Top 5 Best Magento Extensions That Helps You to Drive Sales

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Building an eCommerce store is an easy task nowadays but, driving sales should be challenging for any online store owner. We don’t know what people would like to see.

So in this article, I am going to share with you a list of the best Magento extensions that should be used to drive sales for any eCommerce platform. This extension should be a must for every eCommerce Store.

The Extension is the pure focus on marketing and design-based. Here I will share extensions with their features, according to your brand/product you may choose out of them.

Every Magento (eCommerce) store owner wants customization and that customization should be dynamic. And if they hire the developer for that, then it will much costlier. So, instead of, choose the best Magento extension is the right way.

When you write the query for Magento extension, you will get lot’s of search result but how can you identify that which is best for you? It’s not necessary that 1st result is always good. You have to check throughout the documentation and it will take more time to understand a product.

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Now you are landed in the right place. Here you will get the answer of which is the best Magento extensions?. Here I share with you the 5 best Magento extensions that help you to drive sales. You just buy and install it.

Top 5 Best Magento Extensions to Drive Sales

1. Shop By Attribute for Magento

While searching for a product on any eCommerce site, customers have to need to search for a desired product by option(attribute) like the brand, color, price, type, manufacturer, etc. your customer always wants to browse the product quickly by the layered navigation page.

Suppose you listed 1000 t-shirts with different brand and color option, without filter customer must go through all product this will hesitate for them to find the right one. Now instead of your store provide a filter by different attributes then a customer can easily find the right product quickly.

And by using shop by attribute Magento extension admin can create attribute specific page and also use a widget of trending attributes on the home page or any other page. The extension has lots of features by using your customer will easily navigate to your website.

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Price: – $199

2. Special Promotion Pro

To drive more sales you need to give the discount you may need to promote your product. You must have to do strong marketing and that will 110% boost your sales. So why you hesitate to give the discount to your customer directly. It’s a better idea and it has more chance of a conversion.

This Magento extension helps you to create discounts and promotions based on customer purchase history.

Price : – $129

3. Live chat

Provide live chat feature and with the customer. The customer always looking for their problem resolved at a time without waiting. Live support give you chance to talk with your customer and guide them to use your website.

If you guide properly your customer always satisfied with your service. “To sell the product, you must give satisfying service” and this will not only grow your sales but also drive customer loyalty. And the best part of this extension is it’s freely available.

Price: – Free

4. SEO suite

When you have run any eCommerce business SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is necessary to rank your product in SERPs. When someone writes the query on google related to your product how your website will come first for that you have to make your eCommerce store SEO friendly.

Magento Extension helps you to automate all the required aspects of your eCommerce store. It will help you to solve the duplicate content problem, You can create the dynamic template for your product as well category and layered navigation pages. Improve site indexation, create and manage dynamic internal linking.

The extension helps you to automate all most SEO aspects. And they provide free SEO audit for any eCommerce website. Check these top seo strategy that will help you to make your website more SEO-friendly.

Price: – Basic SEO suite $59
Price: – SEO suite $169

5. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce UA GTM Tracking

Tracking user interaction with our website is a necessity. An extension provides the functionality of tracking product impression, Product click, Product detail impression, Add/Remove product from a cart, Track promotion impression, and a lot more. You can do this by manually using Google tag manager, But the extension provides features to implement and manage Google enhanced eCommerce and Google tag manager.

You can create triggers and tags from your Magento backend to installing this extension And the best part of this extension is it’s free of cost. There are a lot more features to use this extension. And I suggest every eCommerce store must have to implement this Magento extension into their store.

Price: – Free

In Conclusion

The above-listed Magento extensions are provided by different companies. And we have spent countless hours to analyzed it and choose best from it. Choose based on your requirement and boost your sales.

Let us know which Magento extension helped you in driving more sales in below comment section.

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  1. HI there, your listed extensions are really good.
    I want to suggest one of the best extension helpful for fast searching named Google Custom search Magento 2 Extension.
    It also helps with search engine optimization. It includes auto-complete feature also which helps you to getting more efficient and fast results.


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