8 WordPress Plugins to Share Post on Social Media Automatically

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Sharing content on social media is important. It helps brands reach out to their audience and cater to them. The content can generate attention, make the heads roll and contribute to brand building. In fact, stats suggest how social media publishing has driven visibility, sales, and revenues for many businesses.

However, posting manually on social media can take a lot of time, particularly when you do this task regularly. It also leads to the loss of valuable resources and impacts the ROI. So, what is the solution then? Well, there are the best WordPress plugins and tools that can help you share posts on social media automatically.

You can benefit from these tools and let them handle the all-important publish task on autopilot. In the process, you keep the resources free and help the business grow.

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Best WordPress Plugins to Share Post on Social Media

1. HYPESocial – Buffer PRO

Use this powerful plugin to automate your social media sharing. You can now schedule, customize and manage all your social media posts and shares easily.

Managing posts and share is smooth now with you just have to use the WP admin dashboard for the task. In fact, it gives you the option to share posts and pages.

It automates all your social media shares and saves a great deal of time along the way. Plus, you will enjoy easy set-up and some amazing features with the plugin.

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2. WP to Twitter

This free plugin gives you the freedom and option to share your post on Twitter. You can decide which post to share and which not. In fact, it can share your new articles when they are fresh.

A button is there and you can click on it to let the post/s get published on Twitter in an easy manner. In fact, you can also decide when the tweet to be re-posted and how many times as well.

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3. CoSchedule

How about synchronizing your blog posts with social media messages in a hassle-free manner? Try this plugin and take your post/s to all major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The plugin comes fitted with a calendar to let you select the days and hours for scheduling the posts for sharing purposes. In fact, it takes just a few clicks to customize the calendar and boost the potential and reach of your posts across social networks.

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4. Revive Old Post

As the name suggests, this plugin is developed to share old and new articles and posts on social media automatically. It also brings the option of sharing articles at specific time intervals to leverage social networks perfectly.

You can use the plugin to customize the intervals between shares and can also decide the number of posts to publish daily. Made to work with all major social platforms, you can set it up and track the traffic as well in Google Analytics.

5. NextScripts

This free plugin is very helpful for those looking to have the freedom to decide what and when to publish. It lets you choose things too, and not to, publish; it also helps you decide when to publish.

In fact, it also enables scheduling where one can set specific hours and days for their posts to be shared. Apart from delaying your posts, this plugin can also do auto-imports social media comments and mentions.

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6. Social Auto Poster

Try this premium plugin which helps you with auto-sharing and also gives the option to customize everything about it. You can publish new posts and older ones automatically in a simple manner.

More importantly, it brings the feature of custom scheduling so that you can decide on days and hours for posting purposes. Similarly, it’s meant for all major platforms and does not limit the use of multiple social media accounts.

7. AccessPress Social Auto Post

Want to share your website content on social medial automatically? Try this premium plugin and go about the task easily. It even offers more options, including the ability to select the content for auto posting and setting social media profiles where content sharing is proposed.

Plus, it lets you use as many social accounts you have without any restrictions. You can even choose the post formats, set auto-posting for new articles, and use discretion for any posts.

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8. Microblog Poster

This plugin helps you add a new dimension to auto-publishing on social media. It works well with sharing of new posts as well as allowing re-sharing of old ones. Plus, it does not limit the use of multiple accounts on social networks and enables posting on them all.

After sharing, it also lets you filter the posts by categories and tracks the logs to know about the entire auto-posting process. This is how you can boost the reach of your posts across social networks and leverage offshore WordPress development to grow your business.

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