Some Amazing Mobile App Startup Ideas Of 2024 For Entrepreneurs

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Are you seriously thinking about starting your business via mobile apps? If you are really keen on doing that, then this is the most appropriate time as mobile app development provides ample opportunities for businesses especially start-ups.

According to Business Wire, there has been an increase of 58 percent in the sales of mobile compared to 2017. It clearly implies that the users of smartphones, who are making digital interactions are mushrooming each day.

So, before venturing into a mobile app start-up, you have to figure out ideas that can fetch you revenue and benefits to increase your user engagement in a small time frame.

If you are truly confused regarding the best mobile app ideas, then this blog post can enhance and expand your knowledge along with developing sharp insights about the successful ideas of mobile apps.

Mobile app development is vital for all organizations-big or small but especially for start-ups in order to mark their presence amidst fierce competition. An experienced app development company can provide the best solution for a start-up by creating suitable or effective apps in accordance with the nature and scope of the business.

Let us go through some unconventional mobile app startup ideas for you to choose from:

Mobile App Startup Ideas for 2024

Emergency/disaster/crime alert:

Emergencies occur suddenly and disasters are unpredictable which can blemish your day at any time. In order to curb that mobile app ideas related to disaster and emergency can be considered significant.

In today’s time, there are plenty of apps in the market that can help users in dealing with several unfortunate situations and come out of them safely. The emergency or disaster apps normally have alert features that make the users prepare for impending dangers or can even convey messages to the emergency team nearby or to your saved contacts. Crime alert apps also function in similar ways and will help the users to contact the police by showing their location.

Fitness and health:

This concept or app idea attracts large numbers of fitness enthusiasts especially the youths aged between 18-35 years. Whether iOS or Android or smartwatches, fitness, and health-oriented apps are getting popular as they encourage users to attain their fitness and bodybuilding goals.

In spite of tough competition, companies working with providing mobile app development services in the domain of fitness and health can gain a lot by creating exclusive apps that can recommend better diet, analyze user’s food and fitness choices, develop their BMI, and can suggest a daily workout plan to maintain body shape. Fitness Buddy and Fitness Pal are two trending apps catering to a specific segment of users.

AR/VR based visualization:

The use of digitally evolved technologies like AR and VR has increased all over the world in recent times. Developing VR-based mobile apps can help you in clicking the picture of an interior which you can redesign.

Using this app you can also view you’re redesigning virtually by trying variations of curtains, background, colors, objects, or even amenities and furniture. On the other hand, AR-based apps can help you scan your room with the camera of the device and you can also place your selected items in it to check your tastes and preferences.

Planning vacation trips:

Vacation is the best time for tourists as they avail online services to look for the coolest destinations. For a mobile app development company, it is very important to realize that there has been a dearth of effective apps that can serve the purpose of planning trips for vacation.

Such apps must be created in a way so that they can offer reliable information to users. So, an ideal vacation guide app should contain features like taxi/bus finder, bar and restaurant finder, amusement and cultural event suggestion, price calculation, hotels, transportation, etc.

Your apps have to be unique and should display information about places that are not popular or explored much by travelers. To make your apps profitable from a business point of view, you can affiliate them with selective hotels.

Daily Task Management:

As digitization has revolutionized the workplace massively, it is very important to create apps that can enable users to manage and schedule their tasks to keep them motivated.

A mobile app development company needs to focus on developing apps that can remind the users in executing professional and personal tasks with ease and efficiency. Accomplish, Wunderlist and Routine are a few examples of this category.

Professional marketplace:

Being a mobile app development company you can think of creating a virtual marketplace for the users of smartphones. In order to do this, you have to think of creating purposeful mobile apps.

For example, mobile apps that help in connecting both employees and employers on a common platform can definitely be appreciated widely.

Public transport:

People want to make their journey via train or bus comfortable, easy and frictionless. But if you are visiting new places, you may not have a fair idea about the transportation system.

So to help you out in such situations, mobile app development companies can develop applications that can facilitate in deciding convenient, economical, and suitable conveyance. This can also help the users in saving precious time. Citymapper, Live Train Times are good examples of this category.

Reservation of restaurants:

You probably won’t like to spoil your mood for having dinner outside. How will you feel if you can use an app that will offer you services with tailor-made options?

People who like to have unplanned dinners can use this app suitably to reserve tables at nearby restaurants. Moreover, these apps can also offer maps like the layout of available pubs to ensure advance booking with no hassle.


Creating purposeful mobile apps for start-ups need not necessarily be expensive. Nowadays, depending on your start-up business nature mobile app development service providers can develop apps within 5000 USD.

Once you are ready with your app development strategy, you can launch your app within 2-4 months including implementation, testing, and deployment. You can easily pick up your suitable idea from the above-mentioned categories and start creating your dream mobile app.

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Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent mobile app development company. Being a founder member of an app development company, Mr, Roy possesses profound skills and knowledge in guiding any start-ups regarding building their desired apps for business stability.

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