7 Benefits Of Using A VPN Service


There are lots of VPN service providers and apps out there this means there is some advantage to use the VPN services.

A virtual private network [vpn]allows you to cloak your traffic from the eyes of the internet and it provides you more security.

The technology these days provided by VPN encrypts the signal so your connection to the internet is secured. VPN can change your IP address and can really show you to a different country.

However, it does reduce your speed by 20% but that’s ok if you consider the advantages which you are getting.

Benefits Of Using A VPN Service

1. Use Netflix and other streaming website even outside their native country

You know you cannot use some websites outside their native country because of their copyright agreements. So websites like Netflix and Pandora cannot broadcast their media outside the USA.

This means you cannot use Netflix outside and if you even try then the website will not open outside their native country. But if you use VPN service for Netflix unblocking and it enables you to choose a different IP of the different countries according to yourself.

You can choose different IP address and to make yourself appear in their native country. This will enable you to stream the banned content on your device. You can just manipulate the IP address and will show you to be in USA.

However, you need to configure your respective device to enable you of watching contents which are not available in your countries.

2. Use public Wi-Fi without any fear

If you are using public wireless internet connection then you should know that it’s not secure for confidential email. If you really want to send a secure email or do things without going unnoticed then a good VPN service would be best.

You just have to log in to your VPN service to get yourself secure even in a public wireless connection. This will make not only your emails secure but it camouflages you’re all activities.

3. Break the IP restriction

If you are in school or college then you would have noticed that some of the websites are blocked using IP based restriction. This can be irritative sometimes but if you use a VPN service that just it no worries about IP blocked websites.

VPN provides the other Gateway to the internet which let you browse without any boundaries and break the barriers of IP restrictions.

4. Download and upload files in privacy

You can easily download files without anyone knowing about it and hep you to hide all your upload and downloads from the tracking websites. This way you can download the files using P2P download privately as it lets you the download very easily and masquerades your IP address.

A VPN is peer to peer download master. If it lowers your bandwidth a little bit it also offers you option to go unnoticed by the authorities and websites.

5. You can pass the content surveillance

If you use VPN then your every move will be hidden by the website if they even track your move then it’s from some other country. This makes your internet browsing totally secure even you can view the contents that are blocked in your country.

The VPN encrypts the data and prevents and content surveillance to record your moves. If you live in restrictive countries then it’s your one-stop solution of getting all the contents of the internet without any content restrictions.

6. Hide your VOIP calls

If you are aware about that VOIP phone calls are easy to be traced and eavesdrop. Even new hackers are able to hack your VoIP phone calls without any much effort.

If you use VoIP phone calls too much then its would be a good option that you choose a good VPN service this enables you to give you VoIP phone calls security and no one would be able to hack your internet-based phone calls.

7. Use search engines without worrying about logs

If you use to do search engines creates a log of its various searches which you do over time on a respective website. If you use VPN then it hides your search result from a famous website like google and yahoo.

The VPN is an ultimate tool to masquerade your internet activity not only this it provides you more better security.There are paid VPN and Free VPN, paid VPN provide you more fast speed, security, and features but free VPN or free VPN servers only gives you limited options to use.

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