Top 10 IoT Trends Predicted for 2024

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What Is the “Internet of Things (IoT)”?

There is the ability to program in the orientation of objects, now with the Internet of Things (IoT).

There is the focus on each individual thing, or object, and the ability to add the object into a “class” that has already been developed, with the object holding additional data.

While objects are continually added and updated into IoT for years to come, the original term came from Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble in 1999.

The further development of IoT across many industries has taken incredible work over the past 18 years, and we can expect that progression to continue.

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This is an interesting point to consider when considering the advance existing in Wi-Fi, the internet, and data networks around the world. We have had GPS software for so long now, which seemed incredibly advanced at the time.

So, with the initiation of converting maps and placement of roads and buildings, intersections, while updating based on construction, the maps of our country and world became digital. With IoT, the world is becoming more of a network every day.

top 10 IoT Trends

IoT Moving into 2024 with Advancement

So, now we are thinking of the fact that the internet is now programmed to identify with objects (or things) all around us.

Objects become programmed into a location, whether the program was Java, HTML, C++, or other, and the internet world becomes almost live.

Because of the identification, creation, and location of the objects, they become added to the internet “place.” Luckily, there is also the recognition of the behavior of the objects.

The network of the world becomes much greater than just our phones, tablets, and computers. All objects have the potential to be encoded into a network where they will transfer data.

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With the behavior of objects into the coded systems, we will see in 2024, there are benefits of IoT including the automated braking and parallel parking of cars, automated notifications or warnings of nearby dangerous events, and much more.

There have even been news presentations of the first non-driver taxi cab to be introduced in France as early as 2024!

Top 10 IoT Trends Predicted for 2024

With the progression in IoT over the past decade, there will be many coming technologies, products, and services available among the world’s growing network. Here are ten that have been predicted around the world:

1. New Platforms (Brand New and Updated)

With the advance of technology and integration of networks across many industries, the development and update of many platforms will help with connections.

2. Operating Systems

While there are already several IoT operating systems created for academic and other domains, there is a presentation of 20 to come in 2024.

While there is plenty to meet the needs of existing dense locations, there will be additional IoT operating systems prepared to be embedded in devices of all sizes. No matter the data footprint needs there will be an OS available very soon.

3. Security

Given the advances in IoT technology, there are predicted to be increased security challenges to the devices in which it is used.

Therefore, 2024 will need to be a year where security will need to improve for the benefit of the people using these devices. While there are some existing security programs, if you use an IoT device the best thing for 2024 would be a security update.

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4. Analysis

Data analysis will be more complete as the action takes place on the internet in real-time. This will advance from a collection in full before the data can be analyzed.

5. Analytics programs within IoT

No matter your IoT network the analysis of its status leads to the latest use of analytics in your platform or other business activity live and in action.

With the connections of the broadened network within IoT, there is progressing ability to analyze all data as it is collected from the internet.

This will help businesses handle the marketing strategy step-by-step along with the action of the consumer.

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6. Processors and Processing

There is the question of whether or not the size of the processor in the IoT device will reach the proper levels needed to keep up with the speed and data of the IoT.

The importance of security will also fall into place with the need of moving up to the 32-bit from the 8-bit that many of the standard IoT devices currently contain.

7. Network Edges (Short-Range and Wide)

Knowing that the IoT network is low-power, there is expected a progression of the IoT or smart location whether it is small or large.

Some short-range examples include the smart office, home, room, or other personal space. Larger, wide-range networks expected for development include smart cities, utility meters, environmental monitoring, and other tracking needs from equipment to automobiles and more.

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8. Device (Thing) Management

This will likely be improved to validate between both public and private IoT networks. The ability to trace devices and other things will improve as well.

9. Standards

With improved standards, the things included on the internet (or even within a network) will have a greater ability to re-determine their own location.

Just as it can be further developed for the improvement of apps like GPS apps and upcoming technologies like the self-driving car and more.

10. Ecosystems

Ecosystems will both work for the many different smart networks that are being improved in 2024 and beyond.

One of the greatest improvements that are referenced is the expected API improvement to help with the growth of the smart city in the wide-range networks.

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With IoT Growing There will be Much to See in 2024

It is great to see so many advancements coming of the Internet of Things this coming year. With the great automation of both technology and internet activity, there will be great forward steps taken in personal and professional life alike.

We have so much to look forward to that the entire world has plenty to expect.

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