Link Building Strategies That Will Enhance Your SEO Efficiency


Link building is still a critical approach to SEO success when you are trying to increase leads and results for your business through online channels.

Link building is an organic ranking strategy, so while appropriately done, it is highly admired by the search engines as an attestation of your reputation.

However, not like the olden times, the success mantra is not “more links means better results,” but the right approach in link building now is ‘quality over quantity’ to enjoy the best results.

So, how will you find quality links as you can see more than half of the emails out there in your inbox are requesting a link?

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The Necessity of Link Building in SEO

Any expert digital marketer will tell you that link building is the cornerstone of your generic SEO efforts. That is very much true, but most of the marketers are not aware of the reasons for this.

A study was held last year in which more than a million Google search results pages were analyzed to identify the significant factors behind the ranking logic.

This research had shown that backlinks play a critical role in ranking.

All top ranked pages had more quality links than the lower-ranking pages in every given search results.

However, one crucial factor noted by the researchers was that it was not merely 100,000 backlinks got the rankings, and spamming the links on a forum or directory even hurt ranking.

The number of authentic referring domains also matters a lot.

It is found that to rank high, it is necessary to have backlinks from a diverse set of sites. It is noted that the websites featuring highest domain link authority have a higher ranking on Google.

So, while working on link building, you need to focus more on getting links from popular, high-quality sites with more domain authority.

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You can also find how it works with a simple experiment done on your own as below:

  • Link Building Guide

  1. Search for the key phrase on Google as “link building guide.”
  2. Now click on the top result on SERP.
  3. Now copy and paste the page URL into the Open Site Explorer of Moz to see how many links are out there for the page.
  4. You can see there are more than 1870 links with 320 established links to this page and the page authority reached to 75/100 with domain authority 77/100.

Now you can check for the second and third entries of the same search result and check for the same stats to identify the difference in authority links, which make the difference.

This experiment as a groundwork to build a blueprint SEO strategy will teach you the fact that links are one major factor to Google to measure the authority, relevancy, and popularity of your content.

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Campaigning for links

It is nearly impossible now to run campaigns to attract links anymore. Most of the marketers now find it as disrespectful or rather annoying to campaign for links.

However, you still need those valuable links to increase the organic traffic to your web pages, and so link building is a priority.

Thankfully, there are some better ways to which you can try and win quality backlinks to enhance your SEO performance.

Thankfully, there are a few ways for the promoters to campaign for backlinks which can produce some good results. Here are the primary three.

  • Writing Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is always one best avenue to drive traffic to your site. Choose the most relevant, industry-specific, popular blogs where you have the opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert.

Blogging at your own site is also good, but posting guest posts will give you better mileage.

Guest blogging is almost a free promotion you can do and writing a great article on a publication you can get valuable links. So the key to success is posting high-quality articles on high-profile sites.

There is no point in spending your precious time on doing blogging on sites with little authority.

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  • Mentioning the influencers in your blog posts

You may surely come across blogs and noticed it monetarily on seeing a head like “What the industry experts say about the X?” These round-up style posts tend to grab reader attention, and they surely have more links than others.

When you mention the name of an influencer as a person, brand, or product, you tend to get more links naturally.

One reason you get a high number of links is that the influencer you mentioned will surely share it, and this will act as a natural source of authority.

However, it is not just the head, but the article you use for influencer effect should be of high quality to win links.

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  • Working on broken links

Prospecting the broken links is an all-time best technique in link building, which still works well. It is a pretty simple, but highly potent approach.

You keep an eye on the most popular blogs or influencer blogs and use online tools to scan the page and check for any broken links.

There is a high possibility that you may come across one, and if so, you can send a mail to the blogger and let them know that there is a broken link. You need to pitch in such a way that you have a better offer to fill it up with a quality article.

Try being honest and real, and there is a high chance that you get the game in hand, which will provide you an instant and successful way to get the value.

Check below sites list that will help you in building quality links.

In Conclusion

All these strategies still work well, but you need to be so patient and careful to practice it consistently over time to reap the best SEO advantages over time.

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