7 Advanced Link Building Techniques For Your Website in 2024

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Link building has always been a dead concept for those who failed to stay in tandem with the ever-changing rules and requirements on details, skills, tools, and perseverance. However, it cannot be ignored that links are the major ranking factors that can help your business flourish to new horizons.

Many executives are found to believe that simple on-page SEO and content are more than enough to rank higher in the SERPs.

They do not realize the fact that neglecting links completely is perilous for their online business growth. Hence, if you too had a similar notion, instantly disavow the same.

Here are some of the top link-building techniques that will help you gain 10 times more success than at present.

Top Link Building Techniques to use in 2024

SEO Link Building Strategies for SEO 2018

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most misunderstood theories of link building. Earlier, when the activity was exercised, SEOs used to exchange the links without providing valuable content to the readers.

This is why the activity never delivered quality results. You simply need to keep this idea in mind that an engaging piece of content should be created with a few links pointing towards your website.

Further, when you publish the content on another site, it should have high domain authority. It is a clear natural way of building quality links. If you are a beginner, you should begin with these steps –

  • Determining your target readers
  • Think about quality topics to attract readers’ attention
  • Outreach the audience
  • Create an engaging copy of the content
  • Finally, build relationships

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2. Broken Link Building

A website may have hundreds or thousands of links, which break and stop working due to one or the other reason. The major highlighting factor here is that most of the website owners do not even realize that their links are broken, which ends up disrupting their online reputation and user experience.

Here broken link building technique becomes very useful to build links. By using this technique you can build a relationship and get a high-quality backlink from the website owner.

Honestly, such a technique can help you improve your website’s conversion rate by almost 15%. You can begin this with the following steps –

  • Define a target website
  • Find the broken links
  • Contact the blog admin

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3. Newsjacking

Content is the king of an effective link-building campaign. But, creating content that has the highest probability of getting viral is not that easy.

Hence, instead of analyzing what topics your readers would like, you should focus on what people are already talking about. You can then use the viral topic as the theme for your next content.

This activity refers to the term newsjacking, wherein a popular viral topic is used to generate as well as promote your own content. Even ‘Oreo’ used this technique in 2013 and got amazing responses.

You can begin with the following steps –

  • Find viral topics using Google trends
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Create, publish and promote the content

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4. Influencer Marketing

Also known as ego bait, this technique is one of the most effective link building techniques that will multiply your blog visits within just one month. Making people interested in you is more difficult than becoming interested in other people.

Hence, do not force others to build a relationship with you; rather, you should initiate building relationships with website owners, who deal with high-authority, high-traffic sites.

This, in turn, will help you gain quality links. Create engaging content that encourages the influencers to get interested in your article. Once, the interest is generated, they share and link to the content.

Playing with famous people’s egos will certainly help your page views and sessions multiply. To begin, you can use the following steps –

  • Pick a Magnetic Headline
  • Define the Question that you want the influencers to answer
  • Create a list of experts, whom you want to contact
  • Outreach the influencers
  • Publish the content so that the influencers can help you promote

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5. Link Reclamation

This technique is effective if you have a strong respected image in the industry, as people will be motivated to write about you, your business thoughts, research studies, and others.

When any website mentions you in their article online, you have the right opportunity to get a link. Most of the website owners would not have linked your mention to your site.

Hence, this is the right time, when you can reclaim your links. Although, finding your ‘mentions’ online is not a difficult task, yet if you lack the time and want to focus on your core business activities, you can simply outsource link building services from a reputed service provider.

On the other hand, if you hire an in-house team or prefer to perform the task by self, here is how you can begin the process –

  • Search your site on Google
  • Find your mentions (with incorrect links, without a link, with broken links)
  • Contact the person, who manages the website
  • Set up automatic Google alerts

6. Competitor Backlinks

Today is the time to work smarter and not harder. Your competitors are already working hard and spending thousands of dollars along with their immense expertise in developing avant-garde link building techniques.

So, someone has to be on the smarter side; why don’t you take the opportunity? Simply keep an eye on your competitors and try to acquire the same links as they do.

Analyze your competitors’ backlinks and create a better version of similar content that they produce. Pitch the sites that linked to your competitor’s content, and eventually, you’ll get the same link too.

You can begin the process by following the under-mentioned points –

  • Make a list of your potential competitors
  • Do thorough research on their backlinks
  • Using Ahrefs tool, you’ll get a complete list of links acquired by your competitors
  • Figure out why and how they got the link(s).

7. Content Syndication

What if you get more traffic towards your site by doing almost nothing? This is not a fantasy, but a real tactic that can earn your website high-quality traffic, without much pain.

This is basically content syndication, which involves placing your existing content on third-party sites, which will republish as well as promote the content to their respective audiences.

Using this technique, you can boost your page views by almost 34%. This is how you can get started –

  • Create an engaging content
  • Make sure the content is captivating enough to get high traffic, links, and shares
  • Create a list of sites to pitch for syndicating content

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What Will These Techniques Do?

If you use even three of these incredible techniques (in the most effective manner), you will certainly witness a huge improvement in the link quality, website traffic, revenue, and business growth. Not just this, it will help you with the following –

  • Boost domain & page authority
  • Increase referral traffic
  • Improve brand visibility and authority
  • Get thousands of new readers
  • Immense exposure to other industry authorities
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Investment in links stays forever

Check Following Sites List to build links for your website:

It’s time to get started; no more wasting of time! Put any three techniques on your calendar and this year try these tactics to grab maximum results. If you can use all of them, there would be nothing better than that.

You need to keep in mind that the SEO world is ever-changing. You never know when Google makes changes to its search algorithm and leaves your website in an agonizing situation.

Therefore, it is better to invest your efforts in result-oriented techniques that not just keep your practices ethical, but also drive the desired result within no time.

After years of study and research, these algorithm-proof strategies are found to be highly effective in this advancing age of online business.

So, if you look forward to more organic traffic towards your website, you should definitely adapt to the new changes.

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