How to Become a POS Reseller

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If you’re looking to expand your business with a new income stream that will help you connect to more customers while providing a useful service, consider adding point of sale system retail to your company’s repertoire. It’s a good way to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, and it can provide you with a new customer base as well as a chance to expand the service you offer existing customers, especially if your business model is already based around providing behind the scenes services to other companies. So who goes into POS resale as an extension of their base business? Well, anyone can, but companies that have the built-in customer base to hit the ground running include businesses like these:

  • Restaurant supply wholesalers
  • Equipment rental and sales companies
  • Credit card processors
  • Merchant solutions providers
  • Wholesale distributors for retail industries

If your business model is similar to these example businesses, it’s a good idea to look how you will increase your sales if you become a POS reseller. Of course, there are a lot of companies and individual resellers who make it their main order of business, too.

Going Into Business as a POS Reseller

If you’re looking to go into business instead of adding an income stream to an existing one, then operating as a POS reseller has plenty to offer. You get started with this exciting career in merchant services by connecting to a payment processor or equipment provider who is looking for more resellers. Each will have their own resale agreement, which is where research into the career becomes important. If you choose to work directly with equipment providers, you’ll need to cultivate agreements with each brand you wish to offer to customers. This means contacting each equipment provider, and then finding a way to connect your customers to the additional services like payment processing and merchant account providers that they’ll also need in order to accept payment with the equipment.

There is another option that’s simpler for new sales agents, though, and that is working with one of the payment processors or merchant solutions providers who sells equipment. Their existing deals with major terminal and POS system manufacturers mean you simply sign up to work with them in order to get the selection of machines your clients will need. Then, you work to sell machines and other merchant services on behalf of the company you work with, earning money for each new customer as you work with them to understand how the payment processing system with that provider and POS machine works.

Help Small Businesses Get Up and Running

When you work in the exciting field of merchant solutions, your job is to help entrepreneurs and their small businesses succeed in today’s competitive industries. Who can you help? Practically any company that takes payments via credit card. All of them need merchant account solutions and payment processing. You can help them get those solutions and the training they need to make sure every staff member understands how to navigate the new system, no matter what brand of POS or terminal they ultimately invest in.

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