8 Best Tricks to Fix Your Blog Mistakes

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A blog seems like a single word. But is the most powerful weapon in the world of marketing. Blogging is not rocket science, but you might have wasted hours upon hours creating out-of-the-box content for the marketing of your business.

Maybe you are missing some small and crucial things that can drastically improve the outcomes of blogging.

Thinking Ideas at a Lower Level

When you begin blogging, the most common mistake done by you might be the ideas at a lower level. You may at first get an idea randomly, but things are different while going for a blog. When you are developing a blog for your business, you must think at the corporate level.

Always remember a good idea, in general, is not great for your company. Your blog posts must serve the long-term and larger company goals. The main reason for your blogs is to grow the business, make sure your blogs fulfill the growth goals.

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Your Writing is Stiff

Blogging is entirely different from writing the term papers or essays. Those were to get marks, a blog post is to gain the attention of the reader.

Most of the time, bloggers follow the pattern of a term paper. Basically, term paper style is not the style of writing enjoyed by people who love to read.

For a blog post to be successful, you must follow a conversational pattern. Write like you talk, readers encourage it.

More approachable your writing is, more people will enjoy reading it and you can increase the engagements of your blog. Throw in some contractions, create some humor, ask questions, and people will surely read it till the end.

Choosing Very Broad Topics

Choosing Very Broad Topics

In the beginning, every content creator tends to select the broad topics such as “Best Business Practices” or any other very broad topics. When you select such topics, there are chances that you miss out some details and nuances on the topic.

But, always remember, when the topic is specific, it tends to attract a targeted audience. So, create specific working titles, in order to gain the attention of the targeted audience.

Expanding the really specific topics can play a very crucial role in creating the brand presence of your blog. The working title must be selected wisely and can be used to keep a track on your writing.

Your Writing is Brain Dump

Being a writer, when you get some unique idea, you get excited and quickly note it down. But, it is just a sub-par blog, you can not use it as a blog post. You may first need to align it in the good blog style. As most of your audiences will first scan the style of your blog post.

You should start using an exact post type, create an outline, and include headers wherever required. You must follow a specific pattern for every type of blog, whether it is the tutorial, or some informative blog, or just an announcement.

Before beginning with the blog post, creating an outline makes your work a lot easier, and lets you organize your thoughts and create a logical flow of your blog post. Later, all you need to do is fill in the blanks and it will result in an amazing blog post.

Miss Out Stats

In the beginning of the writing, stats is the most ignored thing in a blog post. Always remember, stats play a great role in keeping the reader engaged.

Using data as evidence makes a lot of difference. Whether it is an argument or claims, stats seem more convincing and compel the reader. Data-driven content always gains the attention of the audience.

You must include data as an evidence of your statement, along with the research to back up the claims you make in your blog post. The data can be used to introduce the main argument and prove them how it is relevant for your readers.

Plagiarised Content

Copy paste did not even work in your school projects, how can it work with your blog posts. This is the major problem with the beginners, they think they won’t get caught with the copy-paste technique.

Readers or the editors can easily catch the copied content. Google also penalizes the content that is not unique. Never adopt the practice of copy paste in the blog post.

If you like the referred content, you must learn to cite other’s content in your blog post in a smart and unique way. It is just a creative way of representing your thoughts in a unique manner. It is no more a rocket science, it can be learned easily and is essential to learn.

Forget Rechecking

Forget Rechecking

The first version of any blog post can never be perfect. Every writer needs to edit the writing at least once. In the beginning, most of the writers make a mistake of not editing the content after writing it.

You must check the blog post once post completing with writing, take at least 15 mins to read out your blog post and edit it. While reading it, you may also get some unique idea to shape your blog post which may improve your blog post entirely.

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Not Following an Editorial Calendar

It might be known that more the blogs, more the traffic on your website. But, along with the frequency, consistency of the blogging also matters.

For an instance, if you post six blogs this week, you must have only two in the next week so that all your previous information does not get hidden, as inconsistency always confuse the subscribers.

Follow an editorial calendar, it will help you get the habit of planning your blog post in the future. It will also help to schedule the future posts in advance to make those posts more productive.

Feeling like you have made all of the above mistakes? No worries, follow the solution and get the best out of your blog posts. Blogging is something which will make your knowledge better once you do it often. The more you blog, the more you learn.

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