Prop up Your Business MacBook in Style With These Stand Ideas

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Are you working from home and looking for a way to improve your home office space? Creating the perfect work environment can help you feel comfortable while being productive.

Business MacBook

Finding the right MacBook pro stand can be difficult, but there are many quality options on the market that are affordable.

Keep reading to learn about the best stands to prop up your MacBook in style!

Why Should You Get a MacBook Pro Stand?

Right now, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have an effective home set-up for your work. A laptop is helpful to have while unexpectedly working from home, but it’s not always the most comfortable or ergonomic way to work.

If you’re starting to have pain in your back or neck, you might be straining while working on your MacBook. Investing in a MacBook Pro stand can make your desk look tidy and prevent you from feeling strained.

With a laptop stand, you can bring your computer to eye level. Health and safety experts have noted that having your laptop screen at eye-level can make your working environment better for your health.

Your laptop will also work better while being on a stand because there will be more room for air to circulate. This will prevent your computer from overheating.

A stand for your MacBook or MacBook Pro can be a stylish accessory, optimize the space on your desk, reduce clutter, and help your laptop to function better. Now that you know why it’s important to get a stand for your Mac, keep reading about the best stand options on the market.

HiRise Stand for Your MacBook

The first option for your home office is the Twelve South HiRise laptop stand. This is made out of brushed aluminum and is adjustable. It also has a rubber non-slip base, which should help to keep your laptop in place.

This stand comes recommended because of the rear piston. This means the height can be easily adjusted for up to six inches, which will improve ergonomics. The design will also keep the laptop exposed, and help with airflow, since it’s in a v-shape.

Folding Laptop Stand to Keep Your Computer Cool

The Lavolta Folding Laptop Stand is highly functional. This stand is adjustable in more than just height. You can tilt it into the best position for you, which means it can be used at your desk, but is also flexible enough to use from a couch or bed.

There’s also a built-in cooling pad, which will prevent your computer from overheating. The removable mouse board is also helpful if you prefer to not use your laptop’s trackpad and have a mouse you want to use.

Design Stand for Style and Practical Use

Another laptop stand to help with ergonomics is the Rain Design mStand, which can be adjusted for height. This is made from aluminum, and looks stylish since it matches the MacBook Pro’s silver finish.

This stand was designed for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pros, and has an outlet designed in the back. This is helpful as you can feed all your cables through the back and keep your desk looking organized and tidy.

MacBook Stand with Fans

If your MacBook is a bit older or just tends to overheat, focusing on a stand with cooling features, like built-in fans, is important. The Trust Azul Laptop Cooling Stand with Dual Fans might be the right one for you if you’re sick of your laptop heating up all the time.

This stand has built-in USB-powered fans to keep your laptop cool, which is blue-lit for a stylish look. This stand also has cable storage to keep your desk free of annoying stray cables and help your desk look organized.

Affordable and Simple Laptop Stand Option

Your home office may not be a designated room with a desk. You might prefer to use whatever tabletop you have available in your house or apartment, and prefer a minimalist style in your home. The MacBook and MacBook Pro Steklo X-Stand offers a simple and affordable option.

This stand can fit 12 to 17-inch MacBooks and also help with airflow if you plan to use your laptop for long stretches of time. You can purchase this for only $25 online, making it a cheaper option on the market.

The Modern Look That’s Right for You

Using a vertical stand for your MacBook Pro can keep it secure and stylish. The Rain Desk mTower has a modern look that will prevent your laptop from getting spills or other things dropped on it while it’s raised up high. It’s also made of rugged aluminum, so it’s a solid design.

Another option for a modern look is the Walnut Laptop Stand by Grovemade which looks sleek and stylish. This stand allows you to perch your MacBook at a comfortable angle and looks attractive with the walnut design.

Reliable and Sturdy Stands for Your MacBook Pro

Having a stylish laptop stand might not be your priority. If you value a reliable product over all else, the Skyzonal Aluminium NoteBook Stand might be right for you. This stand can be easily adjusted for your height, but is also portable and compact. You can use it with additional devices, like your iPad.

Another highly functional option is the Bestand Aluminum Cooling Stand, which will prevent your MacBook Pro from the clutter on your desk. It’s designed to prevent overheating and comes in two color options of gray and silver.

Find the Perfect Laptop Stand for Your MacBook and Your Work Needs

Finding the most comfortable MacBook Pro stand that’s right for you and your home office is important. This can transform your work space and make your back and neck feel better throughout the day.

The right stand can also prevent your laptop from overheating and allows for an organized and stylish look.

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