8 Reasons to Add a Digital Assets Management System to Your Marketing Efforts

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Marketing your brand can be a juggling act at times. Here’s how a digital assets management system can help you keep all the balls in the air.

In this fast-changing online world, having a Digital Assets Management System can give you a competitive edge. It will not only help you manage your organization’s media storage and usage but also increase your sales. Not to mention helping with staff retention and engagement.

Reasons to Add a Digital Assets Management System

Interested to find out more? Read on for eight key reasons to start using a digital assets management system!

What’s a Digital Assets Management System?

Put simply, it’s essentially a library for your digital assets, which can connect smoothly with your marketing channels.

Digital assets include all the computer files that you and others use to promote your business. Videos, product photos, branded images, sales literature, logos, and fonts are just a few to mention.

As you store these files in the system, you generate metadata.

In the case of a photo, this might include: who the image is of, their gender and age group, where the photo was taken, when it was taken, who owns the copyright, and so on.

That way, when someone is searching for an image of an older man cycling along a forest path, they can find it right away. This will save time and frustration.

Why Use a Digital Asset Management System?

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth investing time and effort into a digital asset management system, read on. This kind of software can do lots of things for your business, from ensuring data security and copyright legal compliance to saving you time and money.

1. Security and Easy Access

With the plethora of information that every organization has to deal with, it’s not unusual to lose track of your files.

Digital Asset Management software enables your staff to easily access the files they need. They won’t need to waste time searching through multiple possible storage locations – everything will be right at their fingertips.

In addition, this program offers secure storage. Hacking and data protection violations are on the rise. Having a secure file storage system for your company’s digital assets is more important than ever before; it’s one of the best things you can do for improving cybersecurity.

You can set the system up with specific digital rights so that it informs you whenever someone uses your files.

2. Images Are the New Words

We use photographs and imagery to communicate more quickly than we do it through words. However, it’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law when it comes to copyright.

Your Digital Asset Management system can give you peace of mind because you know that your use of images and materials is legally compliant. As materials are added to the system, the metadata will include copyright information so that any and all restrictions are clear.

3. Version Control

With multiple staff and external service providers working on documents or digital assets, it can seem impossible to control everything.

How many times have you gone to a meeting and realized that other people have different versions of the same document? It can lead not only to misunderstandings and confusion, but also wasted time and money.

With a Digital Asset Management system, you all have access to the same files. That means you know you’ve all got the correct, most up-to-date version. No more double-working.

4. Greater Collaboration

Collaborative teams are the way most people work nowadays. Teams cross functional boundaries and often involve multiple partners.

As we saw above, your system can help ensure that your team members have the most accurate inputs. Using this technology encourages ever greater collaboration.

Collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams improves creativity, productivity, relationships, and engagement. This results in a better and happier working environment, so it makes sense to prioritize technology that fosters collaboration.

One example of this is with the folks over at Digizuite. They have streamlined collaboration by making their digital asset management software easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

Working more closely together enables your team members to leverage each other’s strengths and skills, enhancing your competitive edge.

5. Global Consistency

Imagine your sales team giving a pitch on the other side of the world.

With a Digital Asset Management system, they can easily access the most up to date presentation. This will ensure brand consistency with the correct logo, images, and information to wow your prospective client.

6. Save Time and Energy

There’s also another automation feature that can save you time and energy; you can integrate your Digital Asset Management software into your content marketing system. This enables approved media to be distributed directly onto your marketing platform.

In other words, selected digital assets or campaigns can be shared automatically on social media platforms. It can also monitor customer responses. That’s a huge time-saver!

7. Happier Employees

With over 40 percent of U.S. workers spending at least some time remote working, this is a trend that most companies need to adjust to. You can support flexible and remote working with this kind of marketing asset management.

Wherever they are and whenever they’re working, your remote staff will have the correct digital assets at their fingertips. Also, if they have editorial rights over the materials, any changes they make will be instantly available to other users.

No more waiting while huge files arrive (or more frequently, don’t arrive!) via email. No more battles to upload to an unwieldy system, or worries about version control. Just easy file sharing and collaborative working.

8. Recycling

Professional photography, videography and image curation are all significant investments for companies. Using a Digital Asset Management system can improve your return on this investment.

The system essentially helps extend the lifecycle of your digital assets because they can be reused in different campaigns and across multiple channels.

Protect your Digital Assets and More

As you can see, having a Digital Assets Management System is crucial to your business success. It can help with attracting talent, engaging staff, teamwork, saving money, and improving your brand consistency. It’s also a reliable way to ensure legal compliance, data security, and accurate version control.

We understand that mastering tech in your business can be a challenge, so we’ve collected the best resources for you. Check out our other blog posts to see how we can help you.

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