How To Build A Brand Using Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

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For starters, one should be clear with the fact that brand building is no joke. It requires time, patience, consistency, and a lot of creativity. Brands that today are at the top have waited long and worked hard to gain the consumer trust and the reputation they currently enjoy.

However, the time has changed, and so are the ways of brand building. Fifteen years from today, a brand would require a lot of money to invest in branding and marketing.

But today with the presence of social media and its amazing channels, startups can save all the money and pursue successfully amidst the budget crunch.

Though branding via social media is cost-effective and straightforward, it has a specific success mantra of its own. That if not followed would not fetch you desired branding results.

Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Build A Brand Using Social Media

1. Value all platforms

First, don’t restrict yourself to a particular channel. Go far and wild into the social media world to come in the eye of prospective buyers. Just because you are more active on a specific channel doesn’t mean your audience too, is restricted till that point.

Therefore, create your brand profile on every known channel like – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. As an added advantage, a far-flung presence over social media portrays you as a trusted and loyal brand.

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2. Build a uniform identity

Once you have established your brand across different social media channels, it’s time now to build and take it forward. An important thing to note here is that whatever you post should remain consistent across all channels.

Be it graphics, content, color scheme, style, or anything else. Posts across all social media platforms should be in-line with one another and portray your brand essence to its best.

Also, maintain a posting routine (like many YouTubers are doing), so that your followers know what to expect for the day.

3. Design a logo that reflects who you are

A logo is an integral part of marketing, be it on- or off social media. Why? Because it goes on every post and content you create and will be your visual identity for the clients.

When creating a logo, don’t just concentrate on its aesthetic beauty but also take note of its intellect quotient. That is, your logo should be in sync with your band’s ideology.

It should represent what it stands for. For this, you can look for online logo maker tools. My go-to site for all the designing work is Canva. You can also trust this tool for all your designing needs.

4. Pay attention to post timing and content

Brands often don’t pay attention to matters like when and what to post? The question is often ignored and is believed not to have much impact on social media following.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not the case. In fact, most brands lose their followers to such matters. Remember, always post relevant content, something that interests and benefits your user.

As for the timing, remember two things:

  • Post content at a time when your users are most active (take help of Google Analytics) and
  • Don’t post too frequently, it appears needy and clingy.

You can read here the best timings to post on social media.

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5. Opt for a color scheme smartly

Like the content that goes on social media posts, website, or brochure. The color scheme accompanying all should also be well-thought beforehand.

That’s because color plays a significant role in forming a brand’s personality and aura. Different colors have a disparate impact on the audience like white depicts calm, red excitement, blue trust, and so on.

Also, keep the color tone the same across all online and offline marketing material. It creates a sense of connection and instant brand recognition.

6. Be more relatable with the ‘human touch’ factor

Corporate talks work well in the boardroom or with investors. But when it’s your followers or clients, it’s best to keep the conversation as natural and flowy as possible.

First, be prompt to reply to any inquiry, complaint, or review. Second, try and include humour and casual dialogues. It all gives your brand a personality and makes it more relatable.

Also, you never know with such personal and witty replies you soon become the talk of the digital marketing world.

7. Give behind the scene glimpse to clients

Let your customers know what goes behind the scene, how you work, resource, or who are your employees. This helps a brand connect with the clients better.

Take, for example, Forest Essential, the luxury beauty brand, every once in a while post about how they manufacture their products and source raw material. It creates trust and makes the consumer inquisitive about the product.

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Summing it all up

Social media is a great tool to increase visibility and develop a strong and loyal customer base. But this cost-effective and user-friendly tool should be used strategically and smartly to gain maximum traction.

With so many startups popping out each day and all relying on social media for growth, you should do things differently while following the marketing mantras mentioned above.

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