Your Guide to Improving Efficiency on a MacBook

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The transition from Windows to macOS may not be as smooth as you expect, particularly if you need productivity while working.

Nevertheless, MacBooks are still great computers, and you likely got one for yourself because of that. The experience and skills you need to have a productive day on a Mac will come with time, but if you want to speed up the process, do not hesitate and take some action.

Get a Second Screen

A second screen is worth getting for more than just work efficiency. Some MacBook models do not have a large screen in the first place, and people who have to look at those screens for hours suffer from health problems. Crouching over is not good for your back.

Meanwhile, investing money in a monitor would mean that you can look straight at a screen. Besides, having a second screen helps with productivity. After all, there is a good reason why PC users invest in dual monitors.

You could also use an iPad thanks to the Sidecar feature that was introduced back in the Catalina version of the macOS, provided that you have an iPad and that it is compatible with the Sidecar feature.

Keep Enough Drive Space Free

Keep Enough Drive Space Free

You could run into the problem of missing enough drive space. The most recent MacBook models come with SSDs instead of HDDs. The trend is understandable given how much faster solid-state drives perform compared to hard drives.

However, performance improvements mean sacrificing storage space. If your MacBook’s drive has only a few gigabytes of free space left, expect to encounter performance issues. And when a computer slows down, you will struggle to have a productive time at work.

Keeping tabs on temporary system junk data like app caches and backups is a good piece of advice. You can remove the data with a cleanup utility tool. As for how to clear space on a MacBook using different methods, those would be:

  • transferring data to Dropbox or iCloud and external hard drives
  • deleting old apps, downloads, and other files you no longer need
  • consuming media on streaming platforms instead of keeping large files on the computer

Get Rid of Distractions

If you work from home, you should be aware of potential distractions like noisy neighbors or your family not leaving you alone when you have to focus on work.

Well, a MacBook (or any other computer, for that matter) has just as many distractions, particularly when talking about applications.

Similar to how you disable notifications on your smartphone, you should do the same with your Mac. Social media like Instagram and Twitter, entertainment like Netflix or YouTube, and communication platforms like Discord or WhatsApp that bombard you with messages from friends should be left for when you are finished with work.

Sign out and close distracting applications while you are working. Also, if you have app shortcuts on your desktop, remove them so that you do not get tempted seeing these shortcuts.

Take Advantage of Apps to Organize Your Time

Take Advantage of Apps to Organize Your Time

Not all applications are a hindrance to your work. Since there are so many great apps on the official store, not taking advantage of them would be a waste, particularly if they can help with managing time.

For example, a Reminders app allows you to create a to-do list and sends you reminders, so you do not miss something important.

Calendar apps are similar in how they let you organize dates and create a schedule you can have in front of you.

Finally, if you are working from home and get paid by the hour, a manual time-tracking tool is a must for both tracking time you work and when you need to take a break. Toggl is one of the best choices at the moment.

Besides apps that let you keep tabs on your schedule, you can also find a plethora of other neat applications for work on the official store. Take advantage of them to boost your work efficiency even more.

Listen to Music

Noise-canceling headphones allow you to block distractions and listen to music. If you work in a noisy environment, an accessory like AirPods could come in quite handy. They provide excellent sound quality and can work as a blocker to prevent unwanted noise from ruining your work.

Some people find it easier to concentrate when they can listen to music. Favorite genres and artists are different for different people, so pick those you prefer.

Find the Right Place at Your Home

Find the Right Place at Your Home

Remote workers should have an easier time with a MacBook than a personal computer because they can work from different corners of their home. If you are not restricted by third-party peripherals like a second screen, feel free to look for a place that suits you the most.

It is also worth mentioning that switching to a new location might make things more interesting. If you get tired of working in the same place, move to another since doing so could also help with the work productivity.

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