How To Start SEO Digital Marketing Business: A Beginner’s Guide

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Search engine optimization is the process of using different strategies to land on the first page of search engine results. SEO digital marketing is important for businesses to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and competitive global trade. Due to the high demand, you might consider starting your own company in this industry.

How To Start SEO Digital Marketing Business

Starting your own digital marketing business will have tremendous rewards if done right. However, intensive planning and preparation are necessary for success. You are going to be faced with obstacles and frustrations, but you need to keep your eyes fixed on your objectives. A lot of work needs to be done but it’s not impossible.

Here are some steps on how to start an SEO digital marketing business and actually succeed with The Web Marketing123 strategy.

1. Plan your company’s goals

Plan your company’s goals

Whenever you start something a new venture, you need to set goals and be absolutely clear about it. You can just think of it like flying a plane after setting a predetermined path. Goals enable you to be more determined and focused on achieving milestones. Here are some things you need to consider when setting goals illustrated in the SMART acronym:

  • Specific

You need to create specific objectives in order to identify your goals so everybody in the company is clear about what success should look like. For example, you are planning to grow your company from 5 employees in the first month to 20 employees in the sixth month.

  • Measurable

There’s a saying that you can’t control what you can’t measure, so it’s important that you will have metrics to guide your goal. You need to measure analytics, rankings, link metrics, organic search visits, search volume, and others. Also, you need to remember that you are starting an SEO digital marketing business in order to make money so it should be a major consideration.

  • Achievable

Your goals need to be achievable in the sense that you acknowledge if you actually have the resources needed to go after those goals. In research, feasibility studies are made to make sure that goals are feasible and achievable.

  • Realistic

You have to set realistic goals so that you won’t be discouraged when things don’t go as planned for the first few months.

  • Time-bound

Being time-bound doesn’t only talk about creating a deadline but also creating a milestone. Set a timeline when you are working on a project such as a website setup, keyword research, blog posting, and so on. You can set your timeline to every quarter of the year so you can have 3 months to accomplish your goal.

Goals are always relevant to a company’s success but it’s not absolute. Make sure that you revisit your goal at least twice a month to make sure that you are still on the right track. If there are updates on your goals then you can add them as well.

2. Create your brand

One of the things that an SEO digital marketing company should do is create a brand that would resonate with its clients. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • your company’s identities such as company name, trade name, business name and the like
  • your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths
  • your brand objectives
  • the mission, vision, and goals
  • what you want your company to be known for

Once you have decided on these things, you can purchase your domain name, create a logo, and start building your website. Check out your competition and see what they are offering. If you are going to offer the same, why would potential clients choose you over a more established company?

3. Build communication channels for your company

If your company is an expert on SEO digital marketing then you should have several channels so that people can find your company. Your first year in business is crucial but it will be the year when you are going to put in a lot of hours because aside from starting a business from scratch, you also have to do free work on top of it. Here are some of the communication channels your business can use:

  • fully-optimized website
  • social media fan page with appropriate keywording strategy
  • mass emailing software

If you’re going to work on other business’ SEO then you need to show that you are capable of it by doing the same on your own company’s communication channels. Your company should also be at the top of search engine results so that people will believe that you are capable of bringing them to the top.

4. Create a blog.

A blog is important in establishing relevance and authority in an industry. Here are some of the advantages of having a company:

  • It helps in your own website’s SEO strategy.
  • It drives traffic to your website, which improves your ranking.
  • You can create quality content that would allow customers to read your expertise in SEO and digital marketing.
  • You build better customer relationships which also builds trust and turns into conversion.

You need to establish that you are an expert in your chosen field. When you do, your brand becomes recognized and enables you to compete with other players who have already established their own brand.


There is no easy way to create a business. Every step from preparation to the actual execution is filled with challenges, but these are situations that can be solved with proper planning, strategy, and a great team. It’s important that you take note of best practices so you will have a great chance at succeeding in your venture.

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