10 Easy Steps To Get More Likes On Facebook Business Page

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Facebook is very popular not only for personal use but also for businesses. You could see a lot of brands that out that utilize the power of Facebook to reach out to consumers from all over the world.

Facebook has as much as 2.07 billion monthly active users, and it’s a good idea to tap as much of this user as you can by being robust on your Facebook advertising strategy.

Because of Facebook’s popularity and its vast potential for digital marketing, it is considered the most effective social media marketing platform. On many different studies and surveys, like the one from the American Marketing Association, Facebook is still the biggest social media network that marketers go to.

Indeed, Facebook marketing is a stage that you should not take for granted. You must make your brand shine through Facebook and take leverage on its benefits. Connect to its immense user-base.

There’s a lot of things that a brand can do through Facebook. About one of the most basic is to attract users to like your brand’s business page so they would be easily reached by all your Facebook campaigns. The question now is, how can you get more likes on your Facebook business page?

10 Easy Steps To Get More Likes On Facebook Business Page

Make your Facebook Page Discoverable

The very first thing that you should remember is that your Facebook page should be discoverable. Some brands make the mistake of limiting the discoverability of their page, putting them in the shadows.

A brand must be very visible. The profile picture, cover photo, the description must all bring about your brand. You also have the page info, the categories, and sub-categories. Include your website’s URL, too! You simply have to let the world know that this page really is the official Facebook business page of your brand and make it easy for consumers to find you.

It is worth adding the best description of your brand and what you can offer, your business address, store hours (if applicable), and contact information. And make sure the photos you will use are unique and can readily identify the brand.

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Update your Facebook Posts and Status Regularly

Consistency is key. Make sure that your Facebook page is active. If your page becomes inactive, your brand is going to be seen as lousy. Post more to gain more likes. For best results, post at least three times a week. As to what days, these may be, Facebook can let you know which days your audience is most active. Go to Insights, then Posts, and then When Your Fans Are Online.

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Posts Photos in Comments

Statistics show that photos simply get more likes than text posts. That being said, make sure that you frequently post photos, and when possible try to comment using photos too! Be serious when it comes to infographics and other images because these really get you more engagement, and it’s easier to share.

Use Social Calls-to-Action

In marketing, a call-to-action is very important. It’s a push to your audience on what they should do now that they have seen your material. Even in Facebook and other digital marketing platforms, your calls-to-action should be present.

Social Calls to Action

Your social call-to-action would usually along the lines of telling them to buy, or asking them to share, or inviting them to your site or your shop, or your other social media pages. Your marketing materials are there, and your audience would want to know what’s next so you should give them a push to know what they should do now.

Social calls-to-action should keep your audience engaged, and at the same time, suggestive of your purpose: for them to avail of your products and services. This will also make your impulsive buyers into lifelong customers.

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Improve your engagement

One good way to engage your audience is to converse with them. Respond to their comments, answer their messages, and address their questions. Your audience would appreciate it if you talk to them. They will feel acknowledged, and ultimately, they will feel engaged and connected.

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Run a Facebook Contest

This is very upfront but holding a contest asking people to like your Facebook page and your post would definitely earn you a lot of likes. Make sure to reward them though like by featuring a chosen person, or giving away prizes. You can benefit from the number of likes you’re garnered.

Invite your friends to like your Facebook Business Page

For small businesses, starting out with your friends is a good way to get more likes on your Facebook page. Invite your friends to like your Facebook business page and sooner or later, you would be connected to their friends as well. From then on, you are bound to get more likes as you network further.

Cross-Promote your Facebook Page

Cross-promotion can also be practiced on Facebook. You can reach out to an established page, and mutually promote each other so that you can both tap into each other’s followers. This is an effective and inexpensive way to network, and you can get a lot of likes in the process.

Run a Facebook Ad

Facebook can help your target audiences to reach out to a specific market segment through its paid ads. You will need to invest a bit of money but this will enable you to reach your ideal customers very easily. Reach those who are genuinely interested in your line of products and you will definitely earn the following you need.

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Use Facebook’s Algorithm to your Advantage

EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm, determines which content is shown on a user’s newsfeed. This is largely influenced by the content that a user is interested in. A user’s interest is determined by where he comments, likes, visits, and so on.

With EdgeRank, Facebook can help you reach out to your ideal customers. So again, categorize your page well, and also, don’t take a second thought on running an advertisement because it will truly be strategically targeted.

Work to Earn Likes on Facebook Page

Earning a lot of likes on Facebook entails a lot of work. So make sure that you do it well and you do it right. Follow our steps above and get the likes you deserve.

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