Here’s How to Align Your SEO Metrics and KPIs

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It’s common for metrics and KPIs to get interchanged. In terms of search engine optimization, they seem to have similar roles. However, they are different in many ways. An SEO metric refers to the value used by marketing teams to track, compare, and monitor the search engine optimization efforts. KPI or key performance indicator determines the effectiveness of the SEO campaigns and tells whether the objectives got achieved or not. Therefore, all KPI’s can be considered a metric, but not the other way around. It’s crucial to align these two for the business to take the next step forward. The best SEO companies Kansas City can offer help in this regard. Below are some pieces of advice in aligning these two concepts in SEO terms.

Identify the goals

The first step is to determine the goals. The key performance indicator should refer to the specific metrics in determining if the campaign achieves the goal. For instance, if the goal is to increase brand awareness, the metrics to consider are impressions, click-through rate, organic traffic, and referrals. After determining the results, the business can decide if the campaign helped increase brand awareness. There might be some changes in the strategies if the figures remain low. The point is that the goal should be realistic, and there is a clear understanding of each metric. Otherwise, the business might think that it failed in achieving the goal when in fact it did.

Understand keyword ranking

Both metrics and key performance indicators also matter in keyword ranking. The goal of search engine optimization is to rank high in Google. If the data shows that the website is behind the competitors in search engine ranking, the strategies aren’t working. For instance, analyzing the high-volume keywords will give the business an idea about where it stands relative to the competitors. Brand keyword ranking will also reveal if the business appears on the top pages after typing the brand name.

Having a clear key performance indicator will reveal if the current ranking is good enough. In monitoring the ranking, the business will have a better sense of where it runs behind the competitors.

View the whole picture

Another issue with some businesses is that they only look at metrics and make conclusions. It’s not enough to look at the metrics. There should also be an analysis of the key performance indicators. It tells a bigger story and a clearer picture. For instance, if the metric used organic traffic, a sudden increase doesn’t necessarily mean success. The traffic may come from the wrong sources.

They’re not necessarily the audiences the business wants to target. The company can only arrive at this conclusion by understanding the detailed metrics.

All roads lead to a high conversion rate

Ultimately, the best way to align metrics and key performance indicators is by looking at the conversion rate. Even if the key performance indicators break everything down into specific goals, the overall picture is still about having a high compression rate. It starts by raising awareness, creating interest, helping in decision-making, and taking action. In each layer, there are several metrics to consider. They may also fall under a different key performance indicator. However, all of them lead to an increase in conversion rate.

Creating long-term goals

Another issue with analyzing specific metrics is that they only show a result based on a specific time frame. Key performance indicators reveal how these changes happen over time. Therefore, every KPI might analyze different metrics captured at various moments. Having a clear and consistent analysis can help determine if the business achieved its marketing goals.

Making the right decisions

Aligning these two concepts is also useful in making the right decision. If the campaign is doing well, some strategies should continue. Otherwise, they have to change. The content might require some tweaks, or the business should ditch the strategy altogether. Better decisions can happen based on the results. Without clear goals and specific metrics to analyze, the company might make the wrong move and mess everything up.

Analyzing the return of investment

Online marketing isn’t necessarily free. Some areas require payments. Social media marketing might be free, but there are some paid options. Pay per click is also another campaign that requires fees. If the company decided to work with experts like the best SEO companies Kansas, it’s another paid service. Hence, it makes sense to track the return of investment. It tells if the business is spending its money in the right places. Sometimes, the company earns a lot because of marketing efforts, but it doesn’t paint a complete picture. The increase in ROI only happened after spending a significant amount. Hence, it’s not worth it. The metrics will indicate if there’s an increase in the number of users filling out a contact form, using the chatbot, doing online registrations, and using the software. They also show if these actions eventually turned into an increase in sales.

Key takeaways

The point is that aligning these two concepts is crucial. It gives the business a chance to know how effective the marketing strategies are. KPIs and metrics might not mean the same, but they’re both useful in the company’s efforts to be successful. Understanding them will make future campaigns more effective.

The best SEO companies can track results

The point is that the business should work with experts like the best SEO companies Kansas City. It’s not only about crafting the right strategies. It also involves the tracking of progress. After understanding the results, the next round of campaigns will commence. It’s an unending process to remain relevant and competitive. Doing the whole thing alone can be a daunting task. Therefore, even if the business pays these agencies to do the job, it’s worth it. Besides, there are other aspects to consider when running a business. Asking an agency to shoulder one of the burdens is the right way forward. They know what to do, and the business can achieve bigger goals.

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