4 Easy SEO Techniques to Increase Your Sales on Etsy

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If you have tangible products you want to sell, Etsy is a place to turn to. And, if you use it, you need to have an Etsy SEO strategy in place in order to be successful.

Etsy SEO: What Exactly Is It?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and for Etsy SEO, it’s the method in which you optimizes your products to gain a better search ranking for your Etsy products. The idea is to show up as high as you can in the search when people go looking for products like yours.

Remember, search algorithms change, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Some keywords are popular today, and they may not be popular tomorrow. According to Ege marketing, your SEO strategy must constantly be altered to ensure you stay successful. Do this, and you’re not going to have any issues.

4 Easy SEO Techniques to Increase Your Sales on Etsy

1. Use Product-Relevant Keywords

A keyword is a word or phrase that’s a description of the product. When people are in the market for an item, they use a keyword to find that product. You want keywords that are relevant to your product. Think like a buyer – what words would you type in to find your product? Phrases are better than just single keywords since they target the product better and are not as crowded.

Phrases are also good to use since you’ll rank in various ways for them. For instance, if you’re selling a “blue short-sleeve t-shirt,” you’ll rank for both “short-sleeve t-shirt” and “blue t-shirt” as well as “short sleeve,” “t-shirt” and “blue.”

If you use just one word to describe your product, you’re not likely to see your listing.
It’s a good idea to play with the keywords – add colors, materials, shape, etc. – to give the items some specifics and boost your chances of being found.

What important point to remember in Etsy SEO is that the order of keyword phrases is essential. For instance, if you typed in “blue short-sleeve t-shirt,” your product will rank high for “short-sleeve t-shirt” and “blue short-sleeve,” but not for “blue t-shirt.” Consider using additional keyword phrases such as “cotton blue t-shirt” to ensure an expansive keyword list.

If you want to know if your keyword is going to work, do a search on Etsy for it. Look for items that are relevant to yours and consider Etsy’s suggested phrases. You’ll notice the actual search terms that customers are using. This will help you to find relevant keywords that people are using to find products similar to yours.

If you find yourself unable to move forward, look at the product description. You should find a few ideas that will help you develop keywords. Use the keyword tool, as it will give you important information for every keyword – competitiveness, price range, favorites, etc.

With keywords ready, it’s time to figure out where they go on Etsy. If you want to rank high, add them to your tags, titles, and descriptions. While Etsy doesn’t track keywords in the description, Google will. Keywords ensure that your item is placed higher in the search rankings than using no keywords.

2. Etsy Titles

There are 140 allowable characters for the title. Use them all if you can, but don’t create spammy or messy titles just to fill the character count up. Use important keywords at the start of the title.

The first two to three words are the most valuable for Etsy SEO – use those important keywords there. If Etsy shortens your title, the most important points of the product are displayed to the buyer.

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3. Etsy Tags

You’re allowed 13 tags for every item. On top of that, you have three to five more tags from Categories and subcategories. Use all 13 and the category and subcategory tags. Avoid repeating keywords.

There is a limit of 20 characters for your tags (in case you use keyword phrases). Remember, word order is important in tags – use the relevant information first to describe the product.

And, because the word order is important in the tag, it’s okay to have repetitive words for them. Etsy is okay with you doing this, but Google’s not. The decision to do repetitive keywords is up to you. Post the 13 tags however you want.

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4. Don’t Let Your Listings Fight Each Other For Attention

When it comes to Etsy search, it will only show one item from your shop on each search page. If your titles use the same words and tags in the listing, they compete with each other as well as other shop listings. Optimize each listings using various keywords.

It’s important to use your imagination here, which isn’t always easy. And, it’s not uncommon to find some products that have been optimized for the same keyword or keyword phrase. This is fine, but keep it to a minimum.

Avoid making changes to all titles and tags at one time. Alter one or two, give it some time, and see what the results are. Look at your search position and statistics. Is it working for you? If you make multiple changes, you’re not going to know what works and what doesn’t work.

These are the very general ideas to help your Etsy SEO campaign be successful. There are many details to it, and you’ll need to optimize your products, which all take time. You can’t implement an SEO strategy and think it’ll be successful right off the bat. Optimize the products and watch what happens. If you see something that doesn’t work, change it and review it again.

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