Some features to consider when choosing themes are responsiveness across devices, SEO features, and quality of visuals.

For those who want to experiment with elements of parallax design without relying completely on visuals or single-page layout, then choosing a theme with drag-and-drop content options as well as multiple content types and a flexible layout is a must.

If you are just getting started then consider the Simple theme that is appropriate for corporations, small businesses, and organizations. This design is responsive and photo-friendly.

Since one drawback of parallax design is limited textual content, an SEO-friendly theme like Simple is a good choice.

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If you are using WordPress, you should try the WordPress themes that have the Parallax effect by CyberChimps’ Theme Store. These tried and tested WordPress themes will suit all your needs for creating a website and will help you achieve perfection.

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Parallax Pro – Best Parallax WordPress Theme

Best Parallax Design - Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro is a responsive WordPress Theme with the parallax effect that lets you create impressive websites. With full-width background images that scroll elegantly with the page, you can create a beautiful homepage.

Employ slider on top of the background image that comes with parallax effect. This theme comes up with parallax options for every element so that you can have different images for each element like the slider, portfolio, boxes, and product Elements.

Altitude – A WordPress Business Theme with Parallax Header Image


Altitude is a pleasant WordPress theme suitable for bloggers. It is a 100% responsive, trendy WordPress theme that comes up with a mobile-first design.

This WordPress blog theme design has various customization options for live theme options, a beautiful parallax header image, custom logo, typography options, and much more. Integrated with SlideDeck3, this theme will help your website’s content.

Hot Oven – Restaurant WordPress Theme with Parallax Background


Hot Oven is a Restaurant WordPress theme that is specially designed for restaurants, cafes, takeaway, bakeries, etc.

This SEO-friendly WordPress theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and is wholesome with all the necessary sections of a restaurant website – Restaurant Menu, Testimonials, Order Now, Upcoming Events and Contact Form.

The most amazing feature of this theme is HomePage with an attractive parallax background image and slider effect.

Parallax design can be a wise choice for an organization or for a user as the features are engaging and help businesses stand out from the rest. If you have any questions about what is parallax design then let us know by commenting in the below comment box.

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