Upcoming Top Trends of eCommerce Web Development in 2018


Technology has paved the path for better shopping experience around the globe. The efforts made to go to the shop, buy stuff and spend the entire weekend roaming from one shop to another is slowly decreasing.

All the reputed brands are making their presence online inspiring the new ones to make an impact on the internet.

On the other hand, the customers are loving the fact that they get everything right on their doorstep without stepping outside and leaving their comfort zone.

These websites are easy to navigate and have a better user interface. Also, the need for mobile websites and applications are pacing up.

Due to the popularity of these online shops, the number of webshop agencies is also growing. The aim of such service providers is to provide improved services to their clients.

There are millions and millions of such eCommerce websites which are capable to attract as many customers they want.

This simply states that whoever wants to try their hands at making their brand name, they must study what is new in the market. In addition to this, staying updated with the modern trends will also be fruitful for their products and services.

Have a look at those eCommerce trends of 2018 given in detail.

Top Trends of eCommerce Web Development

Mobile is Influential

People prefer mobile phones than laptops. The shopping done with the help of smartphones has made new records boosting the revenues of the business around the world.

Therefore, the companies are happily including mobile services to improve their performance. The sale is going to improve further in 2018 according to the experts.

Anything to Delight the Customers

What if you get your desired product whenever you want? Sounds great, right? These websites already provide the feature of several payment options.

In addition to this, in the upcoming year, the customer can avail the services at the time they want. Also, the shipping features will get liberal. They are expected to make the delivery the same day in 24 hours.

This will give a new flexibility to the eCommerce world in 2018.

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Faster Loading and Better Layouts

Since the mobile companies are handling the charges of the mobile data well and are providing its customers with affordable services, the website development companies should be concerned regarding the loading speed of their mobile website.

The customers do not want to waste their data and time in loading the page and this will definitely be the area of action in 2018.

If the webpage has 100 products then turn the listing to 10 products per page. This will help in easy loading of the page.

Customers will soon cherish the animation feature

The animation is going to be the fun trend. The product of utilization will be showcased with its help. It will eventually make the user experience even better.

For all those businesses which are seriously involved in the eCommerce will definitely use animation on their websites.

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Voice Search will be more popular

It gets really tiring when you have to type the keywords to search the desired product. Voice search is an easy way which includes fewer efforts and advanced results.

This feature will definitely attract the users to the website. So, in 2018, search your favorite products without touching the keyboard or screen of your phone.

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Addition of Bright Colours

This design trend is going to be the major one in 2018. Bright colors will certainly bring more customers than expected.

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Feedbacks and reviews for upgraded service

This trend is going to be really effective in the upcoming year. It is estimated that online feedbacks and reviews are as important as customer recommendations for the users. So, it is undeniably an important feature to look for in 2018.

If you go through the above tips thoroughly, it can be said that the trends are really cool and the user will have fun shopping online.

But, from the competition point-of-view, it will take huge efforts to keep the e-commerce website up-to-date with all the upcoming trends to stay ahead in the game.

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