Why Going With Android for Business App Development Makes Sense

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The mobile app is a must for a business to thrive and grow in today’s market. The selection of an Android platform for your business app development makes some sense due to some reasons, and we have cited those in the current post.

Just like a website, the business also needs a mobile app to customize as per the needs to grab a vast audience available on the web.

User experiences and convenience thanks to the mobility factor of mobiles are things that enhance the adaptability of mobile applications among businesses.

Therefore, demands for business app development are growing at rocket speed. The mobile app development services market offers several choices to select a mobile OS platform and among those iOS by Apple Inc. and Android by Google Alliance are the leading platforms ruling over the mobile app world.

Android App Development

Thus, when you are going to develop a mobile business app, the developers ask you to make the choice of platform mostly out of these two leading platforms. Of course, your business acumen may force you to count the profitability before placing a final stamp of choice.

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In this regard, let me help you to make an informed decision.

Count Geographic of Your Target Audience

For a business, its target audience is a core thing to consider while doing anything to sustain, improve performance, or grow further.

Before the selection of your mobile app operating system, you should know the regional distribution of your target audience and which devices they use the most while carrying your business-related activities like shopping.

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Distribution of iOS vs. Android Worldwide

iOS vs. Android Worldwide

The map above illustrates the regional distribution of iOS and Android users worldwide.

  • Affluent (The first world) countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and several European countries have the majority of iOS users
  • Developed and developing nations have the majority of users using Android OS-powered devices.

If we look at the USA market and share of various smartphone operating systems, the picture is depicted as below.

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Distribution of iOS vs. Android in the USA

iOS vs. Android in the USA

A recent survey (during Dec 2016-17) in the USA has revealed the following statistic of smartphone operating system

  • iOS market share – 54.42%
  • Android market share – 45.04%
  • Windows market share – 0.21%
  • Unknown market share – 0.16%
  • Samsung market share – 0.05%
  • BlackBerry OS market share – 0.05%

Based on the above statistic, we can say that iOS is dominating the USA market but the lead is marginal against the Android share, and nearly half of the USA population is in favor of Android.

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If app development for Android is dominating the world smartphone OS share with more than 80% and also have covered the USA market with more than 45%, why should a business go to iOS app development unless its target audience consisting of iOS users predominantly?

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Compare the App Marketplaces

Developing your business mobile application on the Android platform is worthy thanks to its marketplace Google Play Store. If you see the comparison between two app stores, you may realize the fact.

 Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store
Ease of DeploymentDevelopers have to face strict procedures of approval that eat considerable time and resources.The easy procedure allows developers to experiment and get better opportunities.
Visibility Tagging system with a checkbox to mention keywords decreasing visibility.Apply its search engine capabilities to offer enhanced visibility.
Room for Product MarketingApple Inc. allows the upload of some screenshots and a bit of information that restricts the marketing opportunities.Google provides an overall depth to upload required images of the app, videos, and detailed descriptions to do effective marketing.
Charges for DevelopersApple Inc. demands $100 every year and proves expensive when the app is performing below the poverty line.Google charges $20 once only and encourages developers to publish as many as they can.


Benefits of Open Source

Android is an open platform supporting open-source OS, tools, and the entire ecosystem. Therefore, porting the Android application to other platforms like Symbian, BlackBerry, and Ubuntu is easygoing in all aspects.

Moreover, recent improvements in the tendencies of Microsoft Inc. are allowing support for porting to 10 devices of Windows platform is a big achievement for Android platform to expand the reach of your business apps developed on Android platform.

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Once upon a time iOS was king and rule over the app market. However, the improvements in the technology front, as well as the hard efforts of Google to nurture the marketplace by updating the Google Play Store have strengthened the Android ecosystem.

Therefore, it would be a wise step to go for Android when you think of a mobile business app. If you want to explore the Android platform with full capacities, an impeccable team of Android app developers is ready at SysBunny to serve your purposes.

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