How to Get a Contract Phone with No Credit Checks

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Nearly 80 percent of British adults own a smartphone. We depend on them for most aspects of daily life. Catching up with friends on Facebook or WhatsApp. Calling relatives. Ordering takeaways. Reading the news. Watching the latest funny videos. Even cats love them.

Most of us find it hard to imagine being without a phone, but some people miss out because they have a bad credit score. They think that because their mortgage application was turned down or they can’t get a car loan, a mobile phone contract is out of the question too.

And that’s not the case. Not at all.

In this contract phone guide, we’ll show you how to get a contract phone with no credit checks — even the latest budget smartphones of 2020.

I Need a New Phone but Won’t Pass a Credit Check

Bad credit is more common than you might think, and it’s easy to see why.

A YouGov survey found that close to 40 percent of adults in the UK had missed at least one credit payment when in debt. Borrowers aged 35 – 44 were also deemed more likely to miss multiple payments on loans or credit cards.

And sliding into debt can be incredibly stressful, particularly when they continue to spiral out of control over months and years. Credit scores will plunge as debtors miss payments and incur greater debt, eventually falling into a hole that seems impossible to escape.

Anyone with a bad credit score might think I need a new phone but won’t pass a credit check, and worry that they’ll be without the mobile they need for work or staying connected with their loved ones.

Fortunately, bad credit card holders can find quality phones on contract without a credit check. No matter how low your rating, you can still take your pick of UK contract phone deals with the latest budget smartphones of 2020 available.

Can I get a Phone Contract on a MasterCard?


Most mobile phone providers allow you to take out a contract on a MasterCard. They also accept debit cards and other credit cards, though the range varies from one company to another.

Think carefully about your ideal payment method when shopping for bad credit score phones. Setting up a contract with your MasterCard and making payments on time every month can contribute to an improved score. Speak to providers about payment methods on their UK contract phone deals, to make sure you’re aware of all options.

Finding Phones with Bad Credit Score Challenges

Bad credit card holders face a number of challenges when searching for phones on contract in the UK, including:

The fear of rejection

First and foremost: facing rejection from providers.

Having a door slammed in your face once because of a low credit score is a strain on anyone’s emotions. But you can start to feel pessimistic if it happens to you multiple times.

Don’t let that put you off, though. You can find UK contract phone deals for people with bad credit online right now.

How much choice of bad credit phones do I have?

Another challenge is finding the ideal smartphone for your budget and personal tastes. You might feel restricted in your range of options.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. You may just be looking in the wrong place.

There’s a wider selection of bad credit score phones on the market than you might expect. The latest smartphones are easy to find at prices most customers can afford. They include the most exciting features, cutting-edge performance, and sleek designs.

Are calls, texts, and data allowances heavily restricted?

No — there are plenty of deals on bad credit score phones out there. You don’t need to worry about being hit with tight limitations on your calls, texts, or data.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a fantastic example. This includes unlimited data, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. That’s everything you need to stay in touch via your favorite channels.

It’s a gorgeous phone, too. But so is the Huawei P30, and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. They’re all available for you to apply for, no matter how bad your credit score is.

Get the Latest Budget Smartphones of 2020

Budget smartphones are far better today than they were in the past. Some of us still remember low-cost smartphones with clumsy touch screens that made composing a text message harder than it ever was on mobiles with physical keyboards.

Today, though, low-cost phones offer high-quality performance and terrific features without those frustrating issues of older models. Anyone investing in the latest budget smartphones of 2020 is sure to be impressed by the variety on offer.

For example, there are UK contract phone deals on handsets created by leading manufacturers, from Samsung and Apple to Huawei. The latter has proven to be a popular choice for shoppers searching for affordable phones, particularly with its Honor sub-brand. Honor smartphones are generally excellent, such as the Honor 10 Lite.

Take the time to browse the range of bad credit score phones on the market, and you’ll find a huge variety of options to choose from. Don’t let a low credit rating hold you back from applying for a stunning phone packed with cutting-edge software and apps.

How Do I Find the Best UK Contract Phone Deals?

We hope this contract phone guide has helped you realize just how much freedom you have when shopping for phones with a bad credit score. There’s no reason to stress about being left without a mobile or feeling isolated from your loved ones just because you’ve fallen into debt.

Mega Mobile Deals is here to bring you the UK’s best deals on the latest smartphones. Take advantage of the latest UK contract phone deals available to bad credit cardholders, with models from the biggest manufacturers in the world on offer.

No upfront payments. Huge discounts. All right here, right now.

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