How Wearable Technology is Revolutionizing the Mobile App Development space?

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Want to check how much you walked throughout the day using your mobile phone? Your shoes give this information to your mobile!

Wearable technology is revolutionizing the mobile app development space because let’s face it, running out in the open is a lot better than running on treadmills. If you wish to track how much you run, that is. The level of personalization that wearable technology brings forth is simply unparalleled.

Who wouldn’t like watches which not only tell the time but also check the weather, track your workouts and read your text messages?

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The role of technology in our lives is ever-growing. We are becoming dependent on technology at a rate nobody could’ve predicted ten years ago. Technology has a tendency of getting faster and smaller, which has led to a rise in wearable technology. And we are sure that the future is even brighter for wearable technology.

Here are a few revolutions we would be definitely seeing in the mobile app development space due to wearable technology in the future:

Invisible Technology

According to Moore’s Law, when components get smaller, the products are bound to gain efficiency and power. Hence the current generation of wearables would be analogous to boomboxes in the future.

Wearables will take over the fashion industry with sensor-clad smart garments, conductive fabrics, and many other innovative uses of the technology. We’ve already seen the bizarre side of wearable technology, with x.pose 3D printed dress, ringly, and other innovative products. The future has a lot in store for them.

As your clothing gets smarter, your apps would have to get smarter. Hence the mobile app development space would get revamped.

It is worth noting here that the mobile app development space is already undergoing multiple transitions due to wearable technology. Invisibility would be just one addition to the lot.

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Data-Centric Apps

Since wearable technology gives out a lot of data, the apps of the future would be data-centric. There’s a lot that’s going on inside your body, not much of which is consciously understandable. While it’s easy to know if you’re thirsty or hungry, it is a wee bit difficult to know your cholesterol or glucose level. The future of wearable technology would aim at obtaining and making sense of this data.

Viewing the information provided by analyzing the data, as you might agree, would be difficult directly from the wearables since wearables would be invisible in the future.

Hence we would need a system that could show us all the information in the manner we want to see it.

And what would be a better device for viewing this information than good old mobile phones?

Hence we would need smart data-centric mobile apps which would be able to process all of the data received from wearable devices. Wearable apps are the future of the mobile app development space.

Wearable Technology Revolutionizing Mobile App Development space

Efficient Devices, Efficient Apps

Wearable devices of the future would be a lot more efficient than the ones we have now. So when wearable devices improve in terms of efficiency, why should the apps fall far behind?

To match the devices, apps would have to step up in terms of efficiency. Wearable devices of the future would use alternative forms of energy for powering themselves. We’ve already seen the showstopper at CES 2018, Casio Pro Trek, which uses solar energy to recharge its battery.

Implementing alternative energy sources on all devices is difficult given the technology we’re exposed to right now. But a few years in the future, this might be a simple thing.

We’re already seeing the level of innovation that is using blockchain technology as a base. With efficient devices, wearable technology would totally revolutionize the current mobile app development space.

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Better Accuracy

Wearable devices of the future would be a lot more accurate than the devices available currently.

One of the main reasons why this would happen is the fact that devices in the future would generate great amounts of data and with great amounts of data comes great amounts of analytics.

The more we analyze data, the more accurate it becomes.

Hence a device measuring every single heartbeat of yours would be better and more accurate at measuring HRV and other metrics than a device that checks in a few minutes.The second device is more likely to generate false readings giving us insights that might lead us down the wrong path.

Since the future is full of data, our apps should be better at handling data and should be accurate when it comes to results.

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