Top 10 eCommerce Web Design Trends for 2024

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When was the last time you personally went to buy something from the market? Maybe, today or yesterday.

When did you last use your Phone? Definitely today and maybe you are using it right now to read this blog.

The above questions were asked to you just to lead you right what you are thinking now, “eCommerce”, the mother of all businesses.

In the year 2024 eCommerce is responsible for generating $2 trillion worth of business and it’s expected to reach the staggering amount of $5 trillion by the year 2024. If you have just started an eCommerce website or are planning to build one then the most important thing is to stay relevant in this cut-throat market.

To do so you have to be familiar with the latest trends in web designing and also ready to incorporate them into your website to remain relevant and profitable.

Let’s dive into these latest eCommerce web design trends of 2024.

Latest eCommerce Web Design Trends of 2024

1. Voice-activated User Interface(VUI):

It has been proven in recent surveys that people love to buy things from apps rather than sites. With smartphones comes the most amazing feature, Voice-activated UI. VUI has been on the rise since its inception and is growing at Godspeed and taking all other technologies with it to new heights of success.

Using VUI in your eCommerce website will be multifold rewarding compared to the efforts needed to incorporate them. The majority of users of VUI and eCommerce both are youngsters which also happens to be the highest demographic of the population across the world. Blending both these entities to one will mean total reach to the entire world.

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2. Micro-interaction:

Every small interaction that the customer will have with the website like clicking the log-in button or hovering over the menu bar is considered a micro-interaction.

Giving a special feel to the customer by making these experiences come to life by animating the small insignificant portions of the webpage and making them more significant.

This makes the customer feel that the website is a living and responding entity which makes the customer feel special. Making these subtle changes is what will bring you above the crowd and in the sight of your target audience.

3. Loading time and speed:

According to kissmetrics, an average internet user gives only 2 seconds to a page to load if it takes more than that they leave the site for other faster loading options.

Around 79% of users who face this problem say that they would never return to such a site and 44% of them are likely to also give their friends a negative review of such websites.

What you as an eCommerce website owner can do is to reduce the number of resulting products to around 10 per page which will lower the loading time and also raise quality products to higher pages which in turn makes the customer feel valued as they are being shown the best result of their search.

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4. Bots and conversational UI:

Chatbots are generally perceived as evil as they are usually linked to phishing scams but the technology that it is made up of is a real game-changer especially for eCommerce websites. This will become the next new web design trend in the near future.

When the customer gets a hands-on approach towards them on such sites they connect it with empathy and feel a more friendly vibe towards the Platform.

Bots will boost online sales, solve customer problems, and provide help when it’s needed and with machine learning, they become more interactive and sophisticated over time.

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5. Increase Video content:

A video is the best medium of communication for any business and the IT community has started understanding and stepping towards these new eCommerce Web Design Trends.

The power of the visual medium can never be achieved by any number of product pictures, let alone the written content.

By shooting videos of your products in a professional way and showing the customer its live working will bring confidence in the minds of the customer for the product as well as the eCommerce website that they are accessing.

Rather you marketing your platform and also trying to sell the product, let the product sell itself letting you concentrate more on your eCommerce platform.

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6. Floating navigation bar:

You may roam anywhere inside the website and the navigation bar will be in your visual on the page which makes it easier because you don’t need to go all the way to the top of the page just to go to another section of the website.

This was one of the first dynamic changes in the modern eCommerce web design trends and yet it’s astounding that many websites have still not updated their platforms to the Floating navigation bar.

Also this way the customer can always see the shopping cart logo and easily add any product to the cart without getting the time to second-guess his decision.

7. Hassle-free payment:

The toughest part of the whole shopping procedure is to get the conversion (i.e.) to make the customer finalize the deal. So if there is any problem or even the slightest inconvenience in the payment option, the customer can pull back the deal.

It is of utmost importance to make sure that customer gets as many options of payment as are possible at present, May it be card payment, net banking, 3rd party payment Apps, or cash on delivery(CoD).

A smooth payment gateway ensures that you will get returning visitors and a good reference from the customers leading to mouth to mouth advertisement which in turn increases your revenues for sure.

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8. Stop pop-ups:

Pop-ups are always tiresome and have negative publicity not just for the company that uses them as a medium but also for the sites that have them. One of the most irritating experiences a visitor of your site can have is to deal with Pop-ups.

It is always in the best interest of the hosting website to remove all Pop-ups from your site and in case they are one of your revenue sources then it’s advised to stop it as this will ruin your business is not so very long run.

Never settle for small battle wins when your goal is to emerge victorious in the large war.

9. White Space:

White Space in all the space you see between all the words, images, and graphics of the website. Using white space smartly is the sign of the best eCommerce Web Development.

For your site visitors is the breathing space that they take visually before taking in the next piece of information. Not giving enough white space in your eCommerce Web Design will make the entire design clumsy and messy.

Silence is the strongest noise, and the eloquent knows how to use them.

10. Content Designing:

Your content may be the most beautifully written and highly optimized to hit search results but yet you may lose customers if your content isn’t designed to be a visual treat for the readers.

Designing what font to use and how large the text size is as important as the graphic designing of your website. The content of your eCommerce website should be first visually attractive to make the site visitor stay to read it.

Bonus Tips:

As you have shown the most wonderful quality of a reader by reading till the end, I have some early Christmas bonuses for you. Below I have mentioned some technical as well as non-technical tips to give you the extra boost for your site optimization.

  • Pass the Buffer please: The circling buffer logo is perhaps the most boring thing on the internet. So why not change it? You can customize the logo to a small animation of your company which may interest the customer and not pushes him away from your site.
  • May I interest you for a Hamburger: The three horizontal Bar logo that represents a hidden menu bar is lovingly called the hamburger menu. Including this hamburger menu can clear your site from distracting menu bars and let the customer concentrate on the products offered on your site.
  • Everybody loves Fortune cookies: As fortune cookies give you some life-altering positive advice, you can do the same with your customers. Leaving a small piece of the quote or a funny image on every page or in the transition between pages can put a smile on their face, and smiling customers pay more.
  • Food should be free: By making free shipping and fast delivery you will get the extra inch to succeed against your competitors.

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